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Saturday, April 18, 2009

PRTCNJ: Challenge 3 Results


Here are the results for Challenge 3 of Project Runway TCNJ!

The six remaining designers lined up on the runway, ready to hear their fate.

It was immediately declared that both Christie and Yaris were safe, leaving Enrico, Delisa, Richard Parker and Ross as the top and bottom 2.

Enrico had the model Maddie (Magnolia dress). The dress was called very well-made, absolutely beautiful, simple yet classic and one judge thought the material seemed like fabric.

Delisa had the model Chloe (white daffodils and random leaf). This design was called unflattering and random. One judge noticed it was the only design that didn't have a hair accessory while another said the skirt was not quite long enough. It would have worked better as a dress.

Richard Parker had the model Shaquandatifah (yellow and orange daffodils). Judges applauded the choice of materials and called the dress "beautiful, simply beautiful" "flirty and fun" and "amazing, simply amazing."

Ross had the model Conseula (pine needles and holly). The holly on the bust worked, but the dress was called impractical and messy. Judges wondered why the tape was so apparent and why a random leaf was on her butt... unless it was there to keep the model from mooning the judges. It also looked like her bosoms were about to burst out. Creative concept, but the dress just didn't work.

Backstage, the safe contestants chatted about the designs.

On the runway, the winner was finally announced.

Winning by one vote was....
Richard Parker! Enrico had the second highest votes and was safe.

That left Ross and Delisa as the bottom two.

Who would go home: the designer who stuck a random leaf on his model's butt, or the designer that should have made a dress and fashioned a hair accesory for her model???

The contestants were shocked when it was revealed that...


Ross and Delisa had the same score, leaving them tied for the bottom designer!

Host Kristen annouced how the tie would be resolved: the four safe designers were to vote for their favorite design and determine who would be going home (unless there was another tie!)

But in the end, the contestants were able to determine who was going home.

Despite a successful run on PRTCNJ, (top 2 and top 3 in previous challenges) Ross' journey has come to an end. And we now have the top 5 designers.

Since I took so long to post this, challenge 4 is actually done, so hopefully I can get that up quickly!


Mat said...

booo!... the producers should have kept him on just for the sex appeal.

Tam said...

Yay Richard Parker. Well done! It is getting harder and harder to choose the best and worst. Amazing work everyone. Can't wait for the next round.

Ryan said...

I keep getting confused, thinking that there is a person missing. Then, I remember that Richard Parker has Enrico-colored camouflage.

Polt said...

I agree with Mat. Boo!
I agree with Tam about Richard Parker! Yay!

Hey, maybe Ross can still hang around and instead of the designing in boxers-schtick, maybe he can do a watching-in-boxers-as-others-design schtick?


SRMCR said...

Thought I'd have have a wander over and take a ganders at your blog - I likes it.

john said...

Yay Richard Parker! He looks sooooo cute in the little bowl, I could eat him right up. Poor Ross, and by extension, poor Polt. Ross had a great run.

I can't wait to see the next challenge. I agree with Tam, this is getting harder and harder to judge.

Anonymous said...

I'm sad Ross went home. I am waiting for the Next comp.

Michelle M. said...

Goddamn it john! - that's the first thing I thought when I saw RP in the bowl. Knock it off.

My condolences to Ross - I actually voted two of his designs as my #1 favorite. Felled by a butt bow (leaf).

Congratulations Richard! Not only cute, but talented as well : ).

Congratulations Richard!