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Saturday, October 11, 2008


I was in my room today, eagerly awaiting the new Britney Spears video when I realized I was kind of cold.

So I went to close my window and was shocked to find a huge bug on the windowsill.

The bug looked pretty cool though so I ran and grabbed Christie's camera and took some pics!

At first, the bug was on the box of tissues.

Then it went onto my alarm clock.

I found out it could fly when it went over to my roommate's desk.

And on his macbook.

Then to the lamp.

Then I trapped it and put it all the way down the hall....
I thought maybe it could go into someone else's room so they could get some pictures of it too!

Here's my favorite pic!


Tam said...

Okay, in my world, that sucker would have been squished about 10 seconds after it hit the kleenex box. *shudder* My daughter spent nearly an hour editing a pic she took of a fly on a window last week. You guys should get together. LOL

hoteltuesday said...

But it was a stink bug so squishing it would only make it worse!
Editing?! These pics are all natural. lol. But your daughter's lucky... it can be hard to get a picture of a fly!

Michelle said...

Screw more cowbell. I've got the fever for more Richard Parker.

*This is an official request for a Richard Parker post.

Tam said...

Ohhh. I'll back up Michelle. More Richard Parker.

I showed my daughter your stinkbug friend. She thinks you are very cool now especially when I told her that you looooove Britney's new song, she loves Britney's new song. And you inspired her to take more bug pictures at the botanical gardens. Do you need a little sister? I could send her to you for a while. :-)

hoteltuesday said...

Haha. Don't worry ladies, Richard Parker will be making a cameo in my next entry that I already have all the pics for.

A little sister?! I only have older sisters so that'd be pretty sweet! Can I dress her up in Britney's past outfits and teach her the choreography to old Brit songs!? (that's probably what I'd do to a real younger sister...)

Tam said...

Um, no Enrico, you can't. LOL There are enough mini-Britney's in the world, I think I'll keep her as is for now. :-)

Michelle said...


Craig said...

That bug would have scared the crap out of me. I would have been on the other side of the room throwing my shoe across the room.

Michelle said...

Nicky - have you seen this?

hoteltuesday said...

Michelle - Of course!
And in the teaser for it, she holds up her phone, so fans are thinking it's the B Line announcement, which is a telephone number you call to hear a recorded message by Britney. They already have one message recorded for an introduction to the line.
Hopefully it's NOT that, since fans have known about that for like a week now!

Michelle said...

Oh. It's a website.

Michelle said...

ok, then have you heard this?

One of these days I'll give you a Britters scoop.

hoteltuesday said...

Yeah, I knew about the Glamour cover
: )
But I only found out about that yesterday, so you were faster this time!
She also shot for Rolling Stone yesterday!

Michelle said...

Curses! Foiled again >: p.

Anonymous said...

That's not a stink bug that's a box elder beetle!