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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

PRTCNJ: End of the Road

We have finally reached the final runway show on Project Runway: TCNJ.

But before we look at the final collections, we'll take a look back at the final 3 contestants: Christie, Enrico and Yaris.

And we'll also look at some highlights of the past season and give out some awards, including the winner of Fan Favorite Designer!

Christie's designs may not have won any challenges, but they were always classy and chic. She managed to get through each challenge without getting really high or really low scores, but being just under the radar. That is, until she unveils her collection tomorrow.

And now, a look back at Christie's designs.

And now, time for our first award!

Worst-Voted Outfit
While it would be nice if everyone always designed fabulous pieces, the design with the lowest votes was sent home each week. Here are the nominees for worst-voted outfit, or the designs that sent their designers packing.

Stevenson's Final Design

Dana's Final Design

Ross' Final Design

Delisa's Final Design

Richard Parker's Final Design

And the winner is....

Dana's Final Design!!!
Dana's duct tape dress received the most negative votes out of all of the losing designs! Congrats Dana!

Now, on to the 2nd contestant competing in the finale.

Enrico's flawless designs have almost always been voted in the top, including TWO winning designs (challenges 1 and 5). He has always shown great attention to detail and although he selflessly passed on many great ideas to his buddy Richard Parker, he still made it to the end and will be showing his collection tomorrow.

And now, a look back at Enrico's designs.

Time for the 2nd award!

Best Hat
This season, many designers created interesting hair pieces. Let's look back and see which one was the best.

Richard Parker's Aluminum Hat

Enrico's Duct Tape Hat

Ross's Holly Hat

Yaris' Toilet Paper Veil

Richard Parker's Shopping Bag Hat

This one was close, but the winner is...

Enrico's Duct Tape Hat! And the competition never saw such a fabulous bow again. What a shame.

Yaris entered the competition at the last minute when her sister Katrina was brutally attacked with a sandwich, but and it's a good thing she joined in; just like Enrico, Yaris has won twice (challenges 2 and 4) and has never been in the bottom 2. Her designs always push boundaries and it seems her risks have paid off.

And now, a look back at Yaris' designs.

Looks like it will be an interesting runway show tomorrow.
Who will take it all; one of the repeat winners, or the dark horse?

Oh, and one final award.

Fan Favorite Designer
No nominees necessary. The winner is Richard Parker!

See you tomorrow at the fashion show!


Jere Keys said...

It has been a lovely selection of hats, but the duct tape bow really was the most outstanding of the season.

that's J-O-S-H said...

I hope Tatiana makes an appearance @ the fashion show! ::fingaz crossed for a Del Toro takeover!::

Ryan said...

Yeah, Richard Parker is my favorite.

Adam said...

Yay! Richard Parker truly stole the hearts of millions with his cute little fuzzy face. I agree with Jere ... the duct tape hat/bow was awesome. If you incorporate any duct tape bows into your collection, you're sure to win. Great job with the wrap-up, looking forward to tomorrow's fashion show!!! :)

Polt said...

I'm not a fan of hats, but the duct tape bow/hat was the best of the bunch.

Adam, there were a LOT of cute little fuzzy faces this season: Richard Parker, Ross, Enrickyricardo himself. :)

But Richard Parker, what a shame not to see you here again. Maybe he can be carried over to the Second Season and given another shot? :)

oooh, can't wait for the finale...I'm all atwitter!


Tam said...

Yep, agree, that duct tape bow hat was amazing. The fine detail was great. And could Richard Parker look any damn cuter in that cup?

Can't wait for the big finale. I think the judging is going to be sooooooo hard.

Anonymous said...

Richard Parker Fan Fav Photo Is Really Cute!! :o)

David said...

I'm with Polt regarding Enrico's fuzzy face. Totally impressed with the talent here.

john said...

That bow hat was realy well made. I couldn't agree more about the fan favorite. I love that photo of Richard Parker. He's soo cute!

Good luck designers, we'll see you on the runway.

Michelle M. said...

I would love to see RP wearing the bow hat.
Can't wait for tomorrow!

Nathan V. said...

The bow was well made, but would you really want to be wearing a giant bow on your head? I liked the tin foil hat best. I'm a little excited for tomorrow's collections!

Anonymous said...

Haha good luck!