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Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Year's Fleeve

New Year's Eve is consistently the worst holiday of the year for me. Even though I'm a pretty upbeat guy with tons of online friends, I somehow always end up spending New Year's Eve alone. Here's a rundown of how my past few NYEs went.

New Year's Eve 2005

I think 2005 started the trend of bad New Year's Eves. According to my LiveJournal (lol), 2005 was "the worst year of my life." And New Year's Eve didn't make the year any better. I sat at home watching the ball drop on the living room TV while my brother and his friend Alex played video games upstairs. I technically wasn't alone but I was sad and lonely and reflecting on how stupid I was in 2005 (and really, I was pretty stupid in 2005).

New Year's Eve 2006

After being in a relationship since January 2006, I broke up with my significant other in December of 2006. Therefore, I was freshly broken up and of course SAD ALL THE TIME. Of course this sadness was magnified on New Year's Eve, which I spent alone. Not sure why I didn't hang out with friends, but according to my LiveJournal I was home alone, I finished reading Catcher in the Rye (which I think is overrated), and I thought I wasn't going to get in to TCNJ.

New Year's Eve 2007

New Year's Eve '07 was pretty forgettable. I wasn't as sad as I was in '05 and '06, but I was home alone. I made plans this year to hang out with a friend (who won't be named), but they canceled last minute so I ended up home alone again.

New Year's Eve 2008

Maybe this takes the cake for the worst New Year's Eve, but only because there was so much promise! When I found out I would be in Mexico for NYE '08, I was sure this was going to be the best New Year's Eve ever! However, I went on the trip with complete strangers and since they knew that I didn't drink/party, they went out to celebrate around 11pm... and didn't even invite me. I found this out when I started looking around the hotel around 11:30pm and no one was around. So I asked at the front desk and the man said that a large group of teens just left, clearly my group. I went to my hotel room, turned on the TV, and watched The Little Mermaid in Spanish (or La pequeña sirena) as the clock struck midnight.

I knew it was midnight when I heard fireworks going off. I thought it would at least be cool to see the fireworks, right?! So I went on the balcony to my room but my view was obstructed by the building in front of the hotel. I went to the general hotel balcony and still couldn't see. Finally, I went outside so I could see down the street that led to the center of town. However, the last firework went off just as I reached the street, so I only got to see a few falling sparks...

New Year's Eve 2009

I made plans this year to hang out with a friend (who won't be named), but they canceled last minute so I ended up home alone again. Sound familiar?!

I ended up alone at my sister TJ's house while TJ was at a Mariah Carey concert (JEALOUS!). I also watched my first ever episode of Jersey Shore. BUT, there was ONE good thing about that night... I finished a puzzle I had been working on over winter break! Or maybe that's not that cool... since a certain Hotel Tuesday reader called me "grandpa" when I posted the picture on Twitter.

So what will this New Year's Eve bring?! I don't know yet. I probably won't know my plans until that day. But I mean, the night has to be an improvement over the last five New Year's Eves, right? RIGHT?!


C. L. Mac Neil said...

New Years Eve is to you what my birthday is to me. Every year for the last 10 years something horrible has happened on my birthday (sometimes right then and there or something began then that came to really ruin my year). Usually I run into a corner and hide on my birthday.

This year I decided I was going to start small: a few friends (3, maybe 4, but no more than 5 or the odds of all of them canceling was huge) and just going to get a drink. Small steps.

I suggest you do the same for NYE. Just find one or two people and plan on them being there. Get chinese, watch the party on tv, and if it works you can plan bigger next year.

And to put it out there I'll be working (as I was last year and will be next year) at a wedding.

Hope it helps bub!

Jere Keys said...

I'm stuck in Utah again. It'll probably be another night of playing video games with my nieces and nephews like last year.

Mel said...

If it's any consolation, I'm usually either working or in between worknights. Which means NYE is usually a bust for me, too.

Milo said...

Ouch, melancholy post here. Does sound like you have had a rough past few years on NYE.

Is your BFF not around this year to share it with?? That's the kind of thing BFFs are for!

Mine will be v.quiet spent at Sheridan's. He hates to party and hardly drinks (unlike me on both counts) so I'm imagining it will be quiet. To be fair, NYE is over-rated anyway but there is always so much pressure to do 'something', I know.

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

Wow. I feel as though I should shed a tear for you but during the strain of trying, I accidentally farted.

Was that only a fart. Gotta go check.

Tam said...

Now that I'm "old" I don't really care so much. I've had good ones and bad ones. Now that the kid is old enough to go and spend time with her friends, I usually end up alone, playing around on-line or reading. I don't really want to go out to a party, I'm not very social and big fancy events are blah. However I hope this year is better for you.

goblinbox said...

I usually gig on NYE. This year, I'll be playing at a Tony Roma's, which is just as cheesy as it sounds. This year the venue is having two bands; mine's the opening band so I'm done after two sets. The gig is in a town an hour away. I'll be pulling back into WW just about midnight, too late to party with anyone.

When I was married, my husband promised to take me out to a party on NYE, and then fell asleep and wouldn't wake up, and I spent NYE dressed up and pissed off and alone in front of the wood stove. For THREE YEARS IN A ROW. The forth year I just went out without him because I had my own 4WD by then and didn't need him to drive me. The fifth year he slept through a NYE party he'd promised to take me to, I stayed out all night and didn't even bring coffee home when I returned the next morning.

adam said...

It might just be my monitor, but I noticed that your tears were blue in 2006, but in all other years they were purple. I blame Polt for being the cause of all your woes (except in 2006)!!

Delisa said...

Most of the time I ring in the new year with my mom. She cooks, we clean, the ball drops and I cry at how pathetic my night is. Last year was pretty nice though, after ringing in the new year with my mom, my brother and I went to a house party with a bunch of friends.

I don't know what I'm doing this year either but you're more than welcome to come up here and spend it with me! Or we could run away together, you're choice <3

Polt said...

I've spent the last...more than 5 years on NYE at the house of A Local Celebrity, Mr. David ParisPeking and his family. We have a meal, put the girls to bed, watch a crappy movie and at midnight, drink the bottle of Asti I brought. Although a few years ALCMDPP was already drunk and passed out, so just his wife and I toasted the new year. Either way, then I went home and was in bed by 12:30 and asleep before 1:00.


I do like the wintery header here, though?

john said...

My Dad always refers to New Year's Eve as amateur night. I never do much on NYE. Last year I was in the middle of a divorce, so that was probably the worst year. This year, I am happily single and am planning to tell everyone I have plans and hang at home in peace and quiet.

that's J-O-S-H said...

I LOVE CATCHER IN THE RYE! Oh, and New Year's Eve always irritates me.

Justin said...

8-O !!!!

I can't believe those "friends" of yours did that to you in Mexico!! That's awful!! I'm sorry you've had so many lousy NYEs :(

My NYE's are always very quiet these days -- Lisa and I just stay home and watch the fireworks on TV with the dogs.

Our last dog, Argus, used to have seizures during thunderstorms and fireworks shows. Because of that, we stopped going out to watch fireworks since we didn't want to leave him home alone -- we would play music and try to keep him occupied.

Boston began a tradition in the 70s called "First Night" as an attempt to replace the normal drunken carousing gangs of inebriated frat boys and other idiots with an arts and music festival.

First night is a LOT of fun -- you buy a pin at pretty much any store, and you get a booklet with a calendar of events (which last all week, though the best ones are on NYE itself), and then the pin gets you in for free.

You can pick any kind of event you want -- classical music, jazz, dance, improv, ice sculptures, art installations, whatever. You just have to plan out which ones YOU want to see and make sure you have time to get around the city from event to event.

The city is full of people, mostly NOT drunk, often parents with strollers or little kids. It completely changed what NYE used to be in Boston, I'm told.

First Night became "franchised" as it were and many cities around the country do it now.

When friends and I (or later on, Lisa and I) used to do First Night, we would end up on the waterfront at Boston Harbor and watch the fireworks after a laser show had counted down the last minute on the Custom House Tower. That was fun.

But First Night is often realllllly cold -- so we just don't bother these days. Our current dogs aren't afraid of fireworks or thunderstorms so we COULD go out but we don't bother.

In fact I think the last one I did was the "millennium" in 2000, which frankly was lame city.

So why do you hate Christmas Eve and Christmas this year? :(

Chris D. said...

My worst New Years Eve was spent with the first guy I fell in love with... and his girlfriend. Ug.

I don't have any plans, and haven't tried to make any plans for this NYE. I may watch the ball drop on TV with my Mom.

I find these big holidays mildly annoying. They cause so much stress, traffic, and aggravation for so many people! They also cause too many people to focus too much on trying to force meaningful moments into their lives on a handful of big holidays.

The important business of living our lives is a full time effort. I would rather have a good year on average, than a few great holidays.

However you spend your NYE, I hope that you don't feel too lonely. Know that all your blog readers are with you, in spirit.

You are the master and commander of the ship of your life. If you want to spend NYE with other people then make plans. If you don't make plans, or make plans with flakes who you know are likely to cancel then you can't complain about spending it alone.

Your a cool guy, I'm sure many people would be pleased to spend NYE with you.

David said...

I won't bore you with my sad New Years stories but there were several that involved tears.

BUT, if you have nothing to do this year, come to NYC and join me and VUBOQ at a fabulous party!

Cindy? said...

You can come to Steve's party... but we're all gonna get drunk and there will probably be orgies somewhere.

Justin said...

@Chris - yeah it's really easy for these holidays to get stressful. Thankfully Lisa and I are both pretty damn good these days at managing a stress-free holiday season :)

@David -- only you and VUBOQ? Where's the Joshermonster gonna spend his NYE?!?!?!?! Away because NYE irritates him? 8-O

@Enrico -- I hope this year completely makes up for every lousy NYE you've ever had in the past! I'll be thinking of you when I drink my champagne at midnight :) x

Michelle M. said...

I don't even remember the past 5 New Year's. And not because I was drunk, thank you very much. Usually I'm at home on the couch watching the ball drop (and trying to stay awake). I used to feel like I should be at some fabulous party or something. But now I can admit I'd rather be on the damn couch drinking cheap champagne (and safe from the drunk drivers).

Hope you have a happy (and tearless New Year's).

P.S. Ariel and Eric are heartless bitches.