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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

PRTCNJ: Challenge 1 Results

Sorry I was away for so long and have been hiding the results of the first challenge of Project Runway: TCNJ. First, I went to Minneapolis for an STD convention!

STD stands for Sigma Tau Delta, the English honor society at my school. I sent in a paper to the convention and actually got accepted. So I flew out to Minneapolis to read my paper in front of an audience, who then questioned me. But don't worry, they didn't ask any tough questions and it went really well. I really enjoyed my time in Minneapolis (especially the skyway!) and would love to go back some day.

Except I had no internet while there! So that inhibited posting.
Then, a certain judge took til the end of the week to vote :P
But it was OK since I wasn't able to post anyway.

So anyway, here we go with the votes....


First, I have to share a tragic story.

The other day, PRTCNJ ex-contestant Nicole stopped by to see how the work was coming along. While she was here, she gave contestant Katrina a sandwich, which she eagerly consumed.

Well, about an hour later, we found this:

Now we're not sure how this happened, and we can't really point fingers here....

But fortunately, her younger sister Yaris has taken over for her and will design for Katrina in hopes that her sister's brutal attack can be avenged through sweet Project Runway victory!

On to elimination!

The contestants lined up to hear their fates.

Our lovely host Heidi Klum Kristen read the results. As you guys all know, in the world of fashion, one day you're in, and the next you're out.

Kristen revealed that Christie, Delisa, Ross, and Katraris were safe.

That left Enrico, Richard Parker, Stevenson and Dana as the final four. Two were in the top and two were in the bottom....

Kristen read the results:

"Richard Parker, you had the model Fat Britney. The vertical stripe slims her fuller figure and the bathing suit shows a good use of color. The hat is a nice touch.

Stevenson, your model was Kandi. Although the aluminum foil looks decent, the outfit is falling apart, the left strap looks like it is about to tear, it has jagged edges, and overall the outfit looks like it was thrown together between a statistics test and a kegger. Maybe after the kegger.

Enrico, Maddie was your model. Your outfit looked too much like the Green Lantern or possibly a porny superhero. However, it had a nice, simple 60s vibe and is well-constructed. It looks like a lot of hard work went into making the suit. One male judge said, 'If I were a girl, or ever participated in a drag swimsut competition, I would ask the designer to design for me.'

Dana, your model was Bald Britney. The back of your swimsuit doesn't look finished and is too revealing. It looks more suited for a Playmate than the average woman - it isn't made for real girls, but sluts. The overall consensus is that the front of the dress is good while the back is a disaster."

The safe contestants embraced in the back room, wondering who would go home.

On the Runway, Kristen revealed the winner:

Despite ONE judge voting my design in the bottom 2, I still got the most votes and won the challenge! Thanks to everyone who voted for me!! E>E>

Richard Parker was also safe, leaving Dana and Stevenson as the bottom two.

And finally, the loser was revealed.....



Dana was safe.

So the first eliminated contestant is Stevenson. Perhaps you do have to know a little something about fashion in order to survive in the industry!

If you want to see which contestant had which model, check back to the previous entry as I have replaced the ?????s with names!
I should be posting the new challenge tomorrow!


Adam said...

An excellent first round! Congrats to Enrico & RP! :)

Ryan said...

It's fun seeing who made what. What about the other designers?

I'm glad you enjoyed Minneapolis. I lived in St. Paul for five years. It's been a while since I've been to downtown Minneapolis and walked the Skyway.

Polt said...

Here I thought it was a lot of tests or papers that was keeping you busy, instead it was just travel.

Well, true to my judgements on the actual Project Runway, I was almost the total opposite of everyone else. *SIGH* I guess my approval is the kiss of death.

Oh, and did anyone air kiss Stevenson when he left "the runway"? I think that should become mandatory and photographed and posted here. :)

Regardless, what FUN!


Michelle M. said...

Auf vidersain Stevenson (maybe he can be Tim Gunn now). Congrats to Enrico and RP!

Can't wait for the next challenge! I won't be late like that horrible, certain judge (who may or may not be me).

Tam said...

Whew, RP made it through. I can't believe he made that hat with no thumbs. And you have no taste Polt, no taste at all.

Can't wait for the next round.

polt said...

Yep no taste, that's me. I got no fashion sense whatsoever. Like a friend of mine said: "Polt, you can't cook, your apartment's a mess, you have no fasion are the straightest gay man I have ever met!" :)


hoteltuesday said...

Ryan: I posted the designers name in the challenge entry under each design! No more "Designer: ?????"!!

Polt: Yeah, every other person gave Stevenson #1 worst except you, who gave him #1 best. Odd. lol.

And as for you guys who want an "Auf vidersain" and a kiss, that's why I did Adios! Seems more fitting for Hotel Tuesday, but I guess you guys don't like it :P

Tam: Richard Parker can do anything.