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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween Brujas!

Happy Halloween everyone!

This year I'm not dressing up.
: (
I think it's the first year where I'm not dressing up for Halloween, a holiday I usually look forward to. I'm a huge candy fan so I've gone trick or treating every year, even last year as a college freshman.

Here's what I was last year.

In case you can't tell, I was Mario and my roommate Ross was Luigi.

Richard Parker however is in the Halloween spirit, and this year he's a devil!

Oh, and speaking of Richard Parker, he is now so obedient he lets me put him on his back and rub his stomach.

So well-behaved!

I hope everyone else in the world enjoys their Halloween while I stay inside and write a research paper... about witches ironically!

BONUS PICTURE for all you Richard Parker fans:

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mi Rutina Diaria

En un examen para mi clase de español, necesité hablar de mi rutina diaria. Esto es lo que hago cada día (con las fotos!!)

Me despierto a las siete y media cuando mi despertador suena.

Mato los insectos a cerca de mi cabeza.

Unos de mis compañeros de cuarto, Ross, tiene un arbolito de aquacate en el cuarto, y entonces hay muchos insectos en el cuarto tambien!

Miro a mis compañeros cuando están durmiendo (Ross y Christie).

Voy al baño y me cepillo los dientes.

Me peino el pelo (a veces...)


Y salgo para atender mis clases.


Y camino.

Y camino.

Y llego al Bliss, el edificio de inglés y las lenguas... ¡y el edificio más lejos!

En mis clases, levanto mi mano cada segundo, con respuestas del genio.

Después de clase, me voy a través de un túnel de cristal . . .

. . . y camino a mi cuarto.

Y camino.

Y camino

Y subo los árboles.

Y camino.


Uso el internet para seis horas.


Quito la ropa y me ducho.

Me gusta cantar en la ducha. Cuando termino un cancion, mis compañeros me aplauden.

A mi no me gusta NADA el sentido de una toalla en mi piel mojado. Entonces, abro la puerta del baño y digo "¡Ojos cerrados!"

Y seco con el aire.

Y finalmente, duermo y sueño de una vida mejor.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I was in my room today, eagerly awaiting the new Britney Spears video when I realized I was kind of cold.

So I went to close my window and was shocked to find a huge bug on the windowsill.

The bug looked pretty cool though so I ran and grabbed Christie's camera and took some pics!

At first, the bug was on the box of tissues.

Then it went onto my alarm clock.

I found out it could fly when it went over to my roommate's desk.

And on his macbook.

Then to the lamp.

Then I trapped it and put it all the way down the hall....
I thought maybe it could go into someone else's room so they could get some pictures of it too!

Here's my favorite pic!

Friday, October 03, 2008

My Birthday

I was going to make this entry closer to my birthday, but I started looking for pictures for it and the idea excited me so much that I made it now!

It is a story regarding how I came into this world...

So one day, my mother and father sat down and decided that having three kids was enough.
My mother went to the doctor to 'get her tubes tied.' Things didn't turn out she planned...
Here's how it went down.

Many months passed and my mother grew larger and larger. As Christmas approached, she hung up the stockings, went Christmas shopping, and decorated the house with lights.
On December 14th 1988, she left the house to finish decorating.

She started putting lights on top of lights when suddenly...

Having already birthed three brats, my mom knew her water broke and she needed to get to the hospital to deliver her angel child.
She grabbed my dad and off they went to the hospital to bring their shining star of hope into the world.

Unfortch for mom, the hospital parking lot had NO PARKING. So she had to park down the street and WALK through a blizzard to the hospital!!

Finally she made it. But because she spent so long roughing it through the wind and snow, the amniotic fluid FROZE. So her beautiful green dress basically looked like this:

After her frozen clothes were defrosted and removed, she went to birth me for real. The process only took 45 minutes! See how I started being nice to my mom at such a young age?!

So around 8pm (I think) I finally blessed my family and the world with my presence.

I might add that I was born the day after my sister TJ's birthday (December 13th), thereby completing the strange birthday coincidence my family has (Aug 6, Aug 7, Dec 13, Dec 14.)

Now isn't that an interesting story?!

What happened the day you were born?