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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Come Clean

Alright readers.... Gather around for the most interesting post ever! I'm gonna get my girls and give you time to get your boys... it's time to get dirrty on Hotel Tuesday!!! ..... or clean?

Let's talk about our shower habits!!!

First topic up for discussion... how do you wash your body?

I read in a magazine once that since humans are creatures of habit, we wash our body in the exact same order every time we shower. Since then, I almost always consider this fact while taking a shower. And for me at least, it's true!

I start with my arms, since it seems like an easy transition from the soap being all over my hands. I then go to my chest, then my back, then move down to my curvaceous hips, then legs, then feet. I don't wash my hair/face until after I'm done washing my body, although I think most people do it the other way around. Anyway, pay attention during your next shower - is your washing cycle always the same?

Know what's the worst thing about washing your hair in the shower? When you rinse your hair/face, you have to take a break from my favorite shower activity...

I love singing in the shower! I love singing everywhere, but singing in the shower is especially fun because:

1. You're naked
2. You sound better with bathroom acoustics!
3. You can pretend you're in a music video where it's raining
4. The loudness of the shower makes you think you can scream as loud as you want

So do you sing in the shower? If so, what songs are your favorite shower songs? I've been singing "Teenage Dream" and "Rolling In The Deep" lately.

Then again, I haven't really been showering all that much lately.... lol....

How often do you shower?! I did a lot of really complicated math to figure out a rough estimate of how many times I showered in 2010... And apparently I'm really dirty! But what you might call dirty and gross, others might call saving water! I'm just helping the environment y'all!

And for real, who needs to shower every day in the winter? I don't leave the house, don't exercise, don't sweat, don't move, etc. And I've been told by about a dozen doctors that showering every day washes away all the natural oils that your body produces to keep your skin/hair protected! Remember guys, Jesus didn't shower every day and he did some great stuff.

Plus, every now and then I get caught in a rainstorm and then I don't even need to shower!



AdAm said...

1. I start with my legs, then my junk, then my stomach, chest, arms, pitz, neck. Then shampoo & magical zit-fighting face wash. Then I usually make the shower really hot an scald myself before I get out.

2. Mostly Bruno Mars & Glee music lately. A little Jason Mraz and Jamie Cullum mixed it.

3. I'd guess that I shower about 400 to 420 times a year. I almost never skip a day, and often shower twice a day. Natural body oils and juices be damned! If I'm not squeaky clean I just feel slimy and gross.

Jere Keys said...

I don't have to worry about shampoo, so I start with a soapy lather at the top and work down. Then I rinse in the same order. I typically shower twice a day - in the morning and again after I go to the gym.

Usually I just sing whatever song is in my head, unless I remember to bring my phone into the bathroom and play music to sing along to. This morning I was singing the Roberta Flack classic "Killing Me Softly" (the original, not the fugees version).

Chris D. said...

I wash my hands prior to my shower, right before I brush my teeth, because I use my hands as a cup to sip water from to rinse my mouth after brushing.

I wash and rinse my hair first. Then I apply conditioner (skipped in my evening shower) to my hair. Next I use my moisturizing body wash to wash my body, starting with my shoulders and working my way down including all the nooks and crannies down to my feet. I then rinse off the conditioner and body wash. Finally I use a silicic acid based face wash.

I used to shower just once in the morning, but then about two years ago I decided to shower twice a day. My hair can get rather greasy, I think that triggered break outs. So now I shower before I go to bed as well as after I wake up. I use a low flow shower head, and in general my water use is very low (usually below the minimum threshold).

The song I sometimes sing in the shower is a secret, because I may be posting my performance of it on my blog. I only know 1.5 lines, so I just sing them over and over again. I really need to memorize the rest of it.

Mel said...

I generally work from top to bottom and use a loofah to exfoliate face, shoulders and upper arms. I generally shampoo once every week or two so as not to dry out my scalp and use conditioner afterward. We stock up at fairs on handmade soaps scented with essential oils because neither of us can tolerate perfumes well. Also, working nights, there are a lot of days I spend sleeping (like today), so by the time I get up it's late and I don't bother to shower.

Also, do none of you people ever wash your collective ass? That's really nasty.

Mel said...

Noticed after the fact that Chris said he washes all his nooks and crannies, so at least he's clean.

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

I wash top to bottom. I must shower daily. It is ritual. I can feel the cooties trying to attack me.

Tam said...

I'm not sure the order exactly, I think the same as you, start with the arms and finish with hair, nooks and crannies somewhere in the middle.

I NEVER sing in the shower, EVER.

Usually 5-6 times a week. If I spend a day in my jammies I don't usually shower and if I sleep in I sometimes skip, although when it's awfully muggy in summer and I don't have central air, then it's twice a day to try and keep cool.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA!! We had this talk at my house when you were snowed in!! Did our talk inspire this blog post?


that's J-O-S-H said...

I usually shower 4 times a week. Unless you're getting mad sweaty every day and need to clean off your nasty ball stench, it's not good to shower every day! We gotz natural oilz that our skin needs to keep our asses moisturized and shit.

I ALWAYS sing in the shower...last night, my cats were treated to a rousing [read as: screaming] rendition of Casey James' American Idol rendition of John Lennon's "Jealous Guy."

Shower order: Brush mah teefz, wash hair, wash body top to bottom, wash face, slip on wet tub while leaving and break my skull open on the floor/die.

Michelle M. said...

I wash my face with a scrub. Then shampoo. Then condition. While the conditioner is working it's magic (aka making my hair even more frizzy) I use shower gel (I can't do bar soap) and one of those poofy things for the body. I use a separate washcloth for the nether regions. I also pumice my tootsies and shave. Then I rinse out the hair conditioner. I put on lotion right after toweling off. Hurray for being clean!

I always sing in the shower. Pretty much anything. This morning it was Whitney Houston's "You Give Good Love."

Ryan said...

I usually shower once a day. If I do something that gets me dirty and nasty, I'll shower again. I think the only times that I haven't showered lately have been when the water heater broke and a lazy Saturday when my roommate was away so I felt comfortable spending the entire day in my sleepwear.

My shower set consists of random lines from whatever I've been listening to lately as well as a selection of songs that I've managed to memorize over the years, most recently including the chorus to The Downtown Fiction ~ I Just Wanna Run.

Jacob said...

Well I'm the first person to be upfront and admit that I don't shower as much as I probably should haha. I usually base on the necessity of me taking a shower on (TMI... SORRYYY) if my hair is greasy or my balls smell haha. But really, I love taking a shower, just not alone.

I always shower the same way haha - I get in the shower, I get my face all wet and my hair all wet, and then I usually shave or trim my beard, then I wash my hair. I then lather up my loofa and then wash my body, starting with my chest, then arms, then private area, legs and back. I've alwayssss done it like this for some reason haha

Ryan said...

Something I learned from listening to a talk on the Apollo Program: Skin covered by clean clothing will stay relatively clean. This is how the rich in Medieval Europe were able to get away with not bathing without smelling horrible. By changing into clean undergarments once or twice a day and washing their hands and face, their skin remained cleaner than we would expect.

goblinbox said...

In the last several years, I got bored of bathing at some point. I bathed every single day for decades... and now, I'm just bored of it. So I bathe probably two or three times a week now. I mean, I don't have a job, and all my classes are online, and I'm not dirty, so why bother?

It turns out that constant bathing didn't keep me any cleaner, nor make my skin any less oily! And I just had to get used to letting my hair look like it looks when it hasn't been washed in the past six hours (because that's how long it looks okay: six hours. Then it just looks stupid until I wash it again). I've never used deodorant anyway; I'm not stinky.

I wash my hair first, then my face,then my body (arms, torso, back, legs, feet), and then I condition. Sometimes I brush my teeth in the shower; if that's happening, it happens while conditioning.

I'm a professional singer. I don't sing in the shower. Like, ever. Weird?

hoteltuesday said...

Adam: I wish I could make my shower hot... It only gets to warmish. AND YOU SHOWER TOO OFTEN.

Jere: Roberta Flack?! She's decent, but Lauryn Hill is an R&B legend!

Chris D.: Another promised blog entry!? PLEASE, POST.

Mel: I wash my hair every time I shower. That makes your scalp dry?!

Garret: I can feel Mother Nature crying when I shower too much. Cooties aren't that bad.

Tam: I HATE THE SUMMER. I wanna shower more cause I feel gross, but I don't like cold water so I take a hot shower and then I get out... and I'm hot... It's so bad.

TJ: Nope! Adam inspired me.

Josh: "Jealous Guy" was his best performance!

Michelle M: OMG your shower ritual sounds like it takes 2 hours. How do you have so much time to bless us with your presence on the web?! I LOVE WHITNEY HOUSTON. Try "Didn't We Almost Have it All" some time.

Ryan: You don't feel comfortable wearing PJs around your roommate? I spent entire days in PJs over break. Just like Medieval people, my skin is always covered in PJs so it's clean! And you don't know 1,000 songs by heart?!

Jacob: EWW! jk. Those sound like good criteria. I hate when my hurr is mad greasy.

goblinbox: GOOD. Save the earth! And I remembering hearing a famous singer say that she doesn't sing in the shower either. Maybe it's that way for a lot of professional singers. I'll ask Mariah.

Jere Keys said...

Lauryn Hill is playing at Coachella this year. You should save up and buy us both tickets and airfare.

Anonymous said...

I shower in the same order as you. it most be genetic. And I love to sing in the shower. I have been singing torn lately It sounds really good in the shower. And i don't know the exact math but i hope i showered more then you.


Cinderblock said...

Arms, shoulders, boobs, stomach, face (somtimes if I didn't use face wash first), back, hips, vag, butt, legs, feet.

I used to sing when I had a shower radio but it broke. So maybe random humming or lines that are stuck in my head.

Shower mostly everyday, except for lazy weekends.


David said...

I remember when you and Josh stayed over a few years back and you took a shower and Josh and I were talking and suddenly I heard this singing and looked at Josh and confirmed that it was indeed you. I thought it was quite endearing.

I don't sing in the shower.

I would wager that I shower about 520 times a year, since I shower in the mornings and then again in the evening if I've worked out hard at the gym, so probably about 40 double days in there..