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Sunday, March 01, 2009

What's In A Name?

I have ABSOLUTELY nothing to blog about.

So I've decided to play a game with my readers.

While some blog titles are pretty straightforward, I think mine is a little different. What does Hotel Tuesday really mean??

So I'm posting that question to my blog readers: can you guess where I got my blog title from?

Guess in the comments and we'll see if anyone gets it right.
Oh, and my family members aren't allowed to play of course! They should already know the answer.

In other news, I have a Twitter now!

And here is the full picture which I cropped to make my HNT post, since I know the only reason I still have readers is because of Richard Parker : )
He's smelling Christie's jaguar's butt.

I changed the color scheme on my blog, but don't like it. I think I need a completely new layout. I should have used Wordpress XD


Speaking of pets, my sister Talita's dog is 1 year old today!

Happy Birthday Sean Preston!!


that's J-O-S-H said...

you know i know what it's from! i won't ruin the game though.

Anonymous said...

I know! I know! but I'm a family member!!

Anonymous said...

Because you lost your virginity at a hotel and on a Tuesday!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Milo said...

I'm guessing it's a book title you like (I haven't looked on amazon to see if there is a book!).

Milo said...

You probably need to change the colour scheme. Seems any word with a link that's been clicked before (like my name!) is disappearing.

hoteltuesday said...

Really?? It works on my computer (turns light blue) but I'll double check. Thanks for the warning!

Polt said...

I think you named it Hotel Tuesday cause Motel Monday just seemed a bit sleezy. :)


Milo said...

Works OK now old stick.

Craig said...

Darn! I kept meaning to ask you what it meant!

Hmmmm. I don't know. Did your grandparents run a hotel by that name?

Adam said...

hmmm I'm guessing it has something to do with a bright flash of light, a donkey wheel, and some good 'ole fashioned time traveling.

Michelle M. said...

I like Polt's answer.

Did you and your friends/family meet at a hotel on Tuesdays for dinner?

Jere Keys said...

I'm guessing it has to do with a hilarious misunderstanding of the Spanish phrase "ha del tu se"

Tam said...

Well, Preston and RP are damn cute but I come visit cause I love you Muffin. :-)

Hmmmm, Milo stole my answer, I was going to go with something from a book. No wait, its from a song, that's it. Some song that meant a lot to you at the time, about lost love and emo angst.

john said...

I got nutthin.

I really like Polt's answer and Jere Keys's

Chris said...

I am going to mention the first thing that came to my mind, even though I can't find any past blog entries to support any of it (so I might simply be totally confused).

I think you may have once mentioned that there was a fire at your house when you were very young. Due to the fire I am going to speculate that your family may have had to stay at a hotel while repairs were made. I am going to further suppose that your first day at the hotel was a Tuesday.

This transition had an impact on you and the way you saw the world around you. Hence you decide to name your blog Hotel Tuesday, to recognize that impactfull event in your life.

Anonymous said...

Yay!! My Preston Gets A Blog Shout Out!!