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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Back in the Day

I recently unearthed some photos of me when I started high school. I know I'm only a junior in college and that I'm not THAT much older than I was in high school. But man... I feel like I've changed a lot since then.

Anyway, I noticed that my hair (both on my scalp and my facial hair) went through some interesting changes throughout my time in high school.

So here's a picture of me when I was in 9th grade.

This picture was taken in my drama class. And I look 12 in it, don't I? Note that at this time, I had short hair....

Here's another picture of me in 9th grade.

I still look pretty young, but notice that my hair is longer. Oh, and I had no facial hair in 9th grade?? I never noticed that.

Look! A lunchroom photo from 9th grade!

So my facial hair was starting to grow in and my hair was growing even longer....

Then this happened.

LOL! Don't I look like Jesus in this picture?! I think this was the longest I let my hair grow.
Here's another pic with similar hair.

I guess I loved those photo booths in the mall....

So sometimes, I apparently tried to style my hair....

I remember in 9th grade my drama teacher made me shave my facial hair when I played Hugo in Bye Bye Birdie. I was annoyed but did it. Sadly, I have no photos from that time. (And I also had to wear a dress in the play!)

So anyway, sophomore year I took some more bad pictures.

Is that even me?! Sometimes people tell me that I look different in every picture I take. I can see what they mean.

And then I was in a production of Annie Get Your Gun (I played Mac).

That's me in the center with the chaps! Anyway, my dumb teacher made me shave my face again.

And I looked 10 years old and decided to never shave again!

So looking through this photos, I think I look best with short hair and with trimmed facial hair. Now if haircuts were free and if I weren't so lazy, then I'd look good all the time.... Oh well.


Mel said...

Jovencito! I didn't have any facial hair at all until I was at least 18. Essentially bare legs, too. At 40, I still only need to shave every other day, which is still more than I'd like.

And haircuts are free if you do them yourself or trade haircuts with a friend.

Jere Keys said...

I think Jesus-Enrico is a good look, but I'm generally jealous of guys with long hair (see shiny bald head). The clean-shaven look suits you, too, though I totally understand why shaving sucks.

Chris D. said...

You do tend to have rather different looks. I think I actually saw you working at MitM years ago when I had dinner with a friend during one of your unshaven or at least minimally beardy periods, or perhaps it was someone else who looked like you.

I agree that you look best with short hair and a well trimmed beard. You are very handsome.

I enjoyed getting to experience your personality in person. You were rather different from how I imagined you might have been based on your writing and photos.

Michelle M. said...

You do look different in photos. I looove the last one - so handsome!

john said...

OMG! You TOTALLY look like Jesus in that picture! I can't get over how young you look in the first picture and for some reason I either didn't know or forgot you wore glasses.

I think the last picture of you is my favorite. I'm not a big fan of facial hair (on me or anyone else, though I did have a beard for a while) and Michelle is right, you look very handsome in that photo.

Tam said...

OMG, you are totally adorable in that last picture, very cute. I just want to bring you home with me. (Not that I didn't when me met, but you know.) So you are the same age in that first picture as Kristen is now. Ack!

Polt said...

I think you looked aDORable in every photo...kinda like a little puppy dog you wanna just scoop up and rub your cheeks across the top of his head and tell him what a good boy he is while snuggling up with him. Or something like that.

Personally, I like the Jesus look on you, but then we know me and hairthings. :)

And as an aside, I started shaving a few mutant freak hairs off my chin when I was in 8th grade and took up regular every day shaving (with an electric razor) just prior to starting 10th grade. I hate shaving and being such a hairy beast.


Anonymous said...

Why does Krystal look like a full blow mexicana in all of these pics? You look extra young in the pics after 9th grade. Facial hair really does make you look older. ( I should tell pas-pas this.) Oh! And I have a lot of pics of you in Bye-Bye Birdie. And you never looked like Jesus, just a homeless hobo. P.S.-Glasses don't work for you...

hoteltuesday said...

Mel: I'm too self-conscious to cut my own hair. But I REALLY wanna become good friends with a hairdresser.

Jere: So you're saying that every look suits me? Thanks :)

Chris D.: Well I've only been there the past two summers. So if it was before then, it wasn't me! And how am I different?! I look better in pictures?! That's what my bff Claudia says.

Michelle M.: Aww, thanks :) Though I personally hate that picture....

John: I don't wear glasses. Those were my friends glasses that I just put on for the photo. (And "Aww, thanks" to you too.)

Tam: What?! More love for the last pic?? That's my least favorite on here! lol

Polt: Not the hairthings again... :)

Shanique: YOU HAVE PICS OF ME IN BBB?! Send them to me!

Chris D. said...

It could have been last summer.

I think you are just as handsome in person as you are in photos.

As bloggers we present select portions of ourselves to the world. There is an unavoidable degree of artifice in the very act of selective presentation that is required when we share ourselves through declarative text.

Interacting in person provides a richer view into aspects of people's nature. You seemed warmer and more down to earth in person than I expected you to be. You liked to talk and were a great conversationalist. I did not completely expect that because you are also very good at editing your posts and comments to be short and impactful (I could learn from you there. ;) ). For some reason I was also under the impression that English may not have been your native language. I thought you looked Hispanic, and the fact that you wrote in Spanish on occasion reinforced that notion. I totally expected you to speak with an accent until I saw the video of you talking before your Ink songs. [You should consider posting singing videos, like Josh does.]

For some reason you remind me of Geena Davis - cute, quirky, earnest and very smart.

Sorry Stripped is late - trying to do a detailed review.

Polt said...

Chris D.: Geena however is quite tall, and from I understand, Enrickyricardo is shorter, like the size of a garden gnome. All the easier to scoop him up and snuggle him. :)


Chris D. said...

Polt: Yep, Geena is quite tall. Enrico may not be as tall, but he is big in other ways... Like his heart and his mind. ;) He also gives big hugs.

paperfetish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
that's J-O-S-H said...

Your eyebrows are FIERCE like Sasha in that second pic. And the Jesus pic for serial lookz like it should be the album cover for a Christian pop trio who specializes in holy harmonies and sinless melodiez.

john said...

Chris D.: I thought Enrico was Hispanic too!

Mel: 13? DAY-UM! I'm a size 10.

Enrico: How tall are you? I didn't think you were travel sized, but garden gnome?

Tam said...

Since you're commenting on Enrico's ethnicity, I showed my daughter these pics last night since she's met him (and I think had a bit of a girl crush on him there after our trip) and she said "OMG, he looks exactly like Omar in my class." So it would appear he looked like a young Muslim boy in his youth. :-)

Oh and taller than a garden gnome, and does give good hugs.

hoteltuesday said...

Chris: Oh no! Am I not down to earth and warm on my blog?! And it's alright that your review is taking a while... because now I expect it to be very thorough! :)

Polt/John: Garden gnome?! I'm 5'7"!! Garden gnomes are shorter than that.

Josh: People often ask me if I pluck my eyebrows :( I don't.

Tam: LOL @ Omar!! Love it. And thanks for the hug compliment. I like to think I give good hugs.

David said...

That last photo is total Brazilian twink model.

You appear to be what a friend would refer to as a "pocket gay."

Facial hair def suits you.

Looking forward to meeting you in person.

john said...

So that is what a Brazilian twink model looks like.

Enrico: You're so international! Italian, Hispanic, Brazilian, Muslim; you're every man!

For the record, I never said you were wee tiny, I asked the question because Polt compared you to to a garden gnome. 5'7" is respectable, but the 26" waist still isn't. That's just wrong.

Milo said...

Loved the Jesus pic and WOW at the last one - very male model material! Not quite so keen on the Michael Jackson one (middle one standing on the front porch where hair is in a wave).

Love seeing old pics! Bet it brings back memories. I also tend to look quite different from one picture to the next I think.

Jere Keys said...

Everybody is politely avoiding the porch photo. I'm just going to say it: a rhinestone red dress, some fake boobs, and a bottle of hair dye from Hot Topic and you could totally pull off Jessica Rabbit.

Anonymous said...

Looking at these pictures, I can hear Paula yelling at you to get a haircut now!!


hoteltuesday said...

David: Model?! Thanks. Twink? No thanks.

John: Not 26"! Either 28" or 30" depending on the store.

Milo: Michael Jackson?! Lol!

Jere: Well, Milo didn't like it either... But hearing it from you makes it so much worse.... Jk. I know it's terrible. lol.

TJ: You don't hear DADDY telling me cut my hair?!

Anonymous said...

I hear them both in unison!! :o)

that's J-O-S-H said...

Don't hate on the twinkz! We have feelingz too!

john said...

Enrico: I stand corrected! I thought you were wee tiny like Josh.