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Friday, December 19, 2008


So back when I had zero readers, I posted about my car. Well the other day I experienced a pivotal moment in every driver's life: my first flat tire!

I looked at my first ever flat and knew that I had no idea what to do. Obviously I wasn't going to fix it. So I tried to find a man to fix it, but there were no men home.

So I just got the next best thing, a lesbian. My mom's girlfriend Paula tried to fix it.

But she couldn't unscrew the lug nuts (?). Luckily my brother's friend Alex happened to stop by so he tried.

And he could do it with one hand.

But then the car needed to be elevated to pull the flat tire off and we ran into some trouble there.

He didn't know where to put the jack. So he tried like 398 times.

Finally I got tired of waiting. Luckily, I've played just about every Final Fantasy game ever so I remembered some of the magic skills I picked up from the games.

And the car floated off the ground so we could pull the tire off.

So luckily, I found a secret compartment in the trunk of my car. Good thing my trunk is always completely empty!

We used the tire from the top secret compartment and finished the job!

Since then I put some air in the new tire and now everything is back to normal. I guess I was pretty lucky I got my first flat right in front of my house! I always was afraid I'd get it in the middle of nowhere and have no idea how to fix it. But at least now I know-

Alright, I still don't really know how to do it... but overall, this was a pretty OK flat tire experience in my book!


Nicholas said...

Yeah, I changed one myself. To the disbelief of our lesbian roomate

Jake said...

I remember when I took drivers ed, we had to change our tire and our teacher timed us on doing it. I don't think I passed that..

Jere said...

Just remember, you ought to go to the tire shop and refill that secret compartment soon, or next time it might be more tragic.

Trust me, I speak from experience. How was I to know that the tire fairy didn't come and fix everything while I slept?

Anonymous said...

I have never changed a tyre in my life. Not sure I could, either. Well done on getting it sorted - albeit with a bit of help from others. If in doubt - delegate - is my motto.

Chris said...

Nice post. I have had to change a few tires in my life. The trick to getting the nuts off is to step down on the wrench handle with force.

Once I had a tire blow out at 3:30 AM on a highway in upstate NY on my way to go camping on an island in the Adirondacks. My trunk was loaded with hundred of pounds of camping equipment, including an inflatable boat! I had to unload all of it to get to the spare tire. Then my jack broke! I had to call a tow truck. At the time my spare was a "doughnut" so I could not complete my journey on it. I had to get a hotel room and buy a new tire the next day. I ended up aborting my trip and going home. Fortunately my current car has a full size spare.

Ray Avito said...

This post is funny...FLOAT...