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Saturday, December 13, 2008

TJ's Birthday!

It's my sister Talita's birthday today! She's turning 20-something and I hope she has a great year!!

Instead of just wishing her a Happy Birthday and leaving it at that, I thought I'd share a very brief story that comments on her character.


One day, TJ was getting ready to leave for school in an... interesting dress.

When my super traditional, strict father saw her dress, he told her to change because only the garbage people wear short dresses.

So TJ complained about her life and her inability to wear short dresses. She said she couldn't show the school her beautiful legs in anything else. But she eventually changed.

Then, with a smile on her face, she got ready to leave again.

We all wondered why she seemed fine with her forced outfit change.

TJ likes getting things her way, so we thought she'd be really angry that she was forced to wear something more appropriate. But when my dad looked out the window, he realized why she was ok with her change:

Before slipping out of the house, TJ changed back into her little dress and showed the world that she does what she likes.


Keep doing things your way E>


Anonymous said...

Yay!! The Best Blog Entry Ever!!
TJ :o)

Anonymous said...

you forgot the part with her running to the bus stop with her heels in her hand and no shoes on


Michelle said...

The garbage people! I find that incredibly funny.

john said...

Happy belated birthday TJ and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Enrico!

hoteltuesday said...

Yeah... my dad called everyone who did anything he didn't approve of "the garbage people." My siblings still say it in fond remembrance of my father's great understanding of English.