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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween Brujas!

Happy Halloween everyone!

This year I'm not dressing up.
: (
I think it's the first year where I'm not dressing up for Halloween, a holiday I usually look forward to. I'm a huge candy fan so I've gone trick or treating every year, even last year as a college freshman.

Here's what I was last year.

In case you can't tell, I was Mario and my roommate Ross was Luigi.

Richard Parker however is in the Halloween spirit, and this year he's a devil!

Oh, and speaking of Richard Parker, he is now so obedient he lets me put him on his back and rub his stomach.

So well-behaved!

I hope everyone else in the world enjoys their Halloween while I stay inside and write a research paper... about witches ironically!

BONUS PICTURE for all you Richard Parker fans:


john said...

Enrico, you looked *awesome* as Mario! And how adorable is that last picture of Richard Parker?

hoteltuesday said...

Thanks! I actually couldn't find overalls for the costume, so the ones I'm wearing in the pic used to be a maternity skirt kind of overalls...
I had to cut the shirt up the middle (and remove some extra fabric from the center) and then sew each leg (and I used some fabric glue of course!)
But it worked out in the end!

And Richard Parker is always adorable.
: )

Craig said...

I'm currently listening to Britney's "Womanizer", and looking at pictures of the adorable Richard Parker. Life doesn't get much better than this. :-)

Craig said...

That last picture would make a great desktop wallpaper!

Polt said...

I imagine Richard Parker isn't the only one that roll on their backs and let your rub thier tummy.

...just sayin....

nice costume though, seriously!


Travis said...

I'm not doing anything either. But the Mario costume is pretty amazing.

And to have a Luigi. :)

Richard Parker is pretty swell. I think I need one of those.

Michelle said...

Yaaaay! Richard Parker is the cutest thing ever!

hoteltuesday said...

- Britney and Richard Parker are two of my favorite living things, and I'm sure they do go well together!

- Polt, that pic of Richard Parker is kinda provocative... look at his legs.

- I thought my Mario costume was so homemade and bad, so thanks to those who liked it!

- Michelle, you should know that you are the reason Richard Parker made this return to my blog.

Tam said...

I commented on Puntabulous but wanted it here so RP could see. :-) He is freaking cute. How old is he?

hoteltuesday said...

Richard Parker is almost a year old. He was born in January 08 and I got him for Valentine's Day of the same year. I don't know his specific birthday, but I think I'll celebrate it as the day before V-Day since that's when I got him.