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Monday, May 11, 2009

My List

So summer has officially arrived. Every so often I think, "Oh crap! I probably have something due tomorrow!!" and start to panic. Then I remember the semester is over and calm down.

Every summer, I think of things I want to get done, but I often forget them, or don't get to them because I think I can do too much.

So this year, I'm posting a short and easy list of things I want to/have to do this summer so at the end of the summer, I can see how much I've accomplished.

1. Finish Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer.
2. Read 2666 by Robert BolaƱo (900 pages!)
3. Read at least one John Irving novel.
4. Gain weight.
5. Go to the movies on Tuesdays whenever I can (it’s free at a theatre near me).
6. Work out…. a little.
7. Get a tan while avoiding sunbathing on the beach.
8. Meet my bf.
9. Do karaoke!
10. Buy Regina Spektor’s new album Far when it is released on June 23rd.
11. Catch up on Dollhouse.
12. Catch up on Desperate Housewives.
13. Catch up on United States of Tara.
14. Find a pair of sunglasses as sweet and cheap as the ones I got for $5 at H&M and lost.
15. Design a collection for Fashion Week.
16. Make a music video.
17. Get Dutch coffee at the Inkwell.
18. Wake up before 10:30am each day (even days off).
19. Beat Odin Sphere (PS2).
20. Have a reunion with the APEs (Brittany, Simone, Claudia and Gloria).
21. Work a lot so I’m not poor!!!
22. Watch Must Read After Death somehow.
23. Fix my computer.
24. Get a root canal.
25. Visit Claudia when she's interning in NYC.
26. Write a poem that I'm proud of.
27. Watch Firefly.
28. Catch up on Ugly Betty.
29. Reach 150 blog posts.
30. Learn a song on piano (completely!)
31. Read something by Faulkner.
32. Watch True Blood.
33. Beat Shadow of the Colossus.
33. Finish Water for Elephants.
34. Beat Psychonauts.

I'll probably add more as I think of them.

What are your summer goals?

P.S. I did a guest post over at the blog that inspired me to start blogging, Puntabulous!

So go check it out!


Polt said...

Me? A List? Cripse, if I can get outta bed to work on time each day, my list is complete!

You better get started on #15. And if you wanna do #4, come spend a week with me and eat as I do, you'll PACK the poundage on! :)

Good luck with completing everything! Give us an update once college starts again!


john said...

I would kill to have #4 as a goal, but I need to do the opposite.

I have a few yard related goals. I want to cut some new flower beds into the back and front yards, but I'm not sure what I want to plant yet.

Michelle M. said...

Wow - that's an ambitious list! Sorry to hear about #24. Just had one, myself. And I've got an extra 5 pounds I can send you to help with #4. Good luck with the rest!

hoteltuesday said...

Polt - I actually eat a lot (and fast food! I know, it's unhealthy) and still I don't gain weight. I think it's my metabolism.

John - Ross wants to build a garden in our backyard. I'm really excited for it. I should add "Watch Ross make the garden" on the list. haha.

Michelle M. - Yeah, the dentista said it JUST reached the point where I need a root canal rather than a filling. It's sad.

Chris D. said...

Nice list. Good luck on the journey toward accomplishing your goals.

Self improvement can be good, but so can self acceptance. Your natural metabolism will be a factor in your ability to gain weight. I was a skinny kid. As I got older my frame filled out as my metabolism slowed. Some things just take time. Don't worry _too_ much about that.

I should make a list... Wow, I just did! It was quite long, and a little bit scary. It is too long to post here, so I am going to do a blog post with my list. Then in the fall I will do another blog post as a followup to hold myself more accountable. Thanks for the idea Enrico!

Tam said...

A list? Ummm. I never really thought about it. Probably something I should do. Its like I need a sticker chart to get me motivated. That is quite a long list you have and hope you can accomplish most of it before school starts up again.

Anonymous said...

Your list inspired Ray and I to make our own list mine is only 10 and Ray's is only 5! I hope we add more !!

Milo said...

I have never made lists but always thought I should. Especially at weekends I have loads of chores to do that I invariably don't do.

1. 'Everything is Illuminated' is 'so-so'
3. Try 'A Prayer for Owen Meany'
4. I've gained 7 lbs over the last 6 months! Eek!
18. I wake up between 7 - 8am, even on weekends. <.<

Nathan V. said...

3. I love The World According to Garp.
4. Don't do this. You appear to look quite good as is. There will be an extremely tragic day when you realize that you are gaining weight and it is almost entirely out of your control. Do not tempt fate. If you must gain weight, gain muscle, which is apparently goal 6
7. Tans are nice, but don't over do it.
8. I'll be your special manfriend! I'd totally date you. The only thing is, I'm not sure if we can make this long distance to Ontario relationship work though.... (creepy?)
9. The karaoke bar near my house shut down....
10. This is a good CD!
11-13. Watch Battlestar Galactica instead.
14-16, 18, 23. I wish you great luck and perseverence.
19. I really liked this game. I thought the unusual circular area style of gameplay (does that make sense?) was really neat. RPGs are all that I play.
26. Can I read your poem when its done?
Furthermore, you should read Flatland. Its really short and really awesome.

My goal for the summer is to lose the twenty pounds that have mystically accumulated on my person in the last two years. I've been fairly diligent about improving eating and exercising habits, so I hope for success. I've even gone to the gym three times this week!

I'm also trying to write down and flesh out my ideas for my book that I hope to one day write.

And I want to start a blog, which will happen soon (hopefully) because my roommates and I are setting up a server at our house.

Personal goals are quite challenging. I wish you all the best.

David said...

1. Well, I enjoyed it.

4. As a fellow slim guy, I'd caution you that few of us stay that way. I'm lucky as my metabolism has remained high into my 40's but I'm apparently the exception not the rule. And just because you are slim doesn't mean that the fast food you are eating isn't rotting your insides. Def adding muscle weight beats adding fat weight.

8. What time are the free movies on Tuesday? ;-)

9. Name the time and place and I will be there.

I haven't made any summer goals yet, but it's an intriguing idea.

Loved your post on Puntabulous.

hoteltuesday said...

Chris D. - Where is this mysterious post?

Milo - A Prayer for Owen Meany is one of my favorite books ever and def. my fave Irving book. I actually OWN all of his books, so I just gotta pick one out.

Nathan - Garp is another good one! If you haven't read APfOM, read it right away!
- My 'bf' is not actually code for meeting my boyfriend. lol. And yeah, Ontario is a LITTLE far.
- I've already watched all of BSG! Roslin is my hero.
- That makes sense, but only for Odin Sphere. I'm actually on Mercedes' part right now, so I'm guessing I have like half the game left.
- You can read my poem, after it is workshopped by the poetry workshop class I'm taking next semester.
- Your goals sound interesting. Let me know when your blog is up of course!

David - I'm loving EII so far. Alexander is hilarious.
- I know the fast food is bad. It's just that I often work 10am-midnight and grab food at midnight. Also, no one is my house cooks dinner :(
- All day! I started off on a high note and saw Star Trek yesterday!
- 9. Please! I want to go to karaoke so bad. I want to do "Gypsy" by Fleetwood Mac. Would you do THAT with me? lol

Nathan V said...

What does bf stand for? Best Friend? Bitch Fit? Better Family? Bacon Floss?

Polt said...

Bacon floss.....oooooooooo......


Chris D. said...

Post my "list post" just got added near the top of my list. ;)

that's J-O-S-H said...

write a poem so we can share and gloat about our talents!

hoteltuesday said...

Nathan - BF DOES stand for boyfriend, but it doesn't stand for 'boyfriend.' I have a friend who I play around with and call 'my bf.' But he's not my bf.