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Thursday, September 03, 2009

(They Drive Me) Crazy

I'm kind of easily annoyed.

Sometimes I feel like I should try to be less annoyed by stuff so that I don't turn into one of those grouchy elderly folk who complain about everything.
Most of the time I just think that everything should stop being so annoying :)

Anyway, here is a list of some of the stuff that currently annoys me.

"Fire Burning" by Sean Kingston

After making that terrible "Beautiful Girls" song, I prayed and prayed that Sean Kingston would disappear into obscurity. Then one day, I heard some song about a woman who kills everyone in a club by setting it on fire (only, that premise is much more interesting than the actual song) and noticed that SK was back to haunt me. Since then, I've heard "Fire Burning" on the radio every day, usually many, many times. This song annoys me for several reasons:
1. I hate it (the music, the lyrics, the 'singing').
2. It gets played WAY too often.
3. By playing this song, radio stations have less time to play good music (aka, songs I like, aka songs by me and Josh).
4. When he performed the song at the Teen Choice Awards, he LIP-SYNCED it! Come on. This is not a hard song to sing live. And it's not like Mr. Kingston was dancing or anything and had a reason not to sing live.
Whatever the reasons, I hope this is the last SK song I hear in a long time (aka forever). Oh, and I must mention the BEST line in the whole song: "She get it, pop it, lock it, drop it, that birthday cake." So not only did this arsonist set the club on fire, but she popped, locked, then dropped (oh no!) someone's birthday cake. What a wench.

The Well-Read Student

English majors know exactly what I mean. It seems that in every English class, there is ONE student who has read everything in the world and wants you to know it. The teacher may say, "Has anyone here read Hamlet?" And The Well-Read Student will reply with, "Oh! I read that. I liked it better than Othello, Macbeth, and Romeo and Juliet, but I didn't like it as much as A Midsummer Night's Dream or Much Ado About Nothing or The Winter's Tale." But they usually don't end there. They'll often continue with something like, "However, that might be because I'm a fan of his comedies more so than his tragedies! I also read everything by Dante so it's fun to compare them sometimes."
Their ranting is usually off-topic, often seen as a way of 'sucking up' to the professor, and never necessary for the class discussion. It's even worse when you're having some sort of literary argument with The Well-Read Student, who then seems to think that listing books they've read somehow helps them win an argument. Reading all of Shakespeare's plays doesn't mean you're right when we're arguing about Sylvia Plath! (Seriously, they think like that sometimes. Back me up ex-English major Josh!)
Plus, no one likes a teacher's pet! Unless that teacher's pet is me.... which happens a lot. But at least I don't blab on about every book I ever read!

No Turn On Red Signs

I understand the purpose of "No Turn on Red" signs.... I think. Wait, maybe I don't. I guess if a particular intersection is deemed dangerous and there's only one lane of traffic they put up a "No Turn on Red" sign so that they reduce the chance of an accident happening. Maybe. But if you're a smart/safe driver, you'll know when you can turn and when you can't. Right?
Anyway, these signs didn't really bother me in the past. But lately, I've been driving back home after a long day at school and for some reason, the three lights that I must pass on my way home are ALWAYS red for me. They're those lights that are green on your side for like 10 seconds, then red for 2 minutes.
I only need to make a right at one of these lights, which is the one with the "No Turn on Red" sign. Now I know I just sound impatient, but after a long day of work, meetings, class, then work again, I want to get to bed and not sit at a red light. And on Wednesdays, I don't get home until after midnight! So I'm waiting at this light for approx. 2 hours and there are NO OTHER CARS on the road, yet I still have to wait for the green light. It doesn't make sense.
I think that "No Turn on Red" signs should be between the hours of 9am and 7pm or something. Or they should be conditional, like those "School Zone: Don't Speed If There Are Kids Around That You Might Squish With Your Car" signs.

Curse Requests

In conversing with new acquaintances, the fact that I don't curse sometimes comes up. And almost always, someone says, "Wait, you don't curse?! Say 'the f word'!!" ....
Does anyone think this makes sense? I don't curse when I'm mad at people, when I lock my car keys in my car, when stuff falls on my head, so WHY would I curse because you told me to? This request is usually repeated for a long time and sometimes, the acquaintance will even say things they think will get me mad, to see if I curse.... So if you're reading this entry and haven't met me yet, you know what not to do when we meet.

Lady Gaga

I'm pretty sure that right now, Lady GaGa is the number 1 annoyance in my life. Here's why:
I wasn't a fan of "Just Dance" (which was super overplayed), but I did kind of like "Poker Face." I was not a 'fan' of Mr. GaGa, but I did think the song was good, fun pop music.
Then I started watching her interviews. Lady GaGa is the most obnoxious person who has ever lived (no hyperbole there). She is consistently rude to the interviewers and doesn't answer questions, turns questions into jokes and is confused into thinking she is making progress in gender equality (although she's NOT a feminist since she likes men and muscle cars........). Long story short, she's completely unprofessional, which annoys me.
If you don't want to participate in interviews, don't. But if you agree to be interviewed, you can at least be professional and answer the questions. And we all know that celebrities often submit 'off-limit topics' so that interviewers don't cross any boundaries. If Stefani doesn't want to talk about what inspires her (?!?) or the role of sexuality in her music, her peepz can make that clear with the interviewer before the interview and she won't be asked such questions.
What makes this worse is that Perez Hilton LOVES him some GaGa and calls her lack of professionalism "sassy," while he once called Britney Spears 'unprofessional' for her latest VMA performance. Yeah, that makes sense.
Basically, Lady GaGa is not as cool as she thinks she is. She keeps talking about how she's breaking down gender barriers... but she's not. Women talking about sex in their songs is not new. Madonna did it in the 80s and everyone else has done it since then. Dressing like Róisín Murphy doesn't make your style unique. Grrr. Enough of her. If I talk about her any longer, I might curse or something.

P.S. Alexander Skarsgard is in her "Paparazzi" video, which almost made me want to break up with him. But in the video he pushes Lady GaGa off a balcony, so I didn't make him sleep on the couch after I watched the vid.

So do we have any annoyances in common?
What annoys you most?
Am I too easily annoyed??


Nathan V said...

Do you use curse replacements? My sister likes to use terms such as "What the flip?" or "Jackhole!" so that she doesn't curse ever.

My brother and I had a long discussion about that Sean Kingston song (Which I actually like -- I did hate Beautiful Girls though if it consoles you) trying to figure out what was going on wiht the lyrics. We have determined that despite the LONG pause. "That birthday cake" is actually the start of the next sentence and should properly read like this:

"She get it, pop it, drop it, lock it." (alluding to her awesome dance moves presumably)

"That birthday cake Got a candle, need to blow that crazy fla-ame away." (I'm assuming the birthday cake is this woman (whos is apparently sweet as well as flaming) and he is understandably trying to get people to put the fire out and call 911 for the safety of all persons within this establishment).

Yes. Yes, I just used brackets inside brackets. Get over it English major!

Jere Keys said...

So you don't curse when you get mad. Are there OTHER things I could do that would unlock your repressed potty-mouth?

that's J-O-S-H said...

Enrico, I love you to piecez. I agree with you soooo much that it's disgusting. We really are too similar to even be in the same room might expwode everywherez!

1. Sean Kingston looks like a huge overgrown baby that has an autotune factory in his throat. That song is annoying and not in a good "I Kissed a Girl" kinda way.

"By playing this song, radio stations have less time to play good music (aka, songs I like, aka songs by me and Josh)" AKA "Already Gone [Halo Part II]" isn't getting the amount of airplay it should be and "Funhouse" was officially released as a single last week so why the shiz isn't it number 1 already?!?

2. Pompous well-read studentz make me so mad and I feel like punching babiez (read as: Sean Kingston) everytime I overhear their pointless blathering in the hallz of Bliss. It's even worse when it's in class...I started making it a point to call out the irrelevance of certain student's comments when they were get on their rando rambling. The worst ever was this kid that was in my Creative Writing workshop that always carried a Kafka book around with him (even though he had a backpack) and he would constantly talk during his critique (YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED). He wrote a pretty cool poem once about a guy trapped in a giant bag that was being kidnapped or sumfing sumfing, but the fact that he was wearing a shirt that said "Kafka was My Homeboy" made me vom. To all those pretensious weinerz, I say "F-U-C-K off! I'ma go read Nicole Richie's "The Truth About Diamonds."

3. I hate DO NOT TURN ON RED signz. Just let me do what I want, when I want to.

4. I hate when people try and exploit aspects on mah life too! Not the same as your cursing situation, but I HATE it when people find out I write poetry and then proceed to ask me to write a poem for them.! You're ugly and I hate you for asking.

5. I like Lady GaGogglez CD. I think it's fun and that the songs are well-produced and that she actually does have some pretty genius lyrics (see the metaphor in "Paparazzi") That being said, she is the dumbest person in the entire world ever and I can't stand looking at her or seeing her do interviews. One time someone asked her what her biggest inspiration was for her music and she said "You know, going out and partying with my friends." What? P!nk has her divorce. Kelly has record exec conflicts. T. Swift has being a teenager. The best that GaGogglez can come up with is partying? Ug...VOMZ.

PS, her Rolling Stone cover made me want to kill things.

Polt said...

What annoys me is when people use their blogs to list their own personal annoyance.

No, no, I kid, I kid!!! You KNOW I love you more than my luggage, Enrickyricardo!


Nathan V said...

and Polt LOVES his luggage. I'm pretty sure he had sex with it.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Sean Kingston. I hate that song and they play it all the time. One day i didn't even realize i was singing it at work, i wanted Alexander Skarsgard to throw me over the balcony.


Milo said...

LOL at the well read English major - I remember those types only too well. So many types I went to seminars & tutorial s (as we call them here) only partially having read the book. There was always some goody-two-shoes swot who'd read not just the required reading but the recommended additional reading too. Aghhh! No life.

john said...

The two things that annoy me most are impatience in other people and people who don't take responsibility for their own actions.

I *want* a no turn on red sign at the first light I come to when I leave work. The tards keep turning and blocking the intersection so I end up at the light way too long. It is the longest part of my commute.

I remember the talented art students when I was in school who were similar to the well read English majors. The kids who talked art like they were constantly stoned in an attempt to emulate the teachers who probably were stoned.

Tam said...

Well, I can live with the Sean Kingston song although he is not attractive and they over-play it. But I don't hate it.

Braggarts in general? Not a fan. If you're that great why are you anywhere in my general vicinity? Go be fab somewhere else, far from me.

Red lights, not many here but the law in Quebec used to be no right turn on a red EVER. Then they finally lightened up because only 40% of jaywalking pedestrians were being run down in Montreal and they were hoping to raise the ratio, and most of the lights you can now turn on the red. But people still aren't sure and which lights and some cities didn't change the law so you get people who are confused as hell and some go and some don't and arrrrgghhh! I don't drive in Quebec much if I can help it even though its only on the other side of the river.

I hate when a really busy intersection has a turning light but they don't activate it, EVER. There is one near my house. Don't put up the damn light if you aren't going to activate it. It just gets my hopes up that some day I won't have to risk my life making a left turn there.

Cursing. I never asked you to say the f-word so I should get a cookie or something. Some people do, some don't. Whatever.

Lady Gaga - yeah, annoying and rude. Could live without her.

Michelle M. said...

The Well Read Student photo cracks me up.

Mr. M won't swear unless he's REALLY angry. He thinks his disrimintate swearing gives the word or his emotion more meaning or something. I just think it's funny.

I haven't heard the Kingston song yet. I've been busy under my rock.

What annoys me? People. If they're not annnoying me then they're irritating me.

Polt said...

No, Nathan V., that was YOUR luggage. :)


Ryan said...

I hate stop light cameras focused on corners where right on red is legal. Everyone is worried about the camera, so things slow way down.

Demanding that people curse is stupid.

Jere: I have a theory about how to get Enrico to curse, but since it would involve getting married to him, it seems like a big committment solely to test a hunch.

Josh: I heard P!nk's So What? playing while I was getting lunch.

Polt: Remind me to leave my luggage in my car trunk if I visit you.

hoteltuesday said...

Nathan: Nah, no curse replacements either. And stop trying to understand the lyrics. They're dumb and there are no excuses.

Jere: Nope. Nothing works. Hmm... long story. I'll tell you the deets when we go out to dinner soon.

Josh: GaGa is also inspired by monsters according to one interview and no, she will not elaborate (and when she says that, I die inside and throw things at the screen).

Polt: >:|

Gabi: LOL!

Milo: Reading recommended readings?! I don't have enough money for the required readings! So the recommended readings are def out!

john: One of my housemates was complaining about pretentious art majors the other day! Luckily for me, I ONLY have class in the English building, so I don't ever run across art majors (or any other majors actually).

Tam: UGH! Not activating turning lights IS annoying! It's like that at this one light by the house. Except that people claim it IS activated. I guess only when I'm not on the road. And I'll get you a cookie the next time you come down.

Michelle M.: Hurray to Mr. M! I agree. If I cursed, people would know I was SUPER serial.

Ryan: I hate when you see a cop has pulled someone over, so everyone slows down. I'm thinking: "Speed!! The cop can't pull you over when he's talking to this last dude he pulled over!" Plus, if you slow down, you make it easier for the cop to come find you once he's done with his current victim!

David said...


Anonymous said...

You know what's worse then the well read english major the hot mess who thinks cause she worked in a dr office that she knows everything!! Now you can Add the I worked in a dr's office nursing student, I wanna die on the inside when I have to deal with them!! :o(