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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mi Rutina Diaria

En un examen para mi clase de español, necesité hablar de mi rutina diaria. Esto es lo que hago cada día (con las fotos!!)

Me despierto a las siete y media cuando mi despertador suena.

Mato los insectos a cerca de mi cabeza.

Unos de mis compañeros de cuarto, Ross, tiene un arbolito de aquacate en el cuarto, y entonces hay muchos insectos en el cuarto tambien!

Miro a mis compañeros cuando están durmiendo (Ross y Christie).

Voy al baño y me cepillo los dientes.

Me peino el pelo (a veces...)


Y salgo para atender mis clases.


Y camino.

Y camino.

Y llego al Bliss, el edificio de inglés y las lenguas... ¡y el edificio más lejos!

En mis clases, levanto mi mano cada segundo, con respuestas del genio.

Después de clase, me voy a través de un túnel de cristal . . .

. . . y camino a mi cuarto.

Y camino.

Y camino

Y subo los árboles.

Y camino.


Uso el internet para seis horas.


Quito la ropa y me ducho.

Me gusta cantar en la ducha. Cuando termino un cancion, mis compañeros me aplauden.

A mi no me gusta NADA el sentido de una toalla en mi piel mojado. Entonces, abro la puerta del baño y digo "¡Ojos cerrados!"

Y seco con el aire.

Y finalmente, duermo y sueño de una vida mejor.


Ryan said...

Yay! I understood that. My four years of Spanish classes have not entirely degraded in the past eight years.

You may want to have a more varied diet (and remember to tell the mail man to close his eyes).

Ryan said...

Subscribing (since they didn't let me do it with my first post).

hoteltuesday said...

Really?! I'm glad. I was hoping some people would have enough of a Spanish lexicon to understand what I was doing.
And my dining hall at school sometimes has unappetizing food, so I stick to cereal, which tastes good no matter what.

Ryan said...

Recently, I've been making an effort to learn more cooking skills. Hopefully, I will save money, eat more healthfully, and enjoy a wider variety of foods. Right now, I am working on making chili from scratch for the first time.

Michelle said...

¡Madre de dios! ¡Mis ojos! Gracias rectángulos negro.

Y yo estaba esperando Señor Ricardo Parker... ¿Dónde está Señor Ricardo Parker?

john said...

Thank goodness for online translators...and censor lines. Great post.

What's with the dislike of towels?

hoteltuesday said...

OH NO! I meant to put a pic of me feeding Richard Parker for my "doy comida a Richard Parker" caption but forgot that altogether! I'll get him back on here eventually.

And I just HATE towels on my wet skin! They're fine for like... covering me when I'm dry. But I hate anything on my skin when it's wet. Don't a lot of people feel that way?

And where are all the compliments?! Dave S gets a million comps about his abs and I get none?! And I don't even work out!

Ryan said...

Your have nice abs. However, I suspect your lower censor bar was a little ambitious.

Michelle said...

As a old, married lady it would not be seemly for me to comment on your abs, no matter what their appearance (:oD

john said...

Perhaps that is the issue, that Dave S. works for them while you were blessed by genetics.

For the record: nice abs. I'm less surprised by the lack of abs and more surprised by lack of comments on the treasure trail, though, I believe Polt is out of town.

hoteltuesday said...

Ryan: A little.

Michelle: Thanks for saying I have nice abs without saying it.

John: That's an excellent point... but it can't be all genetics! I do get out of bed, cough, and do other things that help build them up.

And yeah... I feel like Polt would have something to say, but he doesn't always comment here.

Tam said...

Okay, I understood half since French is related. I get the point. Gorgeous campus and love the crystal tunnel. Yeah, at least get another kind of cereal, 3 bowls of the same thing is not so appetizing.

Oh yeah, nice abs. ;-) (Well, kind of along the lines of Michelle, its probably creepy that I commented on your abs at my age, but we'll pretend that its not.)

hoteltuesday said...

Wow Tam! Thanks for noticing my campus! haha. I was wondering if anyone would comment on it. I do think it's a pretty campus, especially this time of year.
Now that someone noticed the campus, I'm hoping Craig will notice the computer screen...

And one can NEVER have too much Cinnamon Toast Crunch btw.

Ryan said...


john said...

I thought that was Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

hoteltuesday said...

Isn't CTC amazing?! I also like Fruity Pebbles, Apple Jacks, Pops, Cap'n Crunch (without crunch berries), Frosted Flakes, Rice Krispies (with banana), Honey Nut Cheerios and a few others, but none are as good as CTC.

Polt said...

Yes indeedy, I WAS outta town, but now I'm back and when Nicky mentions his abs, I'm gonna all over that like white on rice. But just a few questions:
1) why aren't the bars 'censored' in Spanish as well? unless of course, censor is censor in both english AND spanish. but I digress...
2) the bottom censored bar...really? THAT long, eh? I'm assuming you couldn't fit the word in the block and have it be readable if it was any smaller.
3) having now seen Dave S.'s abs in person, I feel as if I can comment on them more precisely. Now if you want me to comment on YOUR abs more precisely, well.....
4) Nice body, Nicky. Abs and..everything else. Well, not necessarily then censored parts, cause I didn't get to see those, but you know what I mean.

Ahhhh, it's good to be back. :)


hoteltuesday said...

Polt: Censor actually is the Spanish word for "censor." But I'm glad someone asked that question.

And actually, I just copy and pasted the first box, which is why they are the same size.

Oh the misadventures of Dave S and Polt... can't wait to here more about that...

digkv said...

Hey Nicky!

Awesome hilarious post with wonderful cinnamon toast crunch. Also there is the infamous censor picture that the mailman saw before the censor bars came up: lucky him.

Craig said...

Yay! I love that the Flaccettes got a shout out! I love this post even though I can't read it! The pictures are awesome enough to make up for it! And yes, great abs ;-)

hoteltuesday said...

Wow! I forgot about telling you guys about the mailman seeing that pic! It took me forever to get this entry up...

Craig: The Flacettes are the best thing ever on Puntabulous. In fact, that blue circle thing and pink diamond should be completely replaced by Flacette-only story lines...

Anonymous said...

What is the thing coming out of your ear in the censor pic, gabi