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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Adjective - Plural Noun

Do you remember Mad Libs?

We had several books of Mad Libs in my house growing up and I spent many hours having great fun while learning parts of speech.
And who doesn't want to learn parts of speech as a child??

Really, I think they're great.

And so I've made my very own, which I'm sure isn't going to be that funny.

But if you have nothing better to do, play my Mad Lib and see what happens!

Post any funny sentences you get in the comments too!


Jere Keys said...

Richard Parker woke up when Enrico's giant hairy balls reached into his cage and picked him up.

Tam said...

Still, he often dreamed of Canada.

And well he should. :-)

Funny Jere. LOL

Tam said...

Crap, forgot to say that we must have 10 different mad lib books, like Halloween and movies and we take them with us on vacation all the time and play them. Its pretty funny sometimes.

Anonymous said...

We play dirty mad libs.

Our favorite is the tale of the obese child prostitute

Adam said...

On the train, Richard Parker sat next to a red lady who smelled like vajayjay. The man sitting behind Richard Parker kept hitting Richard Parker's seat with his butt.

Anonymous said...

On the train, Richard Parker sat next to a dirty lady who smelled like poop.

I remember always playing these Gabi

that's J-O-S-H said...

Richard Parker sat next to a wretched lady who smelled like vommit.

hoteltuesday said...

Jere - I saw that coming. lol.
Nick-Nifty - Do they have books of those, or do you just make them up?

And I guess everyone liked the train line. haha.

Rising from my Ashes said...

Interesting and I would like to return here?
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

i love ya

Anonymous said...

you sexy bitch