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Sunday, September 20, 2009

We're All Precious

I am DYING to see Precious.

I first saw the trailer very early in the year after the film debuted at Sundance. It won the Grand Jury Prize for best drama as well as the Audience Award. And even more suprising in a way, actress Mo'Nique won a Special Jury Prize for acting!

The movie is about Precious, a young girl living in Harlem in the late 80s (aka, the time I was born!). Precious is abused by her father and is currently pregnant with his second child. The story follows Precious as she tries to cope with her abusive mother and school and all that. And basically it sounds really depressing which means I will LOVE IT!

Here are some reviews for it:
"The most unforgettable film I’ve seen . . . it is raw, electrically charged, heart-rending and completely shattering. . . . it’s a once-in-a-blue-moon experience that tests the boundaries of film, with an electrifying, positively Oscar-worthy performance by salty stand-up comic Mo’Nique, as the most monstrous mother on the planet." ~ Rex Reed New York Observer
"To simply call it harrowing or unsparing doesn’t quite cut it" ~ John Anderson Variety
"Raw, moving and somewhat akin to having a piano dropped on your head, Precious is a fable of abuse and redemption." ~ Liam Lacey Globe and Mail

Heart-rending?? Shattering?? Monstrous mothers? Unsparing? PIANOS ON THE HEAD?? Does this sound like my kind of movie or what?!

And I must mention one of the most interesting things about this movie.... Mariah Carey is in it!! And she is getting rave reviews. I know, you have to see it to believe it. But watch the video below and you will see that Mariah went the traditional 'go ugly for an Oscar' route. I hope she gets nominated just to shut everyone up about Glitter.

I predict some Oscar gold for Precious! If you aren't convinced yet, remember that Oprah endorses the film!

My twin Josh has already agreed to go with me ON OPENING DAY to see Precious. And if he cancels on me, I'm going alone! Can't wait!!

Oh, and I also wanna see Where The Wild Things Are. Besides from your sudden desire to see Precious, what movies are you looking forward to?

(P.S. I'm at work right now and our computer has no speakers. So I just watched the trailer with no sound and still knew exactly what they were saying the whole time! Yes, I've watched the trailer that many times.)


Jere Keys said...

"Mariah went the traditional 'go ugly for an Oscar' route" - in other words, she didn't put on makeup? She just looked like herself?

And Glitter must not be forgotten. Like the sinking of the Titanic, the San Francisco earthquake of 1908, Pearl Harbor, 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, some tragedies are so damaging to the collective psyche that we must never forget them. I predict that 60 or 70 years from now we'll start holding reunions "I was there for Glitter" where the still shell-shocked victims will talk with reporters about how they paid good money--seven or eight dollars in those days--to see the film, never expecting it to turn out so bad. Each passing year, fewer Glitter survivors will remain until only those who were infants during the original theatrical run will come together, their memories taking the form of tales passed down to them by parents and brief flashes humanity, their crucible upbringing somehow stamped into their octogenarian features. Only then may we consider letting go of the catastrophe that was Glitter.

Anonymous said...

Listen Jere Keys I don't know who you are but stop talking bad about my Mariah, she is Amazing always!!

Anonymous said...

Um I thought we were going to see this?? Anyways I cant wait till it comes out! Shanique

that's J-O-S-H said...

Ug bitching about Mariah Carey in "Glitter" is so 2-thousand-&-late! I can't wait to see all the Oscar-worth performancez!!! <3 <3 <3

Tam said...

It did really well at the Toronto International Film Festival last week. I think Mo'nique (or however you spell that) won best supporting actress at the festival. I read that the girl who plays Precious is the exact opposite of her character, very outgoing, bubbly, talks a mile a minute confident young lady. Although apparently the director said he was annoyed that so many white people "got" the movie. Huh? WTF does that mean.

Anyway, I'm not sure it's my style of movie but it seems like it's the kind of movie the Oscars love so it will likely do well, especially with Oprah's $$$ behind the publicity push. Despite Mariah's presence. :-P *ducks for cover and runs before TJ gets to her*

Michelle M. said...

I saw Glitter. In the theater.

Mariah was just on Oprah talking about Precious and her favorite color. Lavender-pink.

john said...

I've never seen "Glitter" but wonder, it it worse than "Crossroads"?

The trailer looks promising, if depressing. I really want to see "9" and hopefully will get to see it in the theater.

Tam said...

I need to go and see 9 as well John. If my kid would stop having homework on the weekends we could go. Or maybe we'll go this week. Oh and I've never seen Glitter or Crossroads.

hoteltuesday said...

Jere: No! She didn't not wear makeup; the makeup artist gave her dark circles under her eyes and a fake mustache (lol) and then put her in bad lighting!

TJ: Stop starting trouble with your bro-in-law.

Shanique: I'll be at college at the time and need to see it OPENING DAY! But we can see it together too since I plan on seeing it a few dozen times!

Josh: I'm excited for the plot and all, but the performances are also a big draw for me! I hope everyone is as good as the reviews are saying!

Tam: I didn't hear about that! Must be false!

Michelle: I saw that! I liked her performance. And lavender-pink is alright, but I prefer fluorescent beige myself.

John: Crossroads is a tour de force. 9 looks interesting, but I keep hearing how the visuals are the best thing about it, and I care about plot/characterization more.

Anonymous said...

I must always defend Mariah no matter how big of a hot mess she is at times!! I can't wait till sept 29th (it's rays b-day) not for Ray but for her new album!! :o)

ps i am lovin' her old school hair she has been rockin' latley!!

Milo said...

This looks terribly depressing. I'm wanting to watch 'An Education' which opens here this weekend. Period drama (1960s) and more up my street. Not hugely keen on massively depressing movies... Be good to hear your review when you've seen it though!