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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

PRTCNJ: Challenge 2

Still reeling from the loss of Stevenson, the remaining seven contestants met at the runway for model selection.

On the runway, the models nervously awaited their fate. Who would go home?? Who would make it to the end and get the spread in Elle magazine??

Host Kristen C. went through the usual process of picking names from a bag to determine the order of model selection.

And almost immediately drama began as the contestants quickly stole models from each other!
In the end it was Bald Britney that wasn't chosen.

"Well it looks like my dreams of appearing in Elle Magazine have vanished just as quickly as my hair has. As a semi-bald model, I knew coming into this that I didn't have a great chance at winning. Yet I thought the models would look past the large pieces of scalp and see into my intelligent mind and kind heart. And besides, how can two Britneys last in the same competition?"

The designers then found out what this week's challenge was:

Create a cocktail dress using only duct tape.

The contestants were also told that they couldn't color the duct tape; the goal was to see how many different styles could come from plain silver duct tape. Materials were gathered and the contestants got to work.

One contestant tried to wet the duct tape in hopes that it would lose it's stickiness and be easier to work with.

(Apparently that doesn't work btw!)

It was quickly discovered that duct tape is the absolute worst material to work with as it has zero ability to bend to the model's curves. As contestants tried to create tight-fitting cocktail dresses or a draped garment, instead they got boxy-looking dresses!

The contestants ran into another problem with using duct tape...

It was ruining their scissors! After cutting the duct tape, the scissors were sticky and stopped working properly.

Towards the end of the night, one designer got a case of Immunity Laziness.

One hour later....

Finally, it was time for the runway show! The contestants nervously bit their sticky nails and watched their models saunter down the runway.

NOTE: Click to enlarge!
NOTE: DO NOT GUESS THE DESIGNER BASED ON THE MODEL!!! There was a huge switch in models at this week's model selection. Base your vote on the design!

Model: Consuela
Designer: Ross
Materials: Dress: Duct tape
High heels: Duct tape

Model: Shaquandatifah
Designer: Richard Parker
Materials: Dress: Inverted duct tape
Pleating on back: Inverted duct tape
Belt-like center/trim on top and bottom: Duct tape
Shoes: Duct tape with inverted duct tape straps

Model: Fat Britney
Designer: Dana
Materials: Dress - Duct tape
Flats - Duct tape

Model: Zoloft
Designer: Yaris
Materials: Dress - Duct tape
Cross in front/belt - Inverted duct tape
Headband - Duct tape
Shoes - Duct tape
Shawl - Duct tape

Model: Kandi
Designer: Enrico
Materials: Dress - Duct tape
Stripes down side & belt - Inverted duct tape
Hat - Duct tape
Bow on hat - Duct tape with inverted duct tape stripes around perimeter

Model: Maddie
Designer: Christie
Materials: Dress - Duct tape
Bow - Duct tape
Shoes - Duct tape
Clutch - Duct tape

Model: Chloe
Designer: Delisa
Materials: Dress: Duct tape
Purse: Duct tape
Shoes: Duct tape

And that's the end of round 2. I hope you guys like the designs again. While I think all of the designers did an OK job, in the fashion industry, one day you're in, and the next you're out. One contestant will be going home based on YOUR votes.

Respond to my e-mail in the following format:
#1 Favorite Design:
#2 Favorite Design:
#1 Least Favorite Design:
#2 Least Favorite Design:

Since you don't have the designer's names, use the model's name to indicate your favorites and least favorites.

Feel free to leave any comments about designs you loved or hated as well!

As always, judges or non-judges can feel free to leave GENERAL comments on this entry, like, "That cocktail dress would only be worn by a prostitute!" or "What a fab hat!" but DO NOT post your votes for favorite and least favorite in the comments section!

Send me your votes as soon as you can so I can post the results!


Tam said...

Holy crap, this is getting harder and harder. Great work designers, I will have to consult with my assistant and send in my votes.

jerekeys said...

Kandi's bow is very Aretha-Franklin-at-the-inauguration and wins points for that.

Maddi's dress has a formal feel, like you could throw a jacket on it for work, then party all night long.

Chloe's weave is innovative, but maybe too busy.

Consuela has a classic look that would be equally stunning on the red carpet or at an after-hours nightclub.

Michelle M. said...

Oh my gosh - these are really cute.

I was going to comment on the Aretha hat, but Jere beat me to it (loves it).

Polt said...

WOW, great job everyone...especially with a very difficult material to work with.

And I'd just like to say again, how much I appreaciate the "designing in our boxers" thing both weeks. May this continue each and every challenge...and perhaps with more participants. :)

Seriously, great jobs, guys! Not easy decisions!


Ryan said...

Based on the last line from your email, I was expecting things to be bad. However, once again, I am impressed with creative abilities of the cast. Deciding on my votes is going to be hard.

john said...

DAY-UM! This is going to be difficult to decide. Great job contestants.

Enrico, what a total immunity diva you have become!

Anonymous said...

I really like zoloft & consuela this week! You two designers did awesome. Love it! :)

Jen (Tam's friend) said...

Wow. These are all really amazing. Can't wait to find out the winner.

hoteltuesday said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone. I would say more, but can't quite yet.
Polt: Only two males (me, Ross) are left in the competition! So we can't get too many guys to participate in the boxer-wearing.
And thanks for stopping by Jen!

Tam said...

Oh come on. Design some tiny boxers for RP. That would be adorable. You could start a line of hamster wear.

Michelle M. said...

Tam you took the words right out of my keyboard.

Polt said...

But Enrickyricardo, if YOU do the designing in our boxers thingee, then the number of guys doing it DOUBLE! Who knew lil old you had so much power??? :)

May I third the Richard Parker boxers idea? And chicks can wear boxers, can't they? (Not that that's really what I meant, but still...)


Marc said...

Kandi That's all I have to say.

Milo said...

I liked Zoloft most! Real pretty!