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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Yesterday was my birthday. I'm 22! Here's what happened.

I didn't do much in the morning/afternoon besides from go online, watch Ugly Betty, and do some schoolwork. But at 7 I went to Chili's with my friends.

Of course I had a Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie!!! MMMMMMMMM!!!

Left side of the table - Katrina, Todd, some girl, Eric:

Right side of the table - Kevin, Dana, me, Delisa (not pictured, as she took the picture):

See that sweet shirt I'm wearing? That was my first gift of the day, given to me by my friend Yarisma. Don't I look great in it?!

I went back to campus and had cake.

It was yellow cake with strawberries adentro. ¡Me gusta mucho fresas!

I blew out the candle and made a very special wish, which obviously I can't share!

Here I am doing what I do best - arguing with someone!

Then I got more presents, like Wonderfalls on DVD from Delisa! (Best picture of me ever?)

I loooove this series and was so sad when it was canceled after only 4 episodes aired. Can't wait to watch it over winter break!

Delisa also got me this cute sweater from H&M to go with my new shirt!

And then another flannel shirt (yay!) from Dana to go with my green eyes.

This morning, I had to run to the art building and on the way back to the dorms I picked up my final birthday gift that was waiting in my car. Mi mejor amigo Josh gave it to me the other day but I didn't want to open it until my birthday. I opened it this morning to find...


And with that gift, my life is complete.

Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes/gifts!!! E>E>E>


Tam said...

Looks like a super duper birthday. You made out like a bandit with the gifts. Glad you had a fun day.

(Is this proof I love you now?)

Delisa said...

I'm glad you liked your presents! You can thank my unhealthy obsession with H&M and my general good knowledge of your tastes/needs for the clothes ^_^

Aren't you excited we're growing old together?!?!?!

Jere Keys said...

I'm jealous of that sweet stack of board games behind you in the Wonderfalls picture.

Mel said...

It's a good thing you're XXS, because I'd totally want to borrow those shirts.

Jusitn said...

So great that you had such an awesome birthday, Enriquito!!!!! :)

You look *amazingly handsome* in all the shirts you wear in all those pix :) And green eyes ... *swoon* :)

Happy Birthday again!! :) <3

Milo said...

Happy birthday!

goblinbox said...

Happy birthday! Cute sweater. Nice flannels. Joni rules.

Chris D. said...

I love Chili's Steaks! I still remember when we ate a Chili's and I spoke to Josh for the first time. Fun times.

It is interesting that, "go online", is listed as something you did. I don't think of it like that, I guess because I am almost always online between my smart phone, and computers at home and at work.

Were you arguing about licking the candles?

You look cute in your cute sweater.

Green eyed guys are gorgeous.

Nice gift from Josh.

Michelle M. said...

Being with friends on your birthday is the best. And cake AND pie? You know how to do it up right. Your presents are great and you look very handsome in all your new clothes!

Kristen said...

hope you had a good birthday

some girl

Craig said...

Looks like a fun birthday! All your gifts are amazing.

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

Yeah, what Michelle M Said about cake and pie! Oh and about you being handsome. You're 22 and I'm 40. Am I a troll yet?

David said...

Hey! Josh was supposed to tell you that I went in with him on that gift!! Booo! Guess, now I will have to get you something else on my own.

Anonymous said...

I have your present at my house can't wait to see you soon!!