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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Grounds for Sculpture

During spring break, I didn't really do much. However, I did go to Grounds for Sculpture one day. GFS is a 'sculpture park,' or a collection of sculptures scattered throughout a large outdoor environment. It was my first time going and I had a great time looking at all the sculptures!

Here are a few pics.

This next one was called "Nude Descending a Stare Case." How clever!

You were even allowed to touch some of the sculptures, which made the visit even better.

This woman's arms seemed pretty inviting....

But not as inviting as this woman's smooth lips!

This next one was called "Depression Bread Line."


"Nine Muses"

This was Nicole's favorite sculpture for some reason....

I think this one was called "First Love" and it was one of my favorites.

And for some reason this next one was called "Garden State."

I saw on the list of sculptures that one piece was called "Shiva." That excited me because I started hoping that the sculpture would look like the Final Fantasy summon named Shiva!

Instead, it looked like this:

Nicole joined these nice people who were chatting with a naked lady.

The next one was called "Kate Winslet in The Reader."

This one was freaky.

I really liked "Birth of the Messenger," which had a pregnant woman on the front

And what I took to be 'the messenger in the womb' on the back.

Oh, and did I mention there were peacocks running about?

I took a moment to dance with "Dancers."

This was one of the last sculptures I saw.....

Yeah, I have no idea.

Besides from that last one, I liked a lot of the art I saw there. It was a pretty cool place and I definitely want to go back when it's nicer out. As it got darker, it got kinda cold so we left before seeing everything.

Which sculptures interested you??


Polt said...

I'm not much for sculpture, but you in the breadline, dancing, kissing the woman, and well, I don't really know WHAT you were doing in that one, but they all made me laugh. I hope NIcole had a very interesting conversation, but the naked woman doesn't look like she appreciates her photo being taken. :)


Tam said...

Well, Garden State seems kind of perverted, or maybe that's just me with a dirty mind. :-)

I loved the one that looks like a big coral or tree branch (reminds me of our giant spider - I love our spider). I also liked the one after you in the breadline (too funny), the pinwheel thingy and also the trees with the African animals. Do you see a theme?

Did you run around singing "I kissed a girl" after that one statue? ;-)

hoteltuesday said...

Polt - Hmm... I hadn't noticed that. But you're right. I think she wants to be left alone. Oops.

Tam - that spider is kind of awesome.
And no, I didn't sing "I Kissed a Girl" on that day, but I did just learn how to play it on guitar the other day and sang it then :)

-jeff said...

Note to self: Never, ever go to a sculpture park while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

That place freaks the hell out of me just by looking at these pictures. If it grew dark I might as well just shit my pants and call it a night.

-jeff (the scaredy pants)

Milo said...

Enjoyed the pics, looked like you had a good time!

Michelle M. said...

That was fun : ).
I like the kids on the giraffes sculpture.
You could send the kissing and bread line photos to photo clich├ęs!

john said...

I liked the giraffes and the bread line (you in line was cute). I think it is *scandalous* that you kissed a woman you barely know in public!

The one of the two figures on either side of the vertical plane is really cool.

Chris said...

Yay! I have been there! It is a neat place. I went last fall. You have photos of some sculptures I do not recall seeing. Either I missed them (I did not have time to see them all either), or they are new. I like the nine muses. I think I did not see that when I went because they had a wedding reception there at the time. Great job with the photos.

Anonymous said...


☆♪★ChRiSs StEpHaN ☆♪★ said...

Well u don't know me but..
WOOW...!!! great place to visit....
Great blog too... good job..! =D

See u in another life