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Saturday, May 09, 2009

PRTCNJ: Challenge 5 Results

It's time to find out who the final three designers will be in Project Runway: TCNJ. These three designers will have time to create a collection of three garments, which will walk at Fashion Week.

But before all that, one final contestant needed to be sent home based on the group effort of Challenge #5....

The four remaining contestants gathered at the runway.

Yaris and Stevenson had the model Maddie. Judges loved the bright green color and thought it helped make the look seem futuristic. However, many judges thought that the color was the only thing that was futuristic about the design; the designer didn't really follow the challenge. The hair could have used improvement as well.

Enrico and Delisa had the model Zoloft. It was agreed by all the judges that the design was futuristic. Some liked the wide collar and the angles of the skirt. Others thought the design was too over-the-top and one judge said the satellite dish around her neck was not flattering.

Richard Parker and Dana had the model Shaquandatifah. Richard Parker's materials were well-chosen and the design was interesting. Judges liked the front of the dress, but thought the back was messy. They also questioned the necessity of the hat. Some thought it simply looked like the model was being struck by lightning.

Christie and Ross had the model Chloe. Judges thought the design was sleek and sexy. Many thought the sunglasses and boots were nice additions to the outfit. The asymmetrical top was nice, but the tape was visible on the design. Some also thought that instead of looking futuristic, the outfit looked retro.

Because every design had to be voted on, the votes were all over the place.

But in the end, there could only be one winner....

For the second time in the competition, Enrico won a challenge!
(And if one more person says the competition is rigged, I might explode).

It was also revealed that Yaris was safe!

So she went backstage to gossip with Enrico.

That left Christie and Richard Parker in the bottom 2.

But then we had to wait to hear the results because Christie had to use the bathroom.
Then the camera died so we had to wait for it to charge so we could get the real look of surprise/happiness/grief that appeared on the face of the winner and loser.
Once the camera was charged, Richard Parker also had to use the bathroom....
So after all that was cleaned up, we got ready to find out the results!!
But Christie had fallen asleep on the runway because it was past her bedtime.
We woke her up and finally, it was announced that Christie was the final contestant to make it to the top 3!

Richard Parker was a remarkable contestant (considering all the disadvantages he had, he made some nice outfits and even won a challenge!) and will be missed.

That leaves Enrico, Yaris and Christie as the final 3!

Only one will make it to the very end and win like 1,000,000 dollars and a car.
Who will it be??


Ryan said...

I'll be sorry to see Richard Parker go. I think the fact that he lost is proof that Enrico isn't rigging it. I can't see him protecting himself over Richard Parker.

Polt said...

Oh, Richard Parker!!! Well, the lighting bolt hat really was a smidge....well wrong.

And Enrickyricardo, I think that's probably the first time, in any photo, I've seen you smile...insincere and faked though it may be. :)

Congrats to the I'm anxiously awaiting the finals!!!


Michelle M. said...

Hurray Enrico!

Can't wait to see the final 3 collections.

R.P.: ********.

hoteltuesday said...

Ryan - If I were rigging it, I might have been gone a few weeks ago when I had so much school work to do. lol. But now I'm excited to do a collection! I already picked out my background music....

Polt - Not true! I smile all the time. I just went back and found like 10 pics of me smiling on my blog alone! You just don't realize it... meaning I look better when I don't smile and should therefore not smile often.

Michelle - I've thought long and hard and just don't understand the asterisks. lol. Huh?

Nathan V. said...

No! Richard Parker! This is a travesty. Such fashion brilliance in a creature that is so small in stature. His presence will be missed in this competition.

(congrats Enrico)

Michelle M. said...

I thought that's how RP communicated : ). Anyway, I'm advising him not to be discouraged and letting him know that many a genius has been unappreciated in his/her own lifetime. And that we adore him and now he can concentrate on becoming the world's cutest supermodel/actor/director or whatever his fuzzy little butt wants to be..

Tam said...

Oh no. My heart breaks for Richard Parker. For a guy with no thumbs he was pretty amazing. But yay Enrico!!! Congrats on the win and can't wait for the big finale.

john said...

OK, despite its accuracy, don't you think the glittering "cutie" heart was a little much? Kidding! You do have a nice smile.

Richard Parker!!! Oh NOES!!!!!!! I'm so disappointed! You will be missed my friend. I can't figure out if he is pleading to stay in his photo or wringing his hands plotting revenge.

Good luck to the remaining designers, I'm looking forward to the finale.

hoteltuesday said...

Michelle M - Oooh. I thought that's what you were saying. Just making sure.

John - I'm pretty sure that's his look of shame.