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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Apple Peel

My Witch in Lit teacher told me to do this fun activity on Halloween night.

First, you steal get an apple.
Then, you CAREFULLY peel it from top to bottom, in ONE continuous strand.
You look into the mirror, and throw it over your left shoulder and say:

"Peel, peel
Please reveal
The first initial
of my true love."

The peel should fall in such a way that it makes a letter of the alphabet. This letter should be the first initial of your true love!

After many unsuccessful attempts at peeling the apples in ONE strand, I finally got one all the way to the bottom.
Ok, well there was a LITTLE left, but it was good enough.

Here's what I got:

So I was pretty surprised this does actually look like letters! You're only supposed to get ONE letter, but I think I got "OW" (kind of in a lowercase cursive way, right?!)

My first thought was, "Ow?! Does this mean I will be HURT when I fall in love?!"

But then I tried being less pessimistic and thought maybe this is supposed to represent first AND last name initials!

My friend suggest Oscar Wilde, but that seems unlikely. Another said Owen Wilson. Again, unlikely.

But either way, I guess I'll be on the lookout for whoever has those initials...


Tam said...

Okay, never heard of the apple peel thing. I'd go for the initials rather than pain. Now you are going to be obsessively asking every cute guy his initials hoping for and OW out there somewhere. :-)

Michelle said...

What if you're looking at it upside down and it's M.O.? Or sideways, and it's O.E?

When I was a little girl we used to twist the stem of an apple to find out the name of our future beloved. Each twist was a letter and the stem was supposed to break off on the first letter of the first name.

We also pressed apple seeds on our foreheads and however many didn't drop off meant something I can't remember.

hoteltuesday said...

Hmm.... good point. Maybe I should look for all these combinations. Someone out there matches up.

Twisting the stem seems like it wouldn't really work. Did you always get B or C?! There's no way to get William or Vince.

Tam said...

Michelle, we did the apple thing too, but after you twist it off (if you liked Vince you twist VERY carefully) you turn the stem upside down and start tapping on the apple skin doing the alphabet until it breaks the skin (so the end of the stem) and that is the last initial. A good wind-up could get you an A if necessary. LOL

Michelle said...

Tam - I hadn't heard of the tapping thing.
Nicky - to get to William or Vince you twisted verrry lightly.
*I ended up marrying an H.

hoteltuesday said...

Do you remember ever getting H?! It sounds like it'd only work if you play once though, because if you play enough times, you'll get every letter and one of them HAS to be right.

Michelle said...

I remember trying to get the letter to correspond to my crush du jour.

hoteltuesday said...

Du jour!! haha. Good one.

Yeah, I tried to make my apple peel do the same thing and it obviously didn't work out.