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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I Took Your Picture

... while you were sleeping.

I received some great guesses as to why my blog is called Hotel Tuesday!

In fact, you guys must be WAY more creative than I am at naming things....

Here are some guesses, in case you haven't seen them all.

While these were all fantastic and creative guesses, they weren't exactly the reason why my blog is called Hotel Tuesday. Now, let me introduce you to the woman who gets the credit for my blog title:

Yup! It's none other than singer/songwriter Michelle Branch!

For my 8th grade graduation, I got what would become one of my favorite CDs of all time, Michelle Branch's Hotel Paper.

I played Hotel Paper every single day, often more than once a day! I loved every track on the CD! But my favorite track was number 5 on the CD.

Yup, a track called "Tuesday Morning." Hotel (Paper) + "Tuesday (Morning)" = Hotel Tuesday.

So I guess Tam wins as she guessed "Some song that meant a lot to you at the time, about lost love and emo angst."

And what is this song about? Lost love kind of!

"And if you turned around to see me / And I was gone / Oh oh oh / You should have looked outside your window / 'Cause the sun was coming up"

OK, that sounds kind of whoreish now that I look at it, but it's OK.

Oh, and emo angst? Sure!

"I remember / stormy weather"

Sounds emo to me.

"Don't drive me home tonight / 'Cause I don't wanna go"

That'll pass for angsty.

But really, "Tuesday Morning" is a great song and I'm glad to pay homage to it in my blog title. Sorry my reason for naming my blog isn't nearly as exciting as your guesses were!


Jere Keys said...

That made me giggle like a crazy person. Luckily, there is no one around to see it.

Milo said...

Loving your eccentricity! :D

Tam said...

Woohoo. Do I win a prize? :-)

Michelle M. said...

That made me burst out laughing.

Yay Tam!

Adam said...

hahaha donkeys, flashes of light and Christopher Lloyd. I may not have *won* ... but I still feel like a winner.

hoteltuesday said...

Tam: Of course! You win the best prize ever: being right : )

Chris said...

Nice. I like how it is a combination of part of the name of the album, and part of the name of the song. That seems deeper than just naming it after a song or an album.

Congrats Tam! It must feel good to be swathed in the garb of rightness. Alas, I'm just nakedly wrong.

Jake said...


I'm so upset that I didn't even realize it before.

Tam said...

Thanks Chris. I shall continue to treat all of you little people with the same disdain I have always shown. ;-)