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Monday, September 28, 2009

Everytime You Walk Out That Door

I've been moved into my house for a month now but never posted pics!
So here they is.

This is the front of my house.

When you walk in, you see the living room. But I forgot to take a picture of the living room! (aka, it was too messy to photograph!)

From the living room you can enter the kitchen!

I don't love the floor, but otherwise I like the kitchen. It's a good size and those tiles on the wall are brand new. And this is the first time I've had a dishwasher in my life!

Other side of the kitchen. Yes, that is Ariel getting back her voice (feat. me crying and singing "Part of Your World") on the fridge. And sadly, none of that cereal is mine.

The bathroom on the first floor is interesting....

For some reason, there are two showers in the bathroom. I use the one with the glass door. (Because on the opposite wall is a huge mirror... lol!)

Our basement doubles as a music room.

But it was too dark down there to get a good pic. Only this corner had enough lighting. Just imagine a bunch of other instruments thrown around a basement if you want to imagine the rest.

So when I was taking pictures, none of my housemates were home except for Ross and Christie and I didn't want to take pics of their rooms and put them on my blog....

But here is Ross and Christie's room.

Honestly, their room is usually not this messy. And I love that shelf on the wall!

So here's my boring room.

A. That lamp is a thousand years old, but it is SO strong. Looks bad, but works great!
B. That alarm clock is also a thousand years old, but it is SO loud!
C. A wooden tiger my ex got me from Ghana.
D. My paper on Derrida and deconstructionist theory! YUCK!
E. My Britney cup.
F. My poetry book! Don't read unless you're prepared to cry!
G. This chair/stool is terrible. It was in my room when I moved in so I used it (I'm so cheap!). But I hope to buy a new chair soon!
H. Puntabulous calendar! (Josh is jealous!)

In case you couldn't tell from those photos, I love windows! And my room has lots of window space! The only problem with that is that I don't have much room for posters, but I don't really mind.

And the one window looks out into my favorite part of the house: the backyard!

My backyard is pretty huge.

That's me in the back. I'm not even at the farthest limit; if I backed up any more I would be in the shade of the trees and wouldn't appear in the photo. But as you can tell, the backyard is very long.

Ross is growing a little garden in the backyard. You can see him above standing in his garden. To the left, you can see my neighbor's garden which is approx. 58 times bigger than Ross' garden! But I'm sure Ross'll get there one day....

Oh, and my neighbors grows mini-tomatoes!

Ross says they're not mini-tomatoes but what does he know about gardening?!

And here is a final pic: my favorite part of my room.

(A thirsty) Richard Parker, a window, and Fleetwood Mac's Rumours record all in one corner? What more could I ask for?!


Delisa said...

I can't wait to sleep over in your bed sometime! Although the origin of your mattress is a turn off lol. We shall cook in your kitchen soon though =)

Mel said...

That looks a lot like my first house! Except if you have a basement and a second floor it's already bigger. And I wouldn't recommend eating those mini-tomatoes - not unless you wanted to get really sick, and maybe die.

Chris D. said...

Neat! The front of the house makes it look deceptively small. Based on the size and number of the rooms it looks like it must go back pretty far.

It is interesting that the stove is in front of the window, rather than the sink, as is customary.

Ross and Christie's room looks like a happy place.

Windows, with nice views, are great. They are better than posters because the view always changes. Just be aware that if that isn't double pane glass you may find that it will get cold in your room in the winter. It looks like you even have your own outside door in your room. Now you can have one night stands with no walk of shame for your partners. ;) Tell us the origin of your mattress.

I can't believe you use a stool at your desk. If you had let me know of your need for a chair I could have given you one (or more) of our old conference table chairs. They aren't very comfortable, but at least they have backs. We may get rid of more, so let me know if you have any future need.

I love the big backyard. The fact that you don't have to mow or rake it makes it even better! I need to start raking. Ugh.

Thanks for sharing the photos with us. Enjoy your new place. :)

Eternal Lizdom said...

I love that the stove is under a window. Typically, the sink is under the window but I spend more time at the stove than the sink. So I love that!!

I'm also a huge fan of natural light and windows and big backyards and gardens... all things we looked for when buying our home.

Looks like a very nice place filled with nice people to make it a nice home!

Ryan said...

I think I need a picture of the hallway to finish my diagram of the interior floor plan.

Is the reason you like bedroom windows that you can give a show to the parking area while drying off?

David said...

It looks like you have a private entrance to your room? That will come in handy when sneaking all your tricks out early in the morning so the roommates won't see them.

Congrats on the new place, it looks really nice and is about 5 times larger than my entire apartment.

Tam said...

Wow, you're room is HUGE. Looks great and so tidy. Come clean my house. :-)

M. Nicodemus said...

I have the same flooring in my kitchen (circa 1970ish) and I have wanted to rip it out since I moved in! The new place looks great, love the backyard.

Oh, and I am jelous of the calendar too (pout)

Polt said...

Sweet digs, my friend. The neatness of your room throws me a bit...a clean room is a sign of a messy mind, or something like that. :)

Nice place though.


john said...

Nice place. I thought the same as Chris D. about the window in your room, but not about the outside door.

I also thought similar to Ryan that your bedroom window is big enough to conduct, ahem, *shows*.

Polt, you may have to make a new calendar this year and include all the other Puntabupeeps.

hoteltuesday said...

Delisa: MMM! Lasagna!

Mel: But aren't they cute?

Chris: I had a bed frame in my room but no mattress for a while. Then I saw some homeless guy sleeping on a mattress and figured, "If he doesn't have a bed frame, why does he need the mattress?" So I waited til he went to the liquor store and snatched it!

Eternal Lizdom: I spend more time in front of the stove too! I spend like.... 6 minutes in front of the stove each week and only 4 minutes in front of the sink.

Ryan: Yes.

David: Unfortunately, the prior tenant lost my set of keys, so I don't have a key to that door that leads to the outside :( I don't have a key to my room either, so it's always unlocked. Don't come and steal anything!

Tam: Hmm... the pictures must make it seem bigger (that's what she said).

M. Nicodemus: You should rip up your floor as an experiment, and if all goes well, come rip up my floor too!

Polt: My room is usually the neatest space in the whole house. Haha. I enjoy order.

John: I usually have the curtains closed though... But every now and then I forget. And Polt should definitely work on a new calendar. Although we might have too many people to include...

Michelle M. said...

Thank god for Mel - I don't want you to die.
Your room is so tidy - I approve.
I hope you'll make lots of wonderful memories in the house.

*The 2 shower thing cracks me up.

Jere Keys said...

Whenever I see a boy's room, I like to comment "so this is where the magic happens" but if you're sleeping a mattress you stole from a poor homeless soul, I'm not sayin' it this time.

Ryan said...

One of my friends lived in an apartment with a two shower bathroom our first year here. We didn't understand it either.

A clean room is a sign of a procrastinating student.

that's J-O-S-H said...

You forgot to mention the Björk and the amazing [non]concert you got it at and your really handsome [read as: desperate for attention] date for said outing!