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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Come Clean

Alright readers.... Gather around for the most interesting post ever! I'm gonna get my girls and give you time to get your boys... it's time to get dirrty on Hotel Tuesday!!! ..... or clean?

Let's talk about our shower habits!!!

First topic up for discussion... how do you wash your body?

I read in a magazine once that since humans are creatures of habit, we wash our body in the exact same order every time we shower. Since then, I almost always consider this fact while taking a shower. And for me at least, it's true!

I start with my arms, since it seems like an easy transition from the soap being all over my hands. I then go to my chest, then my back, then move down to my curvaceous hips, then legs, then feet. I don't wash my hair/face until after I'm done washing my body, although I think most people do it the other way around. Anyway, pay attention during your next shower - is your washing cycle always the same?

Know what's the worst thing about washing your hair in the shower? When you rinse your hair/face, you have to take a break from my favorite shower activity...

I love singing in the shower! I love singing everywhere, but singing in the shower is especially fun because:

1. You're naked
2. You sound better with bathroom acoustics!
3. You can pretend you're in a music video where it's raining
4. The loudness of the shower makes you think you can scream as loud as you want

So do you sing in the shower? If so, what songs are your favorite shower songs? I've been singing "Teenage Dream" and "Rolling In The Deep" lately.

Then again, I haven't really been showering all that much lately.... lol....

How often do you shower?! I did a lot of really complicated math to figure out a rough estimate of how many times I showered in 2010... And apparently I'm really dirty! But what you might call dirty and gross, others might call saving water! I'm just helping the environment y'all!

And for real, who needs to shower every day in the winter? I don't leave the house, don't exercise, don't sweat, don't move, etc. And I've been told by about a dozen doctors that showering every day washes away all the natural oils that your body produces to keep your skin/hair protected! Remember guys, Jesus didn't shower every day and he did some great stuff.

Plus, every now and then I get caught in a rainstorm and then I don't even need to shower!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

12 of 12: Only Your Shadow

I woke up pretty late on January 12th. While I usually try to be up by 10am if I don't have work/school, I got up today after noon. Oops! I guess that's what happens when I'm up until 4am chatting online!

So I woke up and Christie wanted to get breakfast lunch. Before we left, I snapped a pic of this nasty creature 'cause I thought y'all might like to see him.

Christie y yo went next door to City Market for lunch. I got a sandwich called The Mo, feat. chicken, bacon, and cheese.

I got back to the apartment and did nothing for a while. Ross got home from work and came up to my loft. He played guitar.

I spent a few hours in my loft in this position.

I listened to music, cried, looked at some websites, then repeated the process over and over.

While I listened to a lot of different music, I did spent a great deal of time listening to British songstress Adele. Her song "Rolling In The Deep" is my most played song of all-time even though it just came out two months ago. I'm obsessed! She's amazing live, so I spent some time today watching her recent live performances. Here's a poster hanging in my loft that Josh stole for me.

At one point, I took a break to read. There are a lot of classics that I haven't read yet and I'm reading one of them now.

Can anyone impress me and identify this book?! The main character's name is in the passage, so it shouldn't be that hard.

I was going to head to Princeton around 6 to get some school books, but when Ross and I went outside to leave, we found my car covered in snow. Ross helped clear it off.

But we decided it wasn't a good time to drive so we ended up not going anyway. I played Anna Nalick's "Wreck of the Day" on guitar instead.

Christie got home from work and brought some groceries home, so we made dinner of some fake chicken stuff, peas, rice, peppers, and some kind of sauce or something.

And the rest of the night was just spent relaxing. Ross and Christie lit some candles in their room which looked pretty cool.

Here are Ross' legs.

And look! The candlelight created cool sHaDoW eFfEcTz on the wall!

So basically, I did nothing all day! Yay!

School starts next Monday and these days will be gone...

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Ghosts in the Attic: Happiness

I've been kind of down lately. Don't worry readers! I'm not looking for a hole under my house to crawl into or anything. I've just been a little sad lately and Joni Mitchell's Blue has been getting a lot of spins.

When I'm sad, I try to think of the things that make me happy, and then stay away from them and wallow surround myself with those things. So what makes me happy? Let's look at my 1st grade journal to find out!

My friend's
make me happy
Because they
treat me rite.

1. Friends! Who isn't instantly cheered by a phone call/text/visit from a good friend?! Even in 1st grade I appreciated how my friends made me happy by treating me right - i.e. sharing their snacks with me, letting me be line leader, talking to me on the bus, etc.

The best thing is that my friends don't even need arms to make me happy. An extra long neck will do!

I pet cats
make me happy
becuse they love
me to and I love

2. Pet cats! Doesn't it just warm your heart to see your cats approaching you in the middle of the night to devour you with their leech-like mouths cuddle with you?

Well my cat only comes in my room to break my things, knock down plants, attack my dreamcatcher, or rip up the posters under my bed. But this page makes sense because it absolutely makes me happy when I stay over Josh's house and Hermanita, Mowgli, or Baberz come up to me looking for some love. AWW.

My family makes
me happy because
I love me

3. Family! Because... I love myself!


So guys, what makes you happy when you feel like crying a million storms?!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

You Need To Hear Me Out

I know. It's not cool to talk about the New Year like it's something really special. And I understand. After all, it really is just another day. But humans are always looking for chances to start over, so what's the harm in looking to the first of January as a good time to refresh??

So here's that post about what I think I'm going to do this year.

FIRST UP. My new year's resolution!

As I mentioned in a previous entry, my new year's resolution is inspired by one of my favorite musicians, Taylor Swift. Taylor's latest album Speak Now is all about being honest and straightforward. Although I don't plan on writing a country-pop gem about each person I want to say something to, I do want to be more vocal. Although I can be an extrovert at times, I do often keep my opinion to myself and feel like it's much easier to just let others have it their way. So now, I want to speak out.

However, there is an element of class in this - I'm not going to tell someone they look bad or complain that someone's homemade meal tastes nasty. This is about speaking the truth at times when I'm too afraid or shy, not about being rude and aggressive.

This year I also want to:
- Graduate college
- Get a job
- Write another section of my long short story (currently 100 pages)
- Do well on the GRE Literature exam (LOL)
- Eat more fruit (I did this in 2010 and did a good job! I want to continue this one)
- Get Britney's new album the day it comes out
- Write more poetry
- Survive

Oh, and did I mention that New Year's Eve 2010 was much better than previous years?

Happy New Year y'all!