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Friday, May 08, 2009


PART 1: The Past

Yesterday afternoon, I took the photos off the wall, my books off the shelf, the sheets off my bed and in other ways, packed up my dorm room.

Oh, and I had to clean the bathroom too.

But yeah, I am DONE with sophomore year of college and have moved back home for the summer!

I had a million great times in that room and I will miss having Ross and Christie as roommates. I am eternally grateful for Ross' benevolence when I used/wore/stole his belongings and he didn't yell at me. I'll also remember all those times Christie tried to show me her body.

So anyway, I got back home around 10pm last night....

PART 2: The Present

I always hear jokes about the college student who comes home and finds their room has been changed to the guest room, but it actually happened to me!

Yes, my room was turned into the guest room in my absence!

Here's the stupid part about it: there are FOUR bedrooms in my house. My mom's room, my brother's room, MY room, and my sister TJ's OLD, currently uninhabited room.
Now if one of those rooms became the guest room, which do you think it'd be??
Exactly, TJ's old room, not mine!!!

So I stayed up until 3 am and took my room back. I unpacked everything in my room, hung up posters, etc.

I also cleaned TJ's room thoroughly so that if we NEED a guest room for some odd reason, they can use TJ's old room.

Part 3: The Future

In August, I will be permanently moving into my new residence, an off-campus house near TCNJ where I'll be living with Ross, Christie and some other friends.

Here's a pic of our kitchen.

I don't like the floor, but that's OK.

And here's our backyard (where the little arrow is)

Why is it so big?? Ross wants to build a garden and Darin wants to build a skating ramp, so I guess it's good we have all that room.

And here's my room, pictured with the current resident's furnishings in it.

As you might notice, two of the walls are all windows! I LOVE windows and can't wait to have such a windowy room.

And with rent at only $320 a month, it's way cheaper than the $900 a month it costs to live on campus!


Chris D. said...

Good luck with all the transitions. Your new place looks nice. You have lots of trees near you. I love trees (except when I have to rake their leaves). That does look like a huge back yard! Will you and your roommates have to mow/rake it?

Have a great summer.

that's J-O-S-H said...

wow that's an awesome price. good find!

hoteltuesday said...

Chris - Nope. The landlord takes care of the yard/lawn. And we also have a maid for some reason? She comes every 2 weeks I think. I find that really odd.

Josh - Thanks! And hopefully my room doesn't have a hole in the wall :X

Ryan said...

I want a place with a yard for that cheap.

And with the way you say you prance around your room, Christie trying to show you her body is only fair play.

Ryan said...

This certainly will make kidnapping you a lot easier.

Polt said...

I know why I wanna kidnap Enrickyricardo...he cleans a mean toilet...and they don't get much meaner than MY toilet! :)

Have a great summer, punkin!

OH...wait, what about the rest of Project Runway????????


Polt said...

Oh...and you'll still be rooming with Ross next year, so more photos of him are forthcoming. I should Christie, she and I should talk. :)


that's J-O-S-H said...

what hole? i don't see no hole. i just see a piece of cardboard taped to the wall. [geebz, i am strange]

hoteltuesday said...

Ryan - Good point. But I warn them when I prance around. Christie was always surprising me. lol.

Polt - Project Runway is running along as planned. Elimination 5 will be posted tomorrow, then the remaining three designers get 2 weeks because they have to make a whole collection.

Josh - And wasn't that hole caused by a gunshot or something?

Adam said...

sweet new pad! I love the 70's kitchen. My new place has a 50's kitchen with yellow counter tops. Is your ugly shower curtain moving with you?

that's J-O-S-H said...

close! it was caused by someone's knee. the gunshot took place across the street from my first off-campus house...thus sparking us to move.

hoteltuesday said...

Adam - I knew you would bring up my beautiful shower curtain!! And no, I don't think it's coming sadly

john said...

Look at you being all domesticated in the bathroom! That picture is priceless.

Your future yard it EPIC! My yard is about half that size, but I'm ok with that as I have to mow mine.

Jere Keys said...

Wow, a pet could really have fun in a yard that big. I hope Richard Parker is doing marathon training this summer.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to miss not having you at the end of the hall. But now that you have your own room can we cuddle and make out FINALLY?!

Michelle M. said...

You are even cute cleaning a toilet. I hope you have a nice, fun, relaxing summer. And a maid! That means you'll have more time coming up with posts to amuse me. I mean us.

I got excited for you when I saw Part 2: The Present. Too bad you were referring to time and not a gift : ).

SCM/SRMCR said...

Looks jolly nice.
Does the new term begin in August or is that just when you're moving in?
Everyone is still on holiday here at that time of year. Not finished yet either.

hoteltuesday said...

Jere - 1aqSpeaking of pets... The lease says 'absoultely no pets' or something, so I'll need to call him and remind him that he told me Richard Parker was OK. Otherwise, I'll be trying to find another place to live.

Anonymous - Depends on who you are.

Michelle M. - Well, it could be if you consider my room switch as a present.... That'd be an awful present though.

SCM/SRMCR - The new term starts August 25th I think. I have to stay home as long as I can for work, so I won't be moving in until school is about to start.

Nathan V. said...

A lovely place, I just moved into a house from a crapped basement apartment, and I really enjoy it. We don't have a spacious yard like yours though. Your rent seems really cheap, but I have no sense of what a good price is for rent in America.

That's rather unfortunate about the no pets clause. I know that in Ontario, no pets clauses aren't legally binding. Most leases have them, but unless the pet is a health hazard or is damaging property, in Ontario, the landlord can't evict you. You should check to see what the law is in your state.

Nathan V. said...

Cramped basement, is what I meant to spell...but it was a crap apartment also. Freudian typo?

Michelle M. said...

RP is no mere pet. He is a much loved celebrity.

john said...

Michelle M.: Excellent point. And he is one of the most important American fashion designers of our time.

hoteltuesday said...

Nathan - Yes, it's pretty cheap! Most places are around $500 a month per person for college students.

As for Richard Parker, I asked the landlord when we were just looking at the house and he said he was ok. But we got the lease the other day and it said NO pets at all. So I'll have to talk to him.

Tam said...

Wow, what a big place. Your room looks great and a nice huge yard. Hope you can work things out with RP and have a great summer back home.

Anonymous said...

You know you want to cuddle and make out with me too Enchico!

hoteltuesday said...

Tam - Yeah, it's pretty big, but we have 8 people living there (!) so it might feel cramped. But that's ok with me as long as I have somewhere to live. And if I need some space, I can def. camp in the backyard.

Anony - Oh... it's YOU. Yeah, we can make out if you want... and if we date for a few months first.

mat said...

bye bye tv... you were a great tv.... despite weighing 3 times more than my current tv.

Anonymous said...

Why wasn't my room mentioned gabi