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Friday, October 30, 2009

Joshrico's Macaroni Grill

A few weeks ago, I joined a few friends for dinner at Romano's Macaroni Grill.

I'd never been to the restaurant before, but I love Italian food so I was glad to tag along.

So at some point between ordering and receiving my chicken parm delicioso, one of the waiters stood on a chair and started singing some opera song in Italian!

Everyone was mad confused and wanted the man to shut up so they could enjoy their food in awkward silence.

A few minutes later, OUR waiter sang some random aria or something for these two old folk who were apparently celebrating their 80th anniversary or something (LAME!)

So anyway, I got to thinking....

Any day now, Josh and I are going to be famous.
BUT what if that doesn't pan out?
What if the world ain't ready for our talent?!

I think we should open up a restaurant where we accost our innocent, unsuspecting clientele with our favorite pop songs!

In the middle of dinner, Josh and I would temporarily stop whipping the kids making the food in the kitchen and run up to a table, unleashing our multi-octave ranges on people while they stuffed their faces with chicken TV dinners authentic Italian food!

Seriously, isn't this a great idea?! We would overcharge everyone for the "food", force them to give us tips if we sang to them, and not pay the kids in the kitchen! We would be RICH!

Oh, and I know what you're thinking: Wouldn't your restaurant only attract young peepz and therefore go bankrupt? (Trust me, as a waiter, I know teens are CHEAP nowadays!)

Don't worry, I got that part figured out. Josh and I would have a songbook that features SOME old music--the kind that isn't funky and played out obviously.

I'll let you guys know when we start taking reservations.


Delisa said...

lmao! I want in (as in I need a higher paying job)!

Anonymous said...

yeah iwant to know when it opens and Anthony needs a whipping so he can work in the kitchen. this is going to be great.


john said...

Josh is totally outposing you in that second shot.

David said...

Genius. Oh, and I want the original picture of Josh that you used for "and a Britney song was on." That shot is legendary.

Oh, and if you ever want to eat some *real* Italian food instead of the ersatz crap at the Macaroni Grill, let me know.

Chris D, said...

I have been to the Marconi Grill before, but haven't been there in ages. I did not recall any singing when I was there. Either that is new, or I just don't remember it.

A friend of mine used to work at Cold Stone Ice Cream. The servers would do a little song/skit type thing when people tipped them.

It was interesting to see you with a side part in your hair.

Have a good Halloween.

Michelle M. said...

The first thing I think of when I see the Macaroni Grill is vom. The one (and only) time I went there, there was a little girl throwing up in the parking lot. Not a good sign. And I remember the portions being ridiculously large.

I wonder how long I would enjoy the two of you serenading before I started throwing breadsticks at you?

Polt said...

I was at a Macaroni Grill ages ago. Good times, as I recall. But when you're gonna be doing the 'old' music, is there any possibility I could join you in a duet-ic rendition of "Sara" ala the 'Pervy Uncle/Scared Nephew' rendition, like in the photo? Everyone seems to LOVE commenting on that...why don't we do it live and rake in the tips???


Craig said...

I think you also need to have cameras set up and spit in the food of people who aren't completely riveted by your singing!

that's J-O-S-H said...

Great idea! We're such great entrepreneurz!

The menu:

Precious Burger
Rhonetta Ravioli
Syesha SuperMercado Salmon Wrap
The "Get Mine, Get Yours" Salad Bad
J-Hud Gelato
and of course the Drag Me to Hell Sunday-Funday Ice Cream Sundae!

Jere Keys said...

Some old music, huh. You mean like the awesome mash-up of Sweet Caroline?

Delisa said...

Matter fact I change my mind. I don't want to work for you.

Instead I have been inspired to open up my own restaurant chain ;)