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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Project Runway TCNJ

Ever since Lifetime and Bravo got in that bitter legal battle, millions of people across the universe have sorely missed their favorite fashion design show, Project Runway.

So the other day I was thinking about Project Runway when I came across a doll in my friend's room. Although it was called the "Dress Me Up Doll" or something, it only had one outfit! And so a new idea came to mind.

8 'students' at TCNJ are going to do a mini-Project Runway season that I'll be hosting right here on my blog!

Each week, we will create a new, doll-sized look based on a specific challenge. I will anonymously post each design on my blog and ask readers to vote on their favorite AND least favorite designs THROUGH E-MAIL (for the surprise factor). The least favorite design will determine who is kicked off, and the design with the most favorites wins the challenge (and possibly immunity?)

And here's where my readers play a part in all this: I need faithful judges!

If you want to help out and be a judge, leave a comment here so I at least know I have a few judges each week! Any additional comments from new readers or those who aren't available for each challenge are great, but I at least need a core group of say... 5 judges. That will hopefully be enough to pick a winner and loser. So let me know in the comment section, or send me an e-mail ( if you'd like to help me out and be a judge.

What I'll most likely do is post the designs on say, Tuesday, and send out an e-mail to the core judges telling them the designs are posted. I'll then ask everyone to e-mail me their votes by the weekend, when I'll calculate and post the winner/loser. So you'll have a few days!

I'm really excited about this and hope you guys like the idea AND are willing to be judges!

As soon as I get a semblance of a group of judges, I'll do a new post where you can the contestants!


Tam said...

I have no fashion sense but I can be pretty judgmental. Count me in.

Michelle M. said...

Ooooooh! Fun! Pick meeeeee!

Ryan said...

I can judge, but I would be completely unable to spot the derivative works.

john said...

I'm in, any chance to possibly see Richard Parker.

Ryan said...

Designing for Richard Parker could be a curveball challenge. It seems like every year contestants are surprised by the challenge that requires them to make men's pants.

Craig said...


Polt said...

Oh, MEMEMEMEME! Dave S. and I even had our own Project Runway posts on my blog during last season! So I'm experienced at judging...although I usually came out with the exact opposite opinions from both Dave S. AND that that probably says something about my judging abilites.

Nonetheless...MEMEMEMEMEME (waving my hand and arm enthusiastically at the back of the room!)


Marc said...

Count me in. I need my PR fix. I miss it! And can't wait for season 6 to air wherever it airs.

Adam said...

enrico = "didn't you know you would be whether you wanted to or not?"

so ... count me in!