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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Caption This! 65th and Broadway

Last Saturday, I headed to my favorite city for some TOP SECRET business.... While I will reveal in a future blog entry why I was in New York, something unexpected happened while I was there that I can blog about.

I met fellow blogger Jere Keys!

While at first I scolded Jeremiah for his poor aim (his generation missed out on learning the correct way to take self-portraits for [omg!] MySpace photos!), I realized this works in my favor.

Cause now we can play a fun game!!!!
I am assigning my readers with the task of captioning this photo in the following way:

Here are some random examples:

Easy, right?

Give it a shot!
(And if you aren't feeling creative or have no idea who the bald dude is, you can just comment on how cute we look together!)


Jere Keys said...

I didn't miss. I was trying to get the woman walking like a lesbian making her first attempt at "femme" in the shot. No understanding of art in this generation.

Chris D. said...

Jere: "Is he happy to see me, or is that Richard Parker in his pocket?"
Enrico: "I hope I look hot in this photo. What am I thinking!?! Of course I look hot!"

that's J-O-S-H said...

Jere: I've been looking forward to this all my life.

Enrico: I wonder what Kelly's fourth single will be off of "All I Ever Wanted."

Adam said...

Jere: Do you think we'll ever see the conclusion of Project Runway: JNCT?

Enrico: Maybe ... It's all wrapped up in court battles right now with They're trying to steal it from me!

Tam said...

Jere: All of my dreams have come true. I can die happy now?

Enrico: Oh yeah, I'm cute.

You both do look adorable. Were you not wearing that same sweatshirt when we met? Is that your Puntabu-meet-up outfit? :-)

john said...

Jere: I could get used to this.

Enrico: I could be listening to "3" right now.

Jere Keys said...

Why is everyone like "Jere: pervy/flirty thought // Enrico: disinterested, ooh shiny!"

I'm not the one wandering around outside my place with some lame "top secret project" excuse.

Polt said...

Jere: Wow, look at all that hair.

Enrico: Wow, look at all that bald.

Eh, not much, but it's all I got.


Michelle M. said...

Jere - If he thinks he gets the Christina Aguilera part in Lady Marmalade, he's got another think coming.

Enrico - If he thinks he gets the Christina Aguilera part in Lady Marmalade he's got another think coming.

Lame. But I won't think of anything good for two weeks.

john said...

Jere: I was refering to you being out of class for a little while...

David said...

Jere: Jeez, I could snap this guy in two with my bare hands.

Enrico: The layered look is hot.

Anonymous said...

Jere: I wonder if Enrico will blog about our meeting on Hotel Tuesday?!

Enrico: I wonder if he will do something a little more intersting so I can at least get a blog out of this?!

Anonymous said...

(above) Anonymous is me!!

hoteltuesday said...

Chris D.: I probably was thinking that.... not the second part though.

Josh: Behind These Hazel Eyes II (DLMSTY)?!

Adam: So apparently I can HEAR this thoughts? Cool.

Tam: Yo soy too pobre to buy new clothes! I wear that hoodie approx 7 times a week.

john: iTunes FINALLY stopped being dumb and let me buy "3" yesterday! YAY!

Polt: One of my examples was gonna mention the hair difference, so you get some points for that one!

Michelle M: We both know David has that part. We aren't THAT divalicious...

David: Speaking of his layers, his hoodie was def from pre-weight loss times. It was like an XXXXL and he should be wearing M.

TJ: ALWAYS what I'm thinking! :D

that's J-O-S-H said...

EXACTLY. We should be the go-to guyz when it comes to releasing singlez. We're always right.

Anonymous said...

See I know my baby brother!! :o)

David said...

I was actually speaking of your layers, but it all works.

And as far as divalicious goes, you have NO idea. Start bracing yourself for Saturday now.