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Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Birthday T!

Know what tomorrow is?


Which means that today is also a very special day...


But it's also the birthday of a very special lady. This lady has impacted me more than most people. She is always there when I need to vent my feelings and she always give such good advice and I really feel like she understands me. I don't know where I'd be without her!

So without any further ado...

Today is Taylor Swift's birthday! It's been an amazing year for T. Swift and I hope she has an amazing 21st birthday and year!

Taylor started the year by winning prox. a million well-deserved GRAMMYs, including Album of the Year for her CD Fearless.

Of course all the haters were annoyed and probably wanted Ms. Swift to fade into obscurity or something, but she released her third studio album Speak Now just a few months ago and the CD is not only as good as Fearless, but I actually think it's even better.

Taylor is important to me because in the music industry, we constantly see celebrities who are selfish, rude, egotistical, divatastic, and oversexed. Swifty is none of these things, and the fact that people find ways to ridicule her is completely ridiculous. If you're offended by Taylor, please look at everyone else in the business. Your worry should be placed elsewhere.

Taylor is also important because she promotes the message of speaking out. As she's said in interviews, her new album Speak Now is all about that message. However, class act that she is, Taylor is also professional and doesn't go blabbing to the press just for publicity like some artists do. Her album and her interviews show real maturity, which I really admire in a young popstar.
Still, her message personally resonates with me. Whether it's speaking up for some injustice or just because you want to get your feelings out, Taylor reminds me to speak my mind, even when I know my opinion isn't what everyone wants to hear. With her message in mind, I've recently spoken out about a few things and I'm glad I did.

So everyone join me in wishing Ms. Swift a happy birthday!

Oh, and happy birthday to my sister too.


Tam said...

Blah. TJ is much cooler. :-)

Happy birthday to two gorgeous ladies.

You have to wait for your birthday wishes. No starting early.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Lovez it! Taylor is one of my favorite female singer-songwriters and haterz obviously are just threatened by her success @ such a young age (or because all they're ever gonna be is MEAN)!

And yay for tu hermana!

adam said...


Delisa said...

Eww, no one cares about that blonde bimbo!

Happy Birthday TJ!!!

Michelle M. said...

Happy birthday Talita - hope you have a fantastic day!

Justin said...

Happy Birthday, Enrico's (very pretty) sister! :)

Polt said...

Happy birthday TJ.

And who is this other person you were talking about again?


Chris D. said...

Happy birthday eve!

I am not nearly the T. Swift expert that you are. I just experienced a few of her music videos on YouTube. As expected, I recognized a bunch of songs.

My favorites are You Belong With Me (reminded me of my first love, I shed a tear or two), and Love Story (I love romantic costume dramas). She is pretty, has a fun vibe, and some of her music video casting directors has good aesthetic taste in men.

It is a small challenge to envision her in an underdog roll considering how attractive she is now. Perhaps it is the humility of her awkward underdog days that keep her grounded despite all her recent accolades and success.

Happy birthday T. Swift.

Happy birthday TJ (cute photo BTW)!

Craig said...

Happy Belated Birthday TJ! And Happy Birthday Enrico!

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

Happy birthday to everyone. Or just the people who have birthdays. You decide. OK. Thanks. Bye.

Ryan said...

That's odd. I was sure that I commented last night.

Anyway, it's clear that December is the coolest month to be born in.

Tam said...

Now I can officially say Happy Birthday for the third time. Have a great day.

David said...

Happy belated, Talita!

Taylor Swift is dating Jake Gyllenhaal, so we are no longer on speaking terms.