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Friday, May 01, 2009

PRTCNJ: Challenge 5

Here it is! The final challenge of Project Runway: TCNJ! After these votes are tallied, we'll have the final three designers. These three lucky souls will then have time to create a collection to show the judges and finally, the winner will be announced.

For the final challenge, the designers and the models met at the runway for model selection.

It was very difficult for everyone to choose their models, but in the end, one model was eliminated from the competition.

As much as I'd like to say that I really stood a chance of appearing in Elle magazine, I know that as a mother of eight children, I couldn't really have a career as a fashion model. Eight kids are a lot of responsibility; between feeding them, changing their diapers, and pimping them out on television and tabloids, how could I have the time to pose in fashion magazines? Good luck to the rest of the models and remember, if you'd like to make a donation (food, diapers, make-up, whatever you want really) then please talk to the producers for my contact information. And look for my reality show, airing sometime next year!!

Farewell Consuela! And good luck.

The designers were then given their final competition challenge:

Using only shopping bags, create a futuristic look

The designers were not given bags to use, but had the ability to use whatever shopping bags they had. They also could swap with other designers. (Therefore, don't try to guess the designer based on what bags they used!!)

But before the designers could begin, they were given a shock:

The four eliminated contestants were returning to pair up with the final 4!

The teams were chosen at random and were:





The groups quickly got together and began designing.

Christie used her relationship with her partner to her advantage....

Delisa and Enrico kept the energy up and worked together like true heroes.

Unfortunately, Enrico's super-speed resulted in a small accident while designing.

But Delisa used her healing powers and he was cured in 30 seconds.

Meanwhile, Dana learned what it was like to work with a hamster.

Unfortunately, shortly after they finished sketching a design, Stevenson and Yaris got into a fight that resulted in Stevenson's (second) removal from the competition. Although pictures of this altercation were captured, they will not be posted due to the violence, nudity, and foul language contained in them.

The groups finished working together and four futuristic outfits made their way down the runway.

Model: Zoloft
Designer: Enrico
Materials: Entire outfit - Teavana shopping bag (purple exterior, orange/bronze interior)

Model: Shaquandatifah
Designer: Richard Parker
Materials: Blue parts of dress - Wet Seal shopping bag
Yellow parts of dress - Forever 21 shopping bag
Shoes - Wet Seal bag with Forever 21 bag stripes
Hat - Wet Seal bag base with Forever 21 'adornments'

Model: Maddie
Designer: Yaris
Materials: Dress - Debs shopping bag

Model: Chloe
Designer: Christie
Materials: Grey top and boots - Kohl's shopping bag
Black skirt/black and silver stripes - Express shopping bag
Sunglasses - Express shopping bag

And that's it!

Respond to my e-mail in the following format:
#1 Favorite Design:
#2 Favorite Design:
#1 Least Favorite Design:
#2 Least Favorite Design:

Since you don't have the designer's names, use the model's name to indicate your favorites and least favorites.

Feel free to leave any comments about designs you loved or hated as well!

As always, judges or non-judges can feel free to leave GENERAL comments on this entry, like, "How sleek and sexy!" or "If this is the future of fashion, I hope I die soon!" but DO NOT post your votes for favorite and least favorite in the comments section!


john said...

HOLY CRAP!!! You guys have totally outdone yourselves! All of you kick serious ass, but there can be only one.

I'm not sure who came up with the challenges, but I've been so impressed, this has been so much fun.

Michelle M. said...

Brilliance! Dana in the treadmill, that is just so damn funny. Love your action pose, Snickerdoo.

Please do not be kidding about Consuela's show.

Michelle M. said...

Safety dance! (Chloe)

Ryan said...

I love how retro the sci-fi feel is.

Ryan said...

Polt's going to be excited that Ross is back (sans boxers even).

Polt said...

Azaming job by one and all. And a few generic comments:

-teamups! Awesome!
-nearly matching superhero costumes!!!
-Who knew Ross could outdo the 'designing in your boxers' theme? :)
-it appears Ross's hair was shorn before Christie persuaded him to do it all...lose the hair, lose your strength, just like Samson, eh?
-I really thought Richard Parker would be more of a conversationalist.

Great jobs all around kids!

Polt said...

Polt is indeed (especially sans boxers even). :P


john said...

Michelle M.: "Safety Dance" LOLZ!!!

Chris D. said...

Amazing job! I am consistently impressed at the design creativity demonstrated by the contestants.

Jere Keys said...

I don't know, I'm just not into this week's designs. Too couture all around, I think. I'm sure they'd go over well at Fashion Week, though.

hoteltuesday said...

Wow guys. The votes on this one are all over the place! I figured this would happen since every single design must be voted on.
It seems that no one should be doing a safety dance just yet.

Polt - can you believe that I love the Samson story in the bible yet didn't make the connection that you did? Thanks for pointing it out.

Sorry Jere. Send me some pics of designs you like and if there is ever season 2, I'll do a 'design a dress for Jere' challenge :)

Anonymous said...

Zoloft captured a well-made outfit and futuristic look.

Ryan said...

Enrico: So your first thought after noticing that you were bleeding was, "I need to document this!"

Nikola said...

This was amazing, just amazing!

You just got yourself a follower!
Also, do you wanna exchange links for blogroll?

hoteltuesday said...

Ryan - Yes! When I went to Mexico (my first plane ride) my sister teased me that if the plane broke in half mid-flight and everyone flew out and died, I would be more concerned about taking a pic to put on my blog than actually trying to save myself. She might be right...

Craig said...

That picture of Dana on the hamster wheel is amazing!