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Friday, November 07, 2008

Tam, The Candy(wo)man

The day after Halloween, Tam looked at the leftover candy she had.

*I have no real pics of Tam, and this was the first picture of a woman that came up when I Googled her name*

"Oh no! What am I supposed to do with all this leftover candy?!?!" she screamed. She then remembered that her favorite blogger loved candy.

So, she sent it off to him.


Normally, Enrico's mailbox looks like this:

But one day, he went to his mailbox and it looked like this:

"¡Que bueno!" Enrico shouted, pulling the package from the mailbox.

He gladly ripped open the package and removed the candy . . .

. . . and a note.

So Enrico followed the instructions and shared candy with Richard Parker.



Tam said...

LOL So glad you got the package and RP is cuter than ever. Ummm, thanks for the pic, going to be damn hard to live up to that image. LOL

Michelle said...

Looking good Tam.
Richard Parker is awww(esome) as always.

Craig said...

Great post and very nice Tam! Though I take exception to the "favorite blogger" part.