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Friday, May 29, 2009

2010 Best Pop Collaboration With Vocalz

Yesterday afternoon, the two smartest people when it comes to pop music (aka, me and my friend Josh) were complaining about how dumb America is and then managed to dream up the most PERFECT collaboration evz. Here's how it went down.

Enrico: WHY DID "I DO NOT HOOK UP" PEAK AT 23?? stupid America
Josh: UG. i thought it would do better
Enrico: and now its 32, aka never gonna get higher
Josh: exacterz. "please don't leave me" better get its butt outta the 40s and go higher
Enrico: but it just dropped from 40 to 41
Josh: NO. ug. so mad. i hate america for not loving kelly and p!nk
Enrico: yeah, America is like "Kelly? Pink? Lame!" and Flo Rida's SINGLE went three times platinum X |
Josh: ug. DUMB. they need to do another lady marmalade esque diva number with p!nk and kelly.
Enrico: YES!

Josh: and other people with like
Enrico: Taylor Swift!

Josh: that would be fun. who else?!
Enrico: Leona Naess???

Josh: they need a rapper. lil mama!

Enrico: Lady Gaga. She raps when she says she's 'bluffin with her muffin.'

Enrico: LEA MICHELE?? yes!
Josh: but she gets the mya verse, aka the first one no one rememberz
Enrico: I love Mya's verse...

Enrico: OH! our collab needs to have Keri Hilson in it, aka the only urban musician I like right now

Josh: can jhud just belt in the backgroun for literally no reason

Enrico: yeah! and Stevie Nicks can play bass a la "Bootylicious"

Enrico: oh and make room for Tina Chen too!

Josh: which rappers can do remixes?!
Enrico: none!
Josh: hahaha. not even missy>!
Enrico: NO. she's so 2000 and late
Josh: tanx fergz. v. carlton can have a piano solo. once again unnecessary and for no reason

Josh: AND SYESHA CAN DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Enrico: YES! sit on TOP of V.Carlton's piano!!! in a red dress obvz
Josh: YES they should all be doing a cover of one rock 'n' roll too many!@ that can be the song!@!@!

Enrico: oh and did I mention that Tatiana DelToro will somehow include a line from "Saving All My Love"? mash-up!

Josh: OF COURSE. lovez her. i wanted megan joy to do something too, even if it doesnt make sense
Enrico: like sit in the back corner and move her arms like a bird again? aka backup dancer
Josh: yes and sqwuack of course

Josh: and pcd can dance (not sing) during the video
Enrico: NO WAY! I hate PCD. worst group of all time. I'm cutting them! Sorry, they went over the budget
Josh: booo. oh ok. who is the big xtina star?! that has the climax of the song?
Enrico: OH YEAH! Bjork gets the diva part where she screams a la all her music. except she'd be doing "Desired Constellation" of course, screaming "HOW AM I GOING TO MAKE IT RIGHT?!!?" while the others sing a Broadway song

Josh: i really love dis idea. a lot. this is my favorite song ever. we're such good producerz.

Aren't we? I think the only thing we forget was some Christmas magic.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

PRTCNJ: Final Runway Show

Finally! The moment we have all been waiting for.... we have reached the final runway show of Project Runway: TCNJ.

Before the final three designers could get to work, they met at the runway one last time...

... for an exciting round of model selection.

Maddie, Zoloft and Chloe were all chosen, leaving Shaquandatifah with no designer to work with and the end of her dreams.

I knew people wanted to see me go ever since I burst on this scene with my fabulous name. But it's fine; I'm glad to go! As long as I don't have to work with that mouse again! After FOUR weeks of working with him, I'm looking forward to working with Marc Jacobs and Donatella Versace, who have been leaving messages on my voicemail all week! Peace!

Isn't it strange that she was paired with Richard Parker 4 out of the 5 challenges?

Anyway, the designers then had another round of model selection, where old models returned and new ones arrived. The designers needed extra models since they were not making only one garment! After model selection, they quickly got to work.

Because there was no challenge theme, the designers got to pick their own theme and use their own materials. Their assignment:

Create a collection of THREE garments to show at Fashion Week.

The contestants found materials in thrift stores and the their own wardrobes (i.e. the drawer filled with clothes your mother buys you that you don't like so you stuff it in your dresser and pretend you don't own it).

Yaris busted out the heavy duty scissors and some Swedish Fish and started sketching.

One contestant cut strips off an old scarf and sewed the strips together to make a garment.

Then, death once again visited the competition....

It seems that one model was jealous of Percocet, a model that Yaris chose as one of her final 3 models....

After Percocet was decapitated, Yaris quickly found a new model and kept going.

Enrico showed his sketches to a former contestant for advice.

Once the models were almost ready for the runway, they were sent to get their hair did.

And finally, I present the final runway show (in a poorly edited slideshow!)

Collection 1: 1, 2, 3
Collection 2: 1, 2, 3
Collection 3: 1, 2, 3

And that's it!

I hope you enjoyed the final runway show. Now, to get to the serious part....

Since there are only three designers left, judges must rank their favorite collections from 1 to 3.
For example:
#1: Collection x
#2: Collection x
#3: Collection x

As always, judges or non-judges can feel free to leave GENERAL comments on this entry, like, "What a cute jacket!" or "Where are the giant bows?!" but DO NOT post your votes for favorite and least favorite in the comments section!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

PRTCNJ: End of the Road

We have finally reached the final runway show on Project Runway: TCNJ.

But before we look at the final collections, we'll take a look back at the final 3 contestants: Christie, Enrico and Yaris.

And we'll also look at some highlights of the past season and give out some awards, including the winner of Fan Favorite Designer!

Christie's designs may not have won any challenges, but they were always classy and chic. She managed to get through each challenge without getting really high or really low scores, but being just under the radar. That is, until she unveils her collection tomorrow.

And now, a look back at Christie's designs.

And now, time for our first award!

Worst-Voted Outfit
While it would be nice if everyone always designed fabulous pieces, the design with the lowest votes was sent home each week. Here are the nominees for worst-voted outfit, or the designs that sent their designers packing.

Stevenson's Final Design

Dana's Final Design

Ross' Final Design

Delisa's Final Design

Richard Parker's Final Design

And the winner is....

Dana's Final Design!!!
Dana's duct tape dress received the most negative votes out of all of the losing designs! Congrats Dana!

Now, on to the 2nd contestant competing in the finale.

Enrico's flawless designs have almost always been voted in the top, including TWO winning designs (challenges 1 and 5). He has always shown great attention to detail and although he selflessly passed on many great ideas to his buddy Richard Parker, he still made it to the end and will be showing his collection tomorrow.

And now, a look back at Enrico's designs.

Time for the 2nd award!

Best Hat
This season, many designers created interesting hair pieces. Let's look back and see which one was the best.

Richard Parker's Aluminum Hat

Enrico's Duct Tape Hat

Ross's Holly Hat

Yaris' Toilet Paper Veil

Richard Parker's Shopping Bag Hat

This one was close, but the winner is...

Enrico's Duct Tape Hat! And the competition never saw such a fabulous bow again. What a shame.

Yaris entered the competition at the last minute when her sister Katrina was brutally attacked with a sandwich, but and it's a good thing she joined in; just like Enrico, Yaris has won twice (challenges 2 and 4) and has never been in the bottom 2. Her designs always push boundaries and it seems her risks have paid off.

And now, a look back at Yaris' designs.

Looks like it will be an interesting runway show tomorrow.
Who will take it all; one of the repeat winners, or the dark horse?

Oh, and one final award.

Fan Favorite Designer
No nominees necessary. The winner is Richard Parker!

See you tomorrow at the fashion show!