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Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Favorites

2010 is almost over! Which means it's time for my favorite blog entry (even if no one else cares).

It's time to review my favorites things of 2010! This year was pretty great when it came to my entertainment options, so some of these choices were hard! But I made decisions. So here we go.

Please note: my favorites are based on when I experienced them, not the year of their release. I may have a favorite CD in 2010 that came out in the 1970s, but the year I discovered it is the year that matters to me!

Favorite Book of the Year:

2nd Place:


Favorite Video Games of the Year:

Favorite Albums of the Year:

Favorite Song of the Year:

Favorite Concert of the Year:

Favorite TV Show of the Year:

Favorite Movies of the Year:

Favorite Drink of the Year:

Favorite Ginger of the Year:


Favorite Cat of the Year:

1st Runner-Up:

2nd Runner-Up:

3rd Runner-Up:

4th Runner-Up:

5th Runner-Up:

6th Runner-Up:

7th Runner-Up:

Favorite Monday Muse of the Year:

Favorite Holiday of the Year:

Favorite Party of the Year:

Favorite Person of the Year:

Favorite Celebrity of the Year:

Did we enjoy any of the same stuff in 2010?!


adam said...

Of your picks, I...

CeeLo, Veronica Mars, Big C, Black Swan, Myself, the wallpaper behind Hermanita, my lil girl Spring! and the pool party.

But the best 2 of the year are obviously:


vuboq said...

I recently finished Secret Historian, which I think beat out my previous nonfiction favorite - Cleopatra. Favorite fiction was the Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet.

PS. In a desperate attempt to win your favorite person of the year for 2011, I have a little something for you. I'll be passing it to David this weekend. Maybe he can give it to Josh to give to you. That doesn't sound complicated at all, does it?

Tam said...

Well, I haven't read any of those, seen any of those movies or TV shows, played any of those video games, or heard any of those albums. Oh, I'm sure I've heard songs off of some of them but who knows which ones. However you do have on both of my favourite gingers and some pretty cute fave cats. I'm kind of partial to that feral cat at the bottom. And of course Michelle is everyone's favourite.

Have a great 2011.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Yay for my cats, El Diablo, Ke$ha and about half of everything else cuz I too loved it!

Michelle M. said...

Yaaaaayyyyy! LOVE YOU!

The Maroon 5 album reminds me of the Drag Me to Hell poster. And I watched Veronica Mars on Netflix this year and loved it! I wish there had been more seasons.

Wow - Solomon wasn't even a runner up. Yikes.

Adam is definitely my favorite ginger (male category). Kathy Griffin for female.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go die happy!

Happy New Year Snickerdoodle!

hoteltuesday said...

Adam: We have a lot of entertainment taste in common. OH YEAH, let me borrow the Six Feet Under DVDs!!!

vuboq: I never read nonfiction! Except autobiographies. You should check out K. Griffin's memoir! And YAY GIFTS.

Tam: I love the feral cat! But I love the cat being dragged by the head even more!

Josh: I'm so glad El Diablo won Monday Muse of the Year!!

Michelle M: You're right about the M5 cover! And I too watched V. Mars on Netflix, but I haven't seen season 3 yet! Solomon was like 82th runner up but I didn't want the post to go on forever! AND I thought of putting Kath in the running!

Chris D. said...

Nice list. I like the Adele song, and I like that no one was smoking in this video.

Nathan V said...

I am late to this proverbial party, but I really like this Adele song.

I still regret missing the Florence show in Toronto. I get really distracted with my grad recital plans and missed her and Robyn! sadness.

Middlesex is still one of my favourite books ever.

Lots of great choices Enrico!