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Monday, December 08, 2008

We Can Make A Dance Floor Just Like A Circus

It's been exactly one week since Britney Spears blessed the world with her latest album, Circus. Album sales are still being calculated, but it seems like Brit will debut at number 1!
In celebration, I will share my experience of buying Circus.

On December 2, 2009, I woke up, eager to buy a physical copy of the CD I'd listened to for the past two weeks.

Even though I heard the CD for weeks through an internet leak, I still wanted the actual CD.

So off I went to Target.

I went over to the CD section and found the CD, in both standard and deluxe editions.

So of course I got the deluxe edition!

I mainly got it cause I wanted the sweet poster inside! After letting the poster flatten out, I put it on my wall, beneath a poster of The Killers!

As for the CD, I just listened and listened and listened.

Isn't it great?!

PS - Here's a video of me and my roommates performing "Womanizer" at an arts festival at my school! Sorry I sound so bad.


digkv said...

Great performance Enrico! Now where is that "see you again" performance you mentioned once before?

Anonymous said...

Hey lollipop!

Nice "O" (mgz) face : ).

BOSSY said...

She's ba-ack.