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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Michelle Mixes It With Love and Makes the World Taste Good

One day, Michelle was walking about her favorite candy store.

*This was the first picture that came up when I Googled "Michelle"*

Suddenly, she thought of her favorite blogger. "Oh no!" she cried. "Enrico probably ate all those Mentos Tam sent him. He probably needs some more candy!"

So she put a package in the mailbox and sent it off.

*This is Michelle's actual mailbox btw*


Normally, Enrico's mailbox looks like this:

But one day, he went to his mailbox and it looked like this:

"¡Que fant├ística!" Enrico shouted, pulling the package from the mailbox with glee.

He tore open the package and removed the candy . . .

. . . and a note!

Did I mention how cute the front of the note was?!

She sent me Cold Stone ice cream flavor Jelly Belly jelly beans (that's a mouthful)! The "Our Strawberry Blonde" ones were amazing and gone in a few seconds, followed quickly by "Birthday Cake Remix," which is the ice cream I get when I go to Cold Stone!


I may only have 4 blog readers, but they are the best ever! : )


Greg said...

5 readers, I just hardly ever comment ;-)


john said...

Make that 6.

Unless I was counted in the original 4...

hoteltuesday said...

Hey Greg! Thanks for reading!

john, you were.

Wow... maybe I have like 7 or something!

Milo said...

Spoilt thing! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow -my abs are almost in the same league as Dave S.'s.

That mailbox is something. What an interesting place to stuff one's package : P.

hoteltuesday said...

I wonder whatever happened to Dave S. and his abs...

And yeah, I thought the same thing about the mailbox but stopped myself from including it in the actual post. haha.

Anonymous said...

I Love birthday cake remix too. gabi

Tam said...

Wow, Michelle is special. Her envelopes are always the coolest. Glad you enjoyed your treats.