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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Other Cousin

It's been a while.
But I thought I would let Tatiana be the first thing on my blog for as long as possible so you all can remember her brilliance.

Basically, I'm on Spring Break and have nothing to blog about. I've just been reading, catching up on television shows I've wanted to watch (Arrested Development (middle of season 2), Desperate Housewives (finished season 3!) and seeing movies (saw Milk tonight and loved it!).

So yeah, nothing's happened.
Well, something did happen a few days ago!

My sister's boyfriend Ray called me and told me to come downstairs because a family member was in trouble....

I ran down the steps to see who it was. And it was none other than....

Richard Parker's cousin!
Oh, not his criminal cousin, but his criminal cousin's brother. He decided to flee home before the life of crime his brother was leading would rub off on him.

So now he lives with me.

He was glad to see his cousin Richard Parker again!

Isn't he cute?

(That's what he looks like when I wake him up! Kind of like an Asian hamster!)

With a great role model like Richard Parker, I'm sure this one will stay off the streets!


Adam said...

RP + Cuz = Very Cute!

new color scheme = Very Excellent


Jere Keys said...

With that second picture, they look like they could even be kissing cousins (not that I'm judging).

Tam said...

So RP has a roomie now? Hope they get along and the new guy doesn't leave dirty dishes and stuff laying all over the cage.

Wait are you SURE the cousin is a boy? Cause if you're not 100% sure you might be a Daddy in few weeks. ;-)

Michelle M. said...

Do they live in the same cage? My brother once had two hamsters who were always tusseling and, well... hamicide.

What's the little guy's name?

john said...

Michelle M.: Hamicide made me spit take!

Enrico, the cousin is adorable (but no flame to Richard Parker).

hoteltuesday said...

No, no, they do not live in the same cage. I hear hamsters do not get along unless they grow up together. Brothers could live together, but not cousins. And yes, he's a boy, and no, he doesn't kiss his male cousins :P

Michelle - he hasn't a name at this point. My roommate Christie is actually going to be his official caregiver, so she gets to decide what his adopted name will be.