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Thursday, March 05, 2009


Did anyone watch American Idol tonight?

Hopefully not! Cause if you did, you were witness to the most terrible injustice ever!

Not only was she an amazing singer, but she was PURE ENTERTAINMENT!!!! The show will not be the same without her!

Do you remember her first audition? She was crazy and fun and a good singer and just the kind of person who should be on the show!

But now she's gone and I'm not watching anymore!

Tatiana, you may be gone, but you are still my idol!!!

(here's Tatiana doing "Saving All My Love for You" even better than Whitney does it! Can't you see the passion?!?!)



Jessan said...

The girl's crazy but yeah,she's a good singer.

Polt said...

That thing she was wearing in the audition photo you posted was enough to disqualify her, in my opinion. :)

I haven't watched American Idol since Chris Daughtry, obviously the most talented singer to ever be on that show, was kicked off and the white haired guy that sang like a drunken uncle at awedding reception, Taylor somebody or other, won it.

Now, THAT my friends, was an injustice. Course, Chris got his revenge by having a more successful career than that other joker.

Maybe Tatiana will do that same.


Tam said...

I've never seen a single episode of American Idol. I think that makes me a bad American. Oh wait, I'm not American so I'm golden. :-) I've never seen Canadian Idol either, not even when the little androgynous fiddle player won, although I saw him play live at Parliament Hill on Canada Day.

He looks kind of stoned here.

Michelle M. said...

No Enrico - we were robbed! That girl was entertainment gold. And sooo bizarre. That laugh. It haunts me.

Her voice was surprisingly good. Too bad she kept singing the same song over and over.

Michelle M. said...

Polt and Tam - this is what you (and sadly, now all of us) are missing out on:

Michelle M. said...

Oh my god - and this:

hoteltuesday said...

Entertainment gold!! Exactly! People have been complaining for a few seasons now that it's boring because the contestants have no personalities. She is exactly what the show needs!
Such a stupid decision!!
Though it IS sad she kept singing the same song. Makes me wonder what would have happened if she sang a different song amazingly....

Anonymous said...

I haven't really been watching this season - I just feel like the talent just keeps on getting worse and worse. But I did catch it tonight, I just have no idea who any of them are haha.

Anonymous said...

I am boycotting this season.

AI can kiss my axx for this bs.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of sht.

Meghan and the others in the wild card had nothing on Tatiana. This is like Harvard picking a mentally challenged retarded kindergarden drop out over a 4.0 honor grad with a perfect SAT score.

This season now sks thanks to this bull sht.