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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Ghosts in the Attic: Happiness

I've been kind of down lately. Don't worry readers! I'm not looking for a hole under my house to crawl into or anything. I've just been a little sad lately and Joni Mitchell's Blue has been getting a lot of spins.

When I'm sad, I try to think of the things that make me happy, and then stay away from them and wallow surround myself with those things. So what makes me happy? Let's look at my 1st grade journal to find out!

My friend's
make me happy
Because they
treat me rite.

1. Friends! Who isn't instantly cheered by a phone call/text/visit from a good friend?! Even in 1st grade I appreciated how my friends made me happy by treating me right - i.e. sharing their snacks with me, letting me be line leader, talking to me on the bus, etc.

The best thing is that my friends don't even need arms to make me happy. An extra long neck will do!

I pet cats
make me happy
becuse they love
me to and I love

2. Pet cats! Doesn't it just warm your heart to see your cats approaching you in the middle of the night to devour you with their leech-like mouths cuddle with you?

Well my cat only comes in my room to break my things, knock down plants, attack my dreamcatcher, or rip up the posters under my bed. But this page makes sense because it absolutely makes me happy when I stay over Josh's house and Hermanita, Mowgli, or Baberz come up to me looking for some love. AWW.

My family makes
me happy because
I love me

3. Family! Because... I love myself!


So guys, what makes you happy when you feel like crying a million storms?!


Tam said...

Reading a light funny book makes me happy.

Teasing Vanessa and making her attack my hand under a blanket amuses me greatly and makes me smile because she's oh so serious about it all.

I'm glad your armless long-necked friends made you happy. I'm sure you enriched their lives as well.

Justin said...

Those are some pretty scary-ass cats!!! o_O

Michelle M. said...

Aww. I will always let you be line leader.

Friends make me happy. Or a hug from Harry (since I don't have a cat). And I'm with Tam - a good book. A happy song - and chocolate doesn't hurt.

adam said...

Spring attacked my foot tonight. I was bleeding in 3 places. I'm starting to reconsider the whole 'cat thing'

Chris D. said...

Thanks for sharing more wonderful journal posts. Love the art!

I hope you feel better. Cheer up beautiful blogger!

Cats can be hit or miss. My family's first cat was trained to attack people for sport. That was not a good idea. When he was tired of being pet he would bite, not deeply, but painful all the same.

My mother's second cat is very affectionate, and does not bite. He loves to be pet and will snuggle with people for hours.

I think it is better to visit pets than to own one myself.

What cheers me up? I think time helps, these days my down moods rapidly run their course. I think that reasserting control over my life helps. It reminds me that I have a wide open future, and the excitement of that easily eclipses most minor malaise.

Sometimes a low mood can be tied to a specific life situation that you may find yourself in. If that situation can be mitigated that may speed a return to higher times.

Always remember that many people care for you, and if things ever get really bad there are many social and clinical resources available.

Delisa said...

That last part, oddly enough, makes sense to me. Your family makes you happy because they helped you to love yourself. *shrug*

Some friends make me happy when they clean up after themselves and don't piss me off. My other friends make me happy with their willingness to just do whatever and we have a good time.

When I'm sad I listen to music (both sad and happy) or I watch TV/a movie to distract myself.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your friends don't need arms just a very long neck will do!! lol

TJ/Talita :o)

that's J-O-S-H said...

I don't treat you right! Why am I your friend?!

Jacob said...

Enrico! I'm finally blogging again :) (it's jake by the way, from hm what's that :) :) )

I love your journals.

Ray Avito said...

Right now those curious cats are making me happy.