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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ghosts in the Attic: Bad Dremes

I've always found dreams fascinating and worthy of reflection. When I wake up, I often think about my dreams for a while, trying to uncover the latent content. Sometimes I even write them down!

I don't really remember when my fascination with dreams began. But now I might have a clue.

Entry Dated April 11, 1996

Bad Dremes
On night I had a dream

that I saw a whit blue
and red thing in the bushes I

whent to what it was when I
toutch it I went some where it

was dark the the lights whent

on and this man was there he said
my time is out so beware and I
died that week

This short entry describes my future death. After checking out an American flag (?) in the bushes, I'm teleported to some hombre who tells me my time is up. Then I die on January 5, 1996.
For some reason, I ditched punctuation for this entry. I can only attribute this stylistic choice to the fact that my young mind probably thought by leaving out punctuation, the story would read much faster and feel more frightening.
And is that not the best drawing you've ever seen? (Click to enlarge, btw.) Dude next to my tombstone totally looks like a vampire. Must be Alex crying at my extremely well-crafted tombstone, holding a flower in his paw and wiping his eyes with a rigid tissue.

Bad Dremes
I was stuck on the wall
and monsters were stroming
my pain with thare fingers they
were singing my life with thare
words killing me softly with
song I scremd and died.

I must have been listening to The Fugees one night before bed....
My only comment about this entry: I wish there was an illustration.


Ryan said...

I like how you used a spooky font for the title.

I find it interesting that you title it "Bad Dremes" while using the correct spelling in the first sentence. What at first I thought was bad spelling may have been intentional funkiness.

Jere Keys said...

I once had a bad dream influenced by Chris Issak's song "Wicked Games" - it was freaky and involved noisy birds trying to kill me on the beach.

Poor little Nicky.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Your childhood recollections read better than most of the contemporary "post-modern" poetry that I read during my college workshops. I'm serious. You should submit it.

Polt said...

Very rarely do I ever remember my dreams.

When you were talking about the colorful things in the bushes, I thought it might be some gay guys playing around in the park...and then I remember in 96, you were just a lil spud, and probably hadn't evn heard of sex. And then I felt dirty. But I'm used to that.

Thanks for sharing!


john said...

It makes me sad that you were listening to the Fugees rather than Roberta Flack, but I'll get over it.

My bad dreams tend to be about the zombie apocalypse, but I haven't had one of those in a while. Other than that my dreams are pretty mundane with the occasional addition of the bizarre.

Michelle M. said...

My first thought on reading the lyrics was also Roberta Flack. Old.

I wonder what Freud would say about poking around in bushes = death?

Tam said...

I thought the guy by your grave was shooting himself in the head. Ooops.

I rarely remember my dreams but bad ones are usually that there is someone in the house and I'm sort of half awake and I can't seem to move or make any sound. I think I get stuck between sleeping and awake when that happens. Otherwise I don't usually remember my dreams much.

hoteltuesday said...

Ryan: Definitely intentional....

Jere: Another reason I stay away from the beach! Those birds are annoying/deadly.

Josh: But my dream didn't feat. Super Smash Bros. and therefore is unworthy of workshop!

Polt: LOL! Only you would automatically assume the thing in the bushes was a couple of gays rolling around :)

John and Michelle M.: If it makes you feel better, I was going to mention Roberta in the entry, just to highlight how I was NOT listening to her. So I do know she exists and I have heard her rendition of the song.

Tam: I completely understand why you thought that.
And your dream description just scared me!! I'm gonna go put on the new Miley EP.

David said...

Always late to the party. I too was all, Roberta Flack! And I also rarely if ever remember dreams. College was the last time I recall having any dreams that made it to consciousness. That was a few decades ago.

Chris D. said...

When I was a little kid I had a powerful and paralyzing recurring nightmare about my bed levitating through tall rows of high shelving in a large dark space that resembled a warehouse. Hideous demons would be flying all around lashing at me with staffs. All I could do was remain buried under my sheets in a total state of terror wondering where God was while I waited for it to end. It felt like torture, and these nightmares were frequent for a large portion of my early childhood. I don't consciously know the origin of these night terrors. The human mind is complex.

While I have heard of Roberta Flack, I am clearly not familiar enough with her to have thought about her relationship to this post.

Maybe you dreamed you were attacked by someone from the Blue Man Group with a bloody head wound and very white teeth. I am glad you survived your dream. :)

Tam said...

Wow Chris, that sounds very scary for a kid. Glad you outgrew them.

Nathan V. said... need to YouTube Roberta Flack right now.