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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

PRTCNJ: Challenge 3

The remaining contestants met at the runway for another round of model selection. Like always, host Kristen pulled names from a bag to determine the order.


The remaining models nervously awaited their fate.


In the end, Fat Britney wasn't picked :(

Women aren't all skinny! Some of us have curves. I never thought my curvaceous body would result in my elimination from this competition, but I guess the designers can't see past curves (or baldness in the case of my sister Bald Britney). So right after my trip to McDonalds followed by a quick bite to eat at the Chinese buffet down the street, I'm gonna start working on my next goal: being a famous singer! You'll see me in Elle magazine one day!

After another drama-filled model selection, the designers learned what their next challenge was:

Create a look of your choice using only materials found in nature.

Delisa gave her thanks to Mother Nature for providing her with lovely materials and the contestants started sketching, then gathering the flowers and leaves needed for their designs.


But when the contestants went outside to gather materials, they realized that the heavy rain would make their materials wet and hard to work with. So they were delayed in gathering materials.


When the weather improved, the contestants gathered materials, but had even less time to complete their designs!


Once again, the safety that comes with immunity had an effect on the winner of the previous challenge.


But all the designs were made in time and here they are: the results of challenge #3!

Model: Kandi
Designer: Christie
Materials: Dress - Dogwood petals
Belt - Random leaf
Hair tie - Random leaf
Boots - Dogwood petals with random leaf trim
Status: Safe

Model: Maddie
Designer: Enrico
Materials: Dress - Magnolia petals
Shoes - Magnolia petals
Hair piece - Magnolia bud
Status: Top 2

Model: Conseula
Designer: Ross
Materials: Main part of dress - Weaved pine needles
Top - Holly leaf
Back attachment - Holly leaf
Hat - Holly leaf
Purse - Holly leaf with pine needle straps
Status: Out

Model: Chloe
Designer: Delisa
Materials: Top - White daffodil petals
Skirt - Layer of white daffodil petals and layer of random leaf
Status: Bottom 2

Model: Zoloft
Designer: Yaris
Materials: Dress - Random purple flowers and random leaf
Hair tie - Random leaf
Shoes - Random leaf
Necklace - Roots
Status: Safe

Model: Shaquandatifah
Designer: Richard Parker
Materials: Top of dress: Coronas (trumpet) of orange daffodils
Bottom of dress: Coronas (trumpet) of yellow daffodils
Shoes: Random leaf
Status: Winner

What a colorful challenge compared to the duct tape challenge!

Respond to my e-mail in the following format:
#1 Favorite Design:
#2 Favorite Design:
#1 Least Favorite Design:
#2 Least Favorite Design:

Since you don't have the designer's names, use the model's name to indicate your favorites and least favorites.

Feel free to leave any comments about designs you loved or hated as well!

As always, judges or non-judges can feel free to leave GENERAL comments on this entry, like, "That flower is pretty!" or "What a poor use of materials!" but DO NOT post your votes for favorite and least favorite in the comments section!

Results will be up when I get them!


LIZ said...

I just have to say I LOVE your blog. One of my guilty pleasures is project runway and that is TOO funny. Nice barbee skills and commentary by the way. I love how Shanaqu.... has a tattoo! Anyway, visit my blog: . Let's chat more. :)

Jere Keys said...

I really like the use of color in Magnolia's outfit, and the daring flamenco influence in Shaquandatifah's dress.

Tam said...

You guys are amazing. I'm more dazzled each time and the decisions get harder and harder. I will once again consult with my assistant this evening and submit my choices.

Jennifer (Tam's Friend) said...

Great Job, can you make a human size dress for the 1st barbie? I would buy it!

Michelle M. said...

I love this challenge - It's becoming more and more difficult to pick a least favorite and 2nd least favorite. Congratulations to all the contestants on their creativity and hard work. And Yaris, too (for pulling something together in an hour).

And my, Fat Britney is certainly bendy.

Polt said...

Okay, I haven't sent my vote in yet, but may I say thank you SO much for continuing the 'designing in our boxers' stuff. And I spit my Pepsi out (nearly onto the screen) when I saw the outside in the boxers getting materials one! And is that a purple sweatshirt he's wearing??????????

But...couldn't you guys design an outfit made of mud? There appeared to be plenty of that. :)

Keep up the good work one and all!


Milo said...

They're beautiful! Loving the 'au naturel' look!

Anonymous said...

kandi- front is so amazing. hate the back. strap in back looks bad... you would have been my first pick but the back is wrong.
Maddie- that's a boring look. it's been done... bottom two.
Consuela- love the front and concept. I hate the back, looks messy.
Chloe- chill we are not filming "Survivor." it would have worked if it was a one piece and a bubble dress. but you're my last pick. eww.
Zoloft- Amazing hate the shoes. you're my first pick.
Shaquani- Amazing. I really loved your fabric use. Could of also been my number one, but you're model took away from the outfit. You're my #2 fave.

Chloe go home.

P.S. Good job, i saw why i lost the first competition. Take pride in detail.

S. Chronicle (lol)

Ryan said...

Spring is a wonderful time for this challenge.

Chris D. said...

I keep forgetting to comment on these. I am totally impressed with all the dresses in all the posts. You are all very talented.

Anonymous said...

every challenge is getting harder and harder to judge.


Anonymous said...

S. Chronicle - I'm gonna kick you in the balls when I see you!

Ryan said...

Has someone not voted yet?

hoteltuesday said...

Ryan - Yup. Waiting for one more vote, and the only reason I'm actually waiting for it is because there is a tie for first place AND a tie for last place

Also, it's the end of the semester and we're all crazy busy with schoolwork!

Ryan said...

Do you want us to form a posse to wrangle up the missing judge?

hoteltuesday said...

No no I don't want to hassle anyone. We actually came up with a way to resolve the tie... It'll be up soon!