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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Unnamed Dog

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!

My sister Talita already got a Christmas present... a new dog!

TJ already had one dog, (Sean) Preston.

But now Preston has a female friend to play/mate with!

She's really tiny, so she was cute while she tried to eat a bully stick.

And of course she really liked me and kept lying in my lap.

So my sister said I need to blog about her and let my readers suggest names.
Any suggestions?!


Tam said...

OMG!!!! That is the cutest thing ever. Love the argyle sweater. Hmmm. Not good with names. Britney? Isn't it obvious since she has (Sean) Preston? :-) Brit Brit and Preston. That's my vote. :-) Have a great Christmas.

Ten Minute Nap said...

Awwww. I want a dog for Christmas! Seriously, that is the best gift ever for anyone.

For names... hmmm. Well it depends on if you want people names or not. I like Tam's idea on Britney, or Jayden, as that's Britney's other son.

Jere said...

For some reason, she really looks like a "Viola" to me, "Vi" for short.

Anonymous said...

I think Roxy, Daisy and Mimi. - TJ

Michelle said...

Maybe Maddie (Jamie Lynn's daughter)? If we're keeping with the Spears theme.
I also noticed the argyle sweater.

I think you may win the award for "cutest" blog.

Adam said...

lol -- thanks for telling the world what a Bully Stick really is. I used to work at a pet store, and found great amusement in telling everyone what they were. :)

john said...

Olivia, Livy for short or Lilly. I like Daisy too, but I"m partial to that name as it is the name of one of my rabbits.

Polt said...

OmiGOD, that is THE cutest dog EVER! And you better make sure Craiggers sees the argyle sweater! :) Names, good with pet names am I. Kinda liking tam's brit-brit, but as I said, not good with pet names.

And why wouldn't she like sitting in your lap, I mean, who wouldn't? :)

And hey, aren't you leaving for Mexico soon? Have a great trip!


hoteltuesday said...

So she still hasn't decided but it seems that Maddie is winning... and that's what I'm calling her now. lol.

Adam - after I found out, I just had to share

Craig said...

Soooooooo adorable. My friends had a dog just like her when I was younger and named her Gizmo.