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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Usually, I throw away mail that comes for me. I don't want a credit card and already know my bank account balance (sadly) and cell phone bill thanks to the internet. And by the way, I SWEAR I signed up for paperless billing!

But the other day, I found a package waiting for me on the kitchen table....

Inside was a wrapped parcel. I stared at it long and hard but couldn't figure out what was inside.

I shook it, but it didn't make any noise.

I even smelled it, but didn't recognize any familiar present scents.

So finally I tore it open. And the best, most wonderful, most beautiful superstar in all of the world was inside.

Britney Spears came in the mail!!

And this adorable card.


So now my question is, should I open her?! Some people say not to, but it's not like I'm concerned with her gaining value so I can sell her in 50 years! I would never!

And I was thinking about making her a normal addition to the blog... (she won't disappear like Natalie Portman!) Hmm... what to do...


Michelle said...

You must open it - she needs to live outside the box. And then Richard Parker can design some outfits for her : ).

Milo said...

Spoilt! This Michelle sounds like a modern-day Santa!

john said...

Open her. You're meant to play with toys. Plus, I like Michelle's point of giving Richard Parker a muse.

Tam said...

Michelle, you're an angel in disguise, I swear. Definitely open her. There was a cartoon once (Dexter maybe) where they were freaked about a toy being NRFB (Never Removed From Box). RP would love to play with her I'm sure, just be careful, my bunny chewed all the feet off my daughter's Barbies, they are now amputee Barbie, so keep an eye on him. :-) Have an amazing Christmas Enrico.