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Saturday, December 20, 2008


Yesterday I finished getting all of my grades for the Fall 08 semester.

I got my first three grades all in one day! And I looked like this

I got:
an A in The Witch in Literature
an A in Creative Writing
an A in Intro to Sociology

So my semester GPA was a 4.0 so far and my overall GPA was 3.86.

But then I got my final grade and looked more like this

Heartbroken, lonely, and dirty.

I got my first B in college!!!

: (

Now my GPA dropped! Grr...


Adam said...

don't be too upset -- a B is still great! Congrts on kickass grades! :)

Michelle said...

Good for you!
Just tell yourself "B" is for brilliant : D.

Jere Keys said...

I got two Cs in college and I totally deserved one of them. I wish I'd taken undergrad a little more seriously now that I'm looking to continue my education, but I don't regret anything about my experience.

Milo said...

Well done on the good grades and don't knock the Bs, I think a B is a good grade to get. Your GPA sounds high to me. I finished my US studies with a 3.5 which I was happy with (I went to uni in the UK but did 1 year in the US).

Very different systems but that's a whole other story.

The Screaming O said...


Tam said...

Good for you. 3 A's and a B are outstanding. Job well done.

Ten Minute Nap said...

Seriously, a B is still good.

i don't even want to know what my grades look like this semester. I'm telling myself that this was my "shit" semester and that it can never happen again.

Eric said...

yay congrats!!! keep it up!

Craig said...

Well done! I'll take a dirty Shia/Enrico any day!

Anonymous said...

Trust me, I learned early on that there were classes I could blow off and just take the B or C grade. Legal Environment of Business was one that I just took the C. Still ended up with a 3.82 GPA on graduation.

You can learn it too!

The only writing class I got a B+ in was technical writing, that was only because the instructor didn't like me.