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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

PRTCNJ: Final Runway Show

Finally! The moment we have all been waiting for.... we have reached the final runway show of Project Runway: TCNJ.

Before the final three designers could get to work, they met at the runway one last time...

... for an exciting round of model selection.

Maddie, Zoloft and Chloe were all chosen, leaving Shaquandatifah with no designer to work with and the end of her dreams.

I knew people wanted to see me go ever since I burst on this scene with my fabulous name. But it's fine; I'm glad to go! As long as I don't have to work with that mouse again! After FOUR weeks of working with him, I'm looking forward to working with Marc Jacobs and Donatella Versace, who have been leaving messages on my voicemail all week! Peace!

Isn't it strange that she was paired with Richard Parker 4 out of the 5 challenges?

Anyway, the designers then had another round of model selection, where old models returned and new ones arrived. The designers needed extra models since they were not making only one garment! After model selection, they quickly got to work.

Because there was no challenge theme, the designers got to pick their own theme and use their own materials. Their assignment:

Create a collection of THREE garments to show at Fashion Week.

The contestants found materials in thrift stores and the their own wardrobes (i.e. the drawer filled with clothes your mother buys you that you don't like so you stuff it in your dresser and pretend you don't own it).

Yaris busted out the heavy duty scissors and some Swedish Fish and started sketching.

One contestant cut strips off an old scarf and sewed the strips together to make a garment.

Then, death once again visited the competition....

It seems that one model was jealous of Percocet, a model that Yaris chose as one of her final 3 models....

After Percocet was decapitated, Yaris quickly found a new model and kept going.

Enrico showed his sketches to a former contestant for advice.

Once the models were almost ready for the runway, they were sent to get their hair did.

And finally, I present the final runway show (in a poorly edited slideshow!)

Collection 1: 1, 2, 3
Collection 2: 1, 2, 3
Collection 3: 1, 2, 3

And that's it!

I hope you enjoyed the final runway show. Now, to get to the serious part....

Since there are only three designers left, judges must rank their favorite collections from 1 to 3.
For example:
#1: Collection x
#2: Collection x
#3: Collection x

As always, judges or non-judges can feel free to leave GENERAL comments on this entry, like, "What a cute jacket!" or "Where are the giant bows?!" but DO NOT post your votes for favorite and least favorite in the comments section!


Jere Keys said...

I have my favorites picked out from the final runway show. Can't wait to see who wins!

Ryan said...

A field trip to Mood would have been awesome:

"I'd like four square inches of that one."

"Sir, we don't sell fabric in quantities that small."

"You guys were much cooler on TV."

"Is that a hamster in your pocket?"

Michelle M. said...

Ryan : ) ha ha!

All the collections look great - I need to watch again before voting.

Yaris - you are making me really nervous with those scissors.

john said...

Does Yaris have a comb stuck in her hair? She is making me jealous with the Sweedish Fish...

Ryan: Very funny. Are you the Ryan with a Cupcake, Ryan?

Enrico: The video was a hoot! I love it! I have to review the stills to make my final decision and will send you the vote soon.

Tam said...

Funny Ryan. The video was great and I KNEW this was going to be difficult (I didn't say hard or John starts snickering). I will send in my results today when I've had a chance to look more closely at the designs. Those are some big ass scissors she's got there.

Ryan said...

john: Yes, I am The Ryan with the Cupcake.

Tam: Speaking hard, Enrico's final line in Mood would be:

"Um . . . I'm just happy to see you?"

hoteltuesday said...

Ryan: Yeah, I thought about going to a fabric store but figured I couldn't get small pieces. lol.

john said...

Tam: I'm snickering anyway!

Ryan: I thought that was you. And LOL, happy to see you.

Enrico: I just sent my vote. Oy! This was incredibly difficult to choose, but the judging criteria really helped.

This has been a *total* blast! Thank you and the other designers for all their hard work and for providing so much entertainment. I also want to thank you for letting me participate, I have had so much fun!

David said...

If we don't post our rankings in the comments where do we send them? I didn't see an email listed.

Tam said...

Ryan: Laughing out loud, my cats think I'm nuts.

As a sewer (well, in a past life) you can actually get 4 square inch pieces of fabric at a fabric store. They will often give you a small corner or let you cut two inches off as a sample. Most of the time they won't even charge you for it as they assume you'll be back to buy more.

John: You're so juvenile. :-P

that's J-O-S-H said...

I love the elegant shotz by the water. So gorg! The first collection looked like something Adam Lambert might try to squeeze his glitterbutt into.

john said...

Tam: Not *all* the time. But to prove myself wrong:

Josh: Glitterbutt! I'm *totally* using that at some point!

Oh, and Tam, you sewed? Clothes for the kid or other stuff?

Michelle M. said...


Tam said...

John: Clothes for the kid, tons of Halloween/drama costumes and pretty much anything else you want sewed. LOL I have a degree in clothing and textiles that I never use. I've made a few quilts, am a whiz at hemming jeans and can even handle teeny tiny Barbie clothes. :-)

Oh yea, glitterbutt is great. I'll try to work it into a memo at work. LOL

Ryan said...

Now I'm thinking about glitterpoop (the nauseatingly glittery crap that dominates some forums):

hoteltuesday said...

Tam - FREE FABRIC?? Why didn't you tell me about this earlier?? Now I'll know for next season, if there is one.

As for glitterbutt, collection #1 just lost half a point in the votes since it has been related to Adam Lambert :P

Ryan - Lol!

Ryan said...

I hope to decide on my votes tonight. I have notes finished on two of the three collections.

Ryan said...

This is harder than I thought it was going to be when I gave the collections a first look over. A more careful look revealed flaws in my initial favorite and redeeming qualities to my least favorite. I can see how they are tied. I can see myself voting for any of the possible combinations.

Ryan said...


Delisa said...

So do we have a winner yet?!