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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

PRTCNJ: Challenge 1


Time for the first Project Runway TCNJ challenge!

On the first day of the competition, the nervous contestants gathered at the runway for the first time to find out what their challenge would be. But where was Nicole??

The challenge for this week is:

"Create swimwear using only aluminum foil and Saran wrap."

The contestants sighed and groaned then picked their models for the challenge. The models lined up on the runway.

From left to right: Bald Britney, Consuela, Maddie, Shaquandatifah, Fat Britney, Kimora, Zoloft, Chloe and Kandi.
And of course, the model paired with the winning contestant gets a spread in Elle magazine or something.

One by one, the designers' names were picked from a bag and the designers chose their models.

In the end, only two models were left.
But all the contestants were chosen.... Suddenly, Enrico got a text:

"I'm 2 good 4 dis show"

It was from Nicole! Without a contestant, how could the show go on??

A new contestant was added to the competition!

Dana never thought she would see the day when she'd be designing couture clothing. She grew up in cardboard box just outside Philadelphia, where she lived with her parents, two brothers, and her beloved cat named J.R. Dana had bigger dreams than the ones usually afforded to those who live in cardboard boxes. She snuck out at night and went to the design hotspots around Philly where she learned how to sew.
"Some people say, 'hey, that chick used to live in a box, she'll never make it,'" reflects Dana. "But fashion is all about thinking outside of the box. And no one knows that better than I do."

Once the conestants had their models, they were off to Mood to collect their materials.

Samples of Saran wrap and aluminum foil were hidden throughout the room. Contestants had to run inside and grab the materials they wanted before someone else did!

(Note: My friend Kristen's camera is missing and she took the photos for this part... so no photos of the gathering of materials!)

After collecting materials, designers ran to their stations and began sketching.

And then, the designs were created.

Stevenson lived up to his expectations by making Katrina cry before the contestants even entered the workroom.

And making Enrico cry and run away, threatening to quit the show!

But Delisa brought him some herbal tea and all was right.
The designers quickly got to work to make up for lost time!
Since the contestants and their designs are posted anonymously, you can just imagine that part.


Getting ready for the Runway show, the contestants sent their models into hair and makeup.
One designer took a risk and had their model's hair braided, hoping it would come out curly.

When the braids were undone, would the hair be a curled masterpiece or a bushy mess??

Finally, it was time for the runway show!
(click to enlarge model pics)

Model: Shaquandatifah
Designer: Christie
Materials: Bathing suit - blue Saran wrap with wrap-around strip of aluminum foil
Slippers - aluminum foil with blue Saran wrap strips

Model: Consuela
Designer: Ross
Materials: Bathing suit - half blue Saran wrap, half aluminum foil
Shoes - aluminum foil with blue Saran wrap stripes
Bracelet - aluminum foil

Model: Zoloft
Designer: Katrina
Materials: Bathing suit - aluminum foil with red Saran wrap trim on top
Belt/Bow - red Saran wrap
Hair tie - red Saran wrap
Strappy sandals - red Saran wrap

Model: Chloe
Designer: Delisa
Materials: Main body - blue Saran wrap
'Protective' covering around breast and groin area - aluminum foil wrapped in blue Saran wrap
Shoes - blue Saran wrap

Model: Fat Britney
Designer: Richard Parker
Materials: Bathing suit - purple Saran wrap with aluminum foil strip down center
Hat: aluminum foil with purple stripe around crown
T-strap sandals - purple Saran wrap

Model: Kandi
Designer: Stevenson
Materials: Bikini top - purple Saran wrap with aluminum foil stud in center
Bikini bottom - purple Saran wrap with aluminum foil belt
Leg bracelet - aluminum foil

Model: Maddie
Designer: Enrico
Materials: Bikini - green Saran wrap, all with aluminum foil trim
Beach bag - aluminum foil
Towel - green Saran wrap and aluminum foil
Bracelet - green Saran wrap and aluminum foil
Sandals - green Sarah wrap

Model: Bald Britney
Designer: Dana
Materials: Bathing suit - aluminum foil covered with blue Saran wrap
Headband - blue Saran wrap

And that's the end of round 1. I hope you guys like the designs.... While I think all of the designers did a great job, in the fashion industry, one day you're in, and the next you're out. One contestant will be going home based on YOUR votes.

Respond to my e-mail in the following format:
#1 Favorite Design:
#2 Favorite Design:
#1 Least Favorite Design:
#2 Least Favorite Design:

Since you don't have the designer's names, use the model's name to indicate your favorites and least favorites.

Feel free to leave any comments about designs you loved or hated as well!

As always, judges or non-judges can feel free to leave GENERAL comments on this entry, like, "That bathing suit looked great on Consuela!" or "Maddie's hair was too bushy!" but DO NOT post your votes for favorite and least favorite in the comments section!

Results will be out as soon as I get all the votes!


Polt said...

Ooooo, what fun. And I hope we get to see a designer working in his boxer shorts each and every week! :)


Tam said...

I am freaking amazed at what you can do with aluminum foil and Saran wrap. What a creative crew. My votes will be sent off-line as requested. Its tough.

Anonymous said...

i love chloe's glamour shot the best! :)

Michelle M. said...

Oh my god - this is too much!
Love the name Shaquandatifah. And I'm now going to refer to Maddie as Pippi.
The stick figure sketch is awesome.

john said...

WOW! We are off to a *strong* start! Excellent job designers! Like Tam, I will send my votes later off line.

In all seriousness, this is a blast and I really am impressed with the commitment you all have made (except Nicole, school comes first).

Jere Keys said...

Maddie's bag is intense.

Ryan said...

Impressive. I was expecting something closer to the trash bag dress. I'm impressed with the overall level of workmanship.

I also just realized that I have no idea what is comfortable or practical for a woman's swimsuit, but since this is a fashion show, that is hardly relevant.

Tam said...

I just showed my friend Jen at work and she was blown away. She's "Let me know as soon as the new ones are up, I want to see them." So you are developing a loyal following already. LOL