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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Free Candy Day

So I was going to post pics of my different costumes throughout the years and then ask everyone what their favorite costume was, but someone beat me to it.

Instead, I'll post this picture and hope everyone is satisfied with my Halloween '09 post.

I didn't go trick-or-treating or dress up last year, so I didn't really even think about going this year. Though I will miss the candy.
If I had plans to go out this year, I would have gone as Lindsey Buckingham.

But now I think I'm just gonna let my hair grow out, then go as him next year. That way, I won't have to pay for a wig!

Happy Halloween everyone!
If you need my address to send me your leftover candy, let me know! :)

Oh, and everyone wish one of my bfs Delisa a happy birthday!


Friday, October 30, 2009

Joshrico's Macaroni Grill

A few weeks ago, I joined a few friends for dinner at Romano's Macaroni Grill.

I'd never been to the restaurant before, but I love Italian food so I was glad to tag along.

So at some point between ordering and receiving my chicken parm delicioso, one of the waiters stood on a chair and started singing some opera song in Italian!

Everyone was mad confused and wanted the man to shut up so they could enjoy their food in awkward silence.

A few minutes later, OUR waiter sang some random aria or something for these two old folk who were apparently celebrating their 80th anniversary or something (LAME!)

So anyway, I got to thinking....

Any day now, Josh and I are going to be famous.
BUT what if that doesn't pan out?
What if the world ain't ready for our talent?!

I think we should open up a restaurant where we accost our innocent, unsuspecting clientele with our favorite pop songs!

In the middle of dinner, Josh and I would temporarily stop whipping the kids making the food in the kitchen and run up to a table, unleashing our multi-octave ranges on people while they stuffed their faces with chicken TV dinners authentic Italian food!

Seriously, isn't this a great idea?! We would overcharge everyone for the "food", force them to give us tips if we sang to them, and not pay the kids in the kitchen! We would be RICH!

Oh, and I know what you're thinking: Wouldn't your restaurant only attract young peepz and therefore go bankrupt? (Trust me, as a waiter, I know teens are CHEAP nowadays!)

Don't worry, I got that part figured out. Josh and I would have a songbook that features SOME old music--the kind that isn't funky and played out obviously.

I'll let you guys know when we start taking reservations.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wait 'Til You See My Horn

Posts about my childhood are often funny or light-hearted. But now, I am going to share one of my most terrifying and scarring memories!

So one day when I was in like 5th grade, I was walking home from the bus stop, just minding my business.

My bus stop was about ten blocks away from my house. The walk was short and usually uneventful. I usually just sang as I walked (Maria Mena and Michelle Branch mostly).

But one day, when I was on my street and only a few short blocks away from home, I was stopped by some old man. And my life was forever changed.

I didn't know exactly what this creepy man meant by wanting to 'see my horn' but I had an idea!

So I was out!

The man yelled after me, asking me return to his lair casa to unveil my horn. He even ran after me for a block or two! I was running down the street, swinging my heavy backpack, and having a heart attack.

I ran into my house and straight into the arms of my mother. I told her that some hombre viejo wanted to see my horn. She was not pleased.

I calmed her down and eventually she put away her gun and grabbed the phone.

We waited approx. 30 hours (how many kids had the man kidnapped in that time?!) and then finally the cop arrived.

I remember I didn't want to talk to the cop so my mom had to drag me to hell outside to talk to him. She told me that cops are there to help you.... Yeah, right.

So the cop went over to the man's house and interrogated him.

The cop came back to my house to report his findings and hear my side of the story.

And that was the end of that! That cop spent .2 hours investigating and then assumed I was lying or something. Jeez.
(About a decade later, a friend of this cop gave me my first speeding ticket, cementing my belief that all cops are dummies.)

Anyway, from then on I took an alternate route home. To this day, whenever I pass that dude's house, I wonder if he's inside and I get a little nervous.

And I still wonder exactly what he meant when he asked to see my horn....

Friday, October 23, 2009

My Friday Muse

Yesterday, in my Writing Communities class, this hombre mentioned the website Strike Gently and said you could find free movies on it! So I went to check it out. But instead of finding movies I want to illegally download, I found this hilarious clip.


My Favo Parts:
:27 "Hey it'll be cool" (feat. pre-pubescent voice)
:42 "HeyAndrewwhat'sup?" (delayed greeting feat. pre-pubescent voice)
:51 The First Thing We Need to Know = LOL!!!
1:09 Cutting people off when they're talking about boring stuff is guaranteed hilarity.
1:31 "Now that's amazing."
1:38 This blonde girl is so sassy. Love it.
2:30 My history books were always snoozefests!
2:40 Yeah... cause little boys care about current eventz and newspapers....
3:17 I always check that site before going to the movies!
3:41 LOL!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hatez Us: NYC Blogger Meet-Up

One (sweet) day (ft. Boyz II Men), I was thinking about all my blogger friends. I realized that it was about time that I met all of them. So I asked everyone to meet up one day for some karaoke!

And last Saturday, it finally happened!

I hopped on a bus (at Port Authority with a dream and my cardigan?) and headed to one of my favorite places: New York City aka Nueva Nueva.

Oh, and Josh came with me too!

When we arrived in the city, we texted some of the others to get directions to the karaoke joint. Oddly enough, nobody answered us.... So we just walked around (in the wrong direction) and then FINALLY found the place!

As soon as we entered the room, the others began talking.

This is what I overheard:

Jere: Ugh. I was hoping they'd get lost.
Dave S.: Who invited them?
Jere: Right? Now we can't even go to a bar cause that short one is like 15 years old.

Josh and I ignored those harsh words and turned our attention to Craig, who said he was dedicating his next song to us.

He then sang the classic pop song "Leave (Get Out)" by JoJo.

When Josh y yo refused to leave, everyone beat us up. Chris grabbed the camera to record the brutal attack.

Then everyone watched the video over and over and laughed louder and louder.

We were totez over it so Josh y yo jumped on the train and hoped to find happiness somewhere else.

But everyone followed us. We thought that if we got everyone drunk, they'd be nicer to us, so we recommended going to a bar!

Polt turned his head in disgust. FDot said that we were speaking too fast. Dave S. posed, knowing that I was about to take a picture.

Jere looked out the window and pretended he wasn't in our group. Chris laughed at me and Josh as we tried to go under the train (and get dragged to hell).

Craig rolled his eyes and David asked, "What are you looking at?" Then they punched us.

But no one could resist the alcohol and we ended up going to a glamorous bar!

Josh and I knew it was a long way to happy, so we drank our troubles away while the rest of the gang talked merrily about all things NOT pop culture.

Then David said that since we both had kissed someone before, we were dirrrty (feat. Redman) whores and kicked us out of the bar.

We huddled against a dirty wall.

We both cried (feat Abigail's lost innocence).

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hard Mario

So like a thousand years ago (aka 1981, before any of us were born), the video game Donkey Kong marked the first appearance of the popular video game character, Mario.

Princess Peach was originally a redhead?!

Over 20 years later, Mario is now living the 3D life, defying gravity and still saving Princess Peach.

He has become such a staple of our pop culture that each year, tons of peepz dress up like Mario for Halloween.
Well I think it's safe to say the reign of Mario is now over! A new amazing video game has taken its place in the hearts of everyone (aka, me and my friends).
No, I'm not talking about Zelda.... I'm talking about Syobon Action.

Sometimes referred to as "Cat Mario" or "Mario from Hell," Syobon Action is a totally awesome mod of the original Mario Game.

The level design is strikingly similar to Super Mario Bros., but is insanely difficult and tricky! Random pitfalls will continuously drag you to hell!

You must immediately CLICK HERE and play Syobon Action. You will never be the same.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

12 of 12 - October

Sorry folks, but I had the most boring 12th of the month.
And you get to see it all in photos.

I spent the first half of my day at work.

I work in Hausdoerffer Hall, a residence hall at my college. It's named after this hombre, appropriately named Hausdoerffer.

During my shift, I tried hard to stay awake.

Then my boss came in (forcing me to stay awake) and we decorated the office together.

Toward the end of my shift, the boss of my boss came in the office. He brought me a gift!

I haven't tried it yet. Any pumpkin butter fans out there?

So I spent the rest of my day in Katrina's dorm room.

She lives in room 214. Whenever I see her room number, I think of 2/14, also known as Valentine's Day!

Here's Katrina.

I laid in her bed and read (meaning, I tried to read but fell asleep).

Feminist lit. theory put me to sleep! So instead, I read the book Push (based on the movie Precious).

You're a dummy Precious! Don't nobody want you, don't nobody need you! School ain't gonna help none! Take your a$* to the welfare!

The reason my day was so boring was because I'm still sick!! So I wore this comfortable, baggy outfit all day.

Wasn't my day exciting?

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Caption This! 65th and Broadway

Last Saturday, I headed to my favorite city for some TOP SECRET business.... While I will reveal in a future blog entry why I was in New York, something unexpected happened while I was there that I can blog about.

I met fellow blogger Jere Keys!

While at first I scolded Jeremiah for his poor aim (his generation missed out on learning the correct way to take self-portraits for [omg!] MySpace photos!), I realized this works in my favor.

Cause now we can play a fun game!!!!
I am assigning my readers with the task of captioning this photo in the following way:

Here are some random examples:

Easy, right?

Give it a shot!
(And if you aren't feeling creative or have no idea who the bald dude is, you can just comment on how cute we look together!)