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Sunday, December 14, 2008


So yesterday I went home to see my sister TJ on her birthday (see below). Then I saw the love of my life Claudia in a play at her school. She did a great job!

I came back to my dorm by midnight for MY BIRTHDAY!!!

First, my friends all sang to me!

Then they presented me with this... cake! It was made of powered donuts and had a delicious coconut thing in the middle. I love coconut.

But instead of eating all the powdered donuts, they just rubbed some on my face.

When they realized they wasted the yummy powder, they tried to eat it off my face!

My friend Dana wanted me to play a song for everyone, so I played a song I wrote called "I Wanna Die."

I thought everyone would like it, but judging by the looks on their faces, I'm not too sure they did...

Then I opened some gifts! Katrina got me Revolutionary Road, a book that was recently adapted into a movie starring KATE WINSLET!! This is the first book I ever got that has Kate on the cover! Yay! (no picture available. lol).

My role model Allison Singer got me Confessions of an Heiress by Paris Hilton after I told her the other day that I wanted to read it.

I read a few pieces from it and it is hilarious so far!

My sister TJ remembered how I sleep on a cold, sheetless mattress at home and got me sheets and a super comfortable blanket.

Remembering how I always steal her People magazines so I can do the crossword puzzles in the back, she also got me an AMAZING book filled with People crossword puzzles!

It should come in handy during my plane ride to Mexico later this month.

Then I just got a shower to get the powder out of my eyelashes!

Oh yeah, and...


Can you believe Vanessa Hudgens and I have the EXACT same birthday?! Same year and everything!!


Adam said...

Hi! Randomly stumbled upon your blog a few days ago ... Happy Birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

Jere Keys said...

Happy birthday, even if you look like a coke fiend.

Mat said...

ROFL .. photobucket denied! im glad you had a great birthday.

Jake said...

Well happy birthday!

I really enjoy your posts because you put pictures in them :).

And can we please talk about how jealous I am that you're going to mexico over your break? I get to stay in lovely Western New York and suffer from Lake Effect Snow. Yessss.

hoteltuesday said...

thanks everyone!

I'm so sad my original Vanessa picture got denied
: (

Thanks Jake! I always try to put in pictures. I feel like it lets my readers understand what I'm saying better if they see the text AND accompanying pics.
And yeah, Mexico should be great! I'm so excited. First time out of the tri-state area!