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Friday, December 10, 2010

Glee Season Wrap-Up

Can you believe it? I think Glee is getting good again! Or at least better. The "Sectionals" episode was funny, plot-heavy, and avoided being overdramatic... until the final few minutes. But overall, it was definitely one of the better episodes of the season.

(Note that I am ignoring the existence of the Christmas episode - I consider it a 'special' episode and therefore am not using it to evaluate the quality of the season as a whole.)

So now we have the second half of the season to look forward to. I've asked a few of my friends what they think the show should do when it returns next year and here are some responses I got.


Make Kurt likable, calm down with all the dating storylines, meet some more of the parents, do a Beatles episode, use Sue in every episode, and get rid of John Stamos.


1) Unskeez Shue
2) More Mercedes - sassy Mercedes, not church Mercedes
3) Bring Kurt back to school, and bring Blain (I hate that name) with him.
4) Explore the characters and their home lives a little more (why haven't Rachel's gay dads met up with Kurt?). What's up with Santana?
5) Britney being dumb is fun, but sometimes it's ridiculous.
6) Fewer mashups
7) Bring in some freshmen so the older kids can eventually graduate


I think something bad is going to happen with Rachel. Really bad. I'm a little worried that she may attempt suicide as a result of how mean everyone in glee club is to her. Also her big "when I'm dead they'll realize how great I was" speech to Kurt in the last episode.

But what do I think they should do? Well, obviously this show isn't gay enough, so I think they should perform songs by Rufus Wainwright, the Scissor Sisters, Elton John and Mika. Mercedes and Santana should sing "It's Raining Men" - the boys can cover The Village People's "Macho Man" - Kurt and Blaine duet to "They Can't Take That Away from Me" - and Rachel can kill it on Kylie's "All the Lovers."

Oh, and four words: Dolly Parton Tribute Episode.

And I think they need to add a few more chorus members. The "we barely have enough people to qualify" storyline is getting dumb and when all the current characters graduate, who are we going to care about?


I want to see Glee go back to it's true comedic roots! Not just one liners from Sue and Brittany either! I'm talking true comedy gold! Remember when Rachel dressed up as a pink lady from Grease and Finn later referred to it as "some strange catwoman costume"? Or the beauty pageant judge at Sectionals who accused the deaf choir of "honking" at her? Genius! I need more clever comedy from Glee, not forced drama! I still really enjoy it, but it needs a bit more comedic oomph!


More Rachel! More Rachel! MoreRachelmoreRachelmoreRachelmoreRachelmoreRachelmoreRachel

So what do y'all think? What should Glee do in the 2nd half of the season?!


Jere Keys said...

Clearly we should all be hired as writers for Glee. We're all brilliant. Especially me.

Polt said...

I'll echo Michelle M's suggestions, espeically 3-7.

Writers of Glee, are you listening to us all?????


that's J-O-S-H said...

How about canceling Glee and playing Bjork videos in its place?

Tam said...

I'll just say ditto what Michelle said. She covered it all.

Justin said...

It's pretty easy for Glee to make me happy -- more Puck, less shirt.

My favorite above is Jere's. The only thing missing is the lambda legal tribute episode! :)

john said...

I agree with Craig that they need to be funnier. The first season was pretty genius. I'd like to see them go back to some of that. With that said, I still enjoy the show for what it is: brain candy.

Ryan said...

I like Michelle's suggestions. I believe Ryan Murphy has said that he does intend to bring new kids in and have the current cast eventually graduate. I've also noticed that Darren Criss seems to be considered to be part of the main cast as far as the track listings are concerned (unlike Johnathan Groff last season), but that might just be because he's going to be around for much more of the season. I hope they keep him.

BTW - Darren Criss is playing at the Roxy next Saturday.

My suggestions:

1. Don't lazily overuse things. Example: The Britney episode. They might have gotten away with an anesthesia induced hallucination once, but using it three times made the episode feel repetitive and boring.

2. Be careful with guest stars. Trying to attract new viewers by forcing random guest stars into the show won't work if you break the episodes in the process.

Adam said...

I think that Adam's suggestions are the best.

Milo said...

Want to read this post but can't as season 2 doesn't air here until January.

Anonymous said...

I forgot all about Mercedes busting windows!! Love it!! Glee Needs to shape up!!


Michelle M. said...

I love your illustrations Enrico - especially Craig and Catwoman.
I would LOVE to see the Modern Family dads as Rachel's dads. That would be awesome!
A Dolly Parton appearance would be bananas. Love her.
Craig - Finn also called Rachel's Grease look: sad clown hooker. Which still makes me laugh. I agree about bringing back the funny.

Craig said...

LOL this post is genius! The picture of me is the best! Love it!

David said...

Maybe make up their minds about whether this is a comedy show or a serialized after-school special? Or just admit that their official sponsor is Sweet and Low?