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Friday, October 23, 2009

My Friday Muse

Yesterday, in my Writing Communities class, this hombre mentioned the website Strike Gently and said you could find free movies on it! So I went to check it out. But instead of finding movies I want to illegally download, I found this hilarious clip.


My Favo Parts:
:27 "Hey it'll be cool" (feat. pre-pubescent voice)
:42 "HeyAndrewwhat'sup?" (delayed greeting feat. pre-pubescent voice)
:51 The First Thing We Need to Know = LOL!!!
1:09 Cutting people off when they're talking about boring stuff is guaranteed hilarity.
1:31 "Now that's amazing."
1:38 This blonde girl is so sassy. Love it.
2:30 My history books were always snoozefests!
2:40 Yeah... cause little boys care about current eventz and newspapers....
3:17 I always check that site before going to the movies!
3:41 LOL!!


Mel said...

And then Barney came in and they all sang a bad song and danced like white people.

Love those low-res comic book nudies.

Tam said...

Mom giving a huge thumbs up at the end was perfect. Very funny.

Delisa said...

That's what I do on the internet all the time!!! Luckily we've advanced to HD images though. I love the internet!!!

dcm said...

Don't you know all prepubescent guido greetings require ten second pauses? And where were those big burly barbarian men when I was learning how to use the Internet? I got gipped!

Jere Keys said...

I for one don't believe that Enrico would be looking at those kind of things on the internet. He's so chaste and pure. It would be improper for him to know what the 8-bit 24-color minotaur or demoness looked like nekkid unless he was married to them.

Michelle M. said...

Why is dad always on the internet? He never plays with us anymore.

that's J-O-S-H said...

@ :07 is the fake-sassy white grrrl singa saying "Sex-Free?!"

hoteltuesday said...

Mel: I actually remember (sort of) those low-res pictures. Not nudes of course! But I remember when AOL was first invented and those types of pics were always around.

Tam: Lol! I missed that! Good eye.

Delisa: Can you imagine "Will it feel the same" in low-res? It'd be lame.

dcm: When I was learning to use the internet, one pic took approx. 10 years to load and I got bored and watched Pokémon instead!

Jere: Unless I was married to them... or unless I pretended to get lost in NYC and watched them through their window....

Michelle: Are you adding dialogue? Or are you revealing the painful truth about what happened when your house first got the internet? (P.S. I didn't know you when you were a child, but I can see you being like the sassy blonde girl in the vid!)

hoteltuesday said...

Josh: That's obviously a woman of color and she's saying "Sex is free!" I think.

Jere Keys said...

Oh, was that you out there? Next time I'll leave the rubber chicken and the beads out of the show I put on for peeping toms. Wouldn't want you getting the wrong idea about me.